3 Simple Networking Tactics by Bart Smith

3 Simple Networking Tactics by Bart Smith

3 Simple Networking Tactics by Bart Smith (Back Cover)

Anyone Can Master To Become Successful At Networking
by Bart Smith

This is a quick-read book on networking. Perfect for those who want the secret sauce when it comes to Networking with others and doing it right, effectively and with the aim of growing their network quickly!

$9.95+S/H (Print Version)

Book Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
54 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1544694337
ISBN-10: 1544694334
Business & Economics / Business Communication / General


If you love networking as much as I do or you’re not even the outgoing type and find networking a little challenging, well, not to worry! SIMPLY read this little book cover to cover and put into practice every little strategy I share so your networking efforts yield the maximum of results overnight for you and everyone you come in contact with!

  • Why networking must become a MARKETING PRIORITY for you!
  • It’s not what you SAY, it’s what you ASK! Here’s why, how and more!
  • Why FOLLOW UP is critical to your networking success and how I do it!


I wrote this book to help anyone who either comes to one of my networking events or others who want to become more successful at networking. Now, if you were to attend one of my networking events feeling uncertain about what to say or do to get the ball rolling, what you need is to pick up this little book and breeze through it in just a few minutes to pick up the precise tactics and conversational strategies that I use to make new contacts, build business alliances and affiliates and make new friends within my industry and other industries as well. Once you absorb the useful content in this book, you too will start saying to yourself, “It’s TIME TO NETWORK, BART!”