Rich Coach Broke Coach by Bart Smith

Rich Coach Broke Coach
by Bart Smith, MTC Founder


Have you been looking for one book on coaching that covers virtually everything you need to start and run your own coaching business? Then look no further! Rich Coach | Broke Coach is the book for you!

$37+S/H (Print Version)

Book Size: 8.5″ x 11″
286 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1505926880
ISBN-10: 1505926882
Business & Economics / Leadership

For aspiring and current coaches, Rich Coach | Broke Coach was written with the intent on helping coaches where they need it most: in the areas of business, marketing, client interactions, sales, and making money. Rich Coach | Broke Coach is your blueprint for all that and much more. What you’ll find inside this rich manual is only the most concise, nugget-rich content you have probably ever read on running a profitable coaching business.

Rich Coach | Broke Coach was written with the specific intent to cover topics not covered in the vast majority of books written about coaching or starting your own coaching business. Glance over these chapters and the table of contents (2nd tab above) for a glimpse into this treasure chest of a coaching manual:

CHAPTER #1 – Starting & Running A “Rich Coach” Business
CHAPTER #2 – Fees, Income & Making Money As A “Rich Coach”
CHAPTER #3 – Finding, Enrolling & Working With Clients
CHAPTER #4 – Rich Coaching Tools, Websites & Resources
CHAPTER #5 – Marketing Tactics For All Coaches
PLUS: Rich Coach Goals & Start-Up Checklist

Coaches face many challenges in today’s market, from running their businesses, to finding/keeping clients, website design, establishing their fees, creating packages, marketing and avoiding mistakes. Because of this, most coaches never profit from their knowledge and efforts. If you’re serious about making money and helping others, then YOU NEED THIS MANUAL.

Rich Coach | Broke Coach was written to take you and your coaching business, easily step-by-step, to the highest level of success for you and your clients.



Welcome To Coaching!

  • What Is Coaching?
  • Why do people hire coaches?
  • What are the basics for coaching?
  • What does it take to be a coach?
  • How do you start your own coaching business?
  • What kind of income can a coach expect to earn?

Let’s Define “Rich Coach” & “Broke Coach”

  • First, Let’s Define The Word …“Rich!”
  • Qualities of a “Rich Coach”
  • Qualities of a “Broke Coach”
  • What makes a “Rich Coach” … “Rich?”
  • Why Do Most Coaches Go … “Broke?”

CHAPTER 1 – Starting & Running A “Rich Coach” Business (PG 1)

  • The “Rich Coach” Secret Formula
  • Choose Your Coaching Niche & Get Rich
  • Roadblocks For Becoming a “Rich Coach”
  • Custom Coaching Business Management Software Solutions
  • Plan Your Coaching Business With My Simple “Rich Coach” Business Plan Formula
  • Outsourcing & Getting Help (So You Can Focus On Marketing, Coaching & Making Money)
  • Should You Get Certified As A Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)
  • Should You Get Your Own Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)

CHAPTER 2 – Fees, Income & Making Money As A “Rich Coach” (PG 35)

  • Know Where Your Money Comes From … Study The Rich Coach “Money Pie”
  • Study, Master & Implement The Rich Coach “Money Funnel”
  • Get Rich By Following The Rich Coach “Coaching System”
  • Create & Name Your Coaching Services, Packages & Programs
  • Determine Your Rich Coach Coaching Rates & Fees
  • Getting Paid From Your Coaching Clients & Customers Who Buy Products
  • Help More People & Make More $$$ With “Group Coaching”
  • Great Product Ideas For Both Broke & Rich Coaches
  • More Money-Making Tips & Ideas For Rich Coaches
  • Create A Real Plan For Making Passive & Residual Income
  • Avoid These VERY REAL “Coaching Profit” Killers!

CHAPTER 3 – Finding & Working With Clients (PG 95)

  • Client Welcome Packets/Letters, Coaching Agreements, Worksheets, Logs & Templates
  • Coaching Session Formats, Working With Clients & Firing Them When Necessary
  • Finding & Attracting Your Ideal Coaching Client & Enrolling Them Into Free Sessions
  • Overcoming Objections, Answering Questions, Follow-Up & Closing New Clients

CHAPTER 4 – Rich Coaching Tools, Websites & Resources (Pg 155)

CHAPTER 5 – Marketing Tactics For All Coaches (Pg 161)

  • The “Marketing & Selling” Mindset Of … Rich Coaches
  • What Should Be In Place Before You Start Marketing?
  • Top 10 Marketing Tactics For Coaches
  • Website Design, Hosting & Domain Registration
  • Advertising Tactics
  • Affiliate Marketing Tactics
  • Audio Marketing Tactics
  • Blog Marketing Tactics
  • Book Marketing Tactics
  • Branding Tactics
  • Business Card Marketing Tactics
  • Celebrity Marketing Tactics
  • Coaching Directory Marketing Tactics
  • eBook Marketing Tactics
  • eMail Marketing Tactics
  • Flyer Marketing Tactics
  • Interview Marketing Tactics
  • Networking Tactics
  • Podcasting Tactics
  • Publicity, Press Kits, Press Rooms & Press Release Tactics
  • Referral Marketing Tactics
  • Social Media Marketing Tactics
  • Speaking & Training Tactics
  • Tele-Seminar Marketing Tactics
  • Testimonial Marketing Tactics
  • Video Marketing Tactics
  • Webinar Marketing Tactics
  • 51 Website Marketing Tactics

Rich Coach Goals & Start-Up Checklist (PG 255)

  • My Rich Coach Goals For You …
  • In “Checklist Format,” Here Are Your Goals …

Bart Smith, is the author of 150+ Mistakes Coaches MakeBart Smith, is the author of 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make and Rich Coach Broke Coach, a 250+ page (workbook size) business, marketing and money-making manual for coaches. He’s also the founder of, a huge online training website that teaches you about business, marketing, website design, audio recording, self-publishing, graphic design, and so much more in written, audio and video tutorials; all created by Bart himself. Having authored and self-published 12 of his own books and several Kindle eBooks, and possessing a strong skill-set in technology, online marketing, shopping carts, eMail marketing and business in general, Bart saw weaknesses in four key areas where coaches really suffer: business, marketing, finding clients and making money. As a result, he wrote Rich Coach Broke Coach and 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make.