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How Do You Buy, Download & Register Sound Forge “Audio Studio” Recording/Editing Software



If you don’t have Sound Forge Audio Studio on your computer, watch this video to learn how to get it, download it, and use it on a trial basis. Then, if you like it (or love it like I do) then you’ll want to get it as your own and buy it.

Sure, I’m aware of a free audio recording program, but (in my experience) it can’t be compared to Sound Forge Audio Studio. In the ten plus years I’ve been using Sound Forge, I’ve found no other audio recording program works easier, faster and is more efficient when it comes to recording and editing my audio than Sound Forge Audio Studio.


Note, this is not a free program, but one you buy and download from SonyCreativeSoftware.com. Is it worth the price? You bet. I’ve used this program to record all of my books and edit all kinds of audio. I also bought it years ago, and it’s still paying for itself over and over!


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