MailChimp is an eMail / autoresponder service that can help you grow your eMail list with a bevy of eMail / autoresponder features.

What’s graet about MailChimp is that it’s FREE if your eMail subscriber list is under 2,000 subscribers, and you only send 12,000 eMails sent per month. That’s like sending an eMail message six times per month to those 2,000 people. For some, all they send is a weekly online newsletter, which is perfect, and the occasional special eMail announcement twice a month.

MailChimp’s built-in signup forms are easy to customize and share. You can also create forms and collect subscribers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. And with Chimpadeedoo, you can collect signups on your tablet at a cash register or when you travel for events.

With MailChimp, you can send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences.

Add content and collaborate on campaigns that fit your brand, using MailChimp’s eMail Designer. Want to build your own eMail? Check out their eMail template reference.

In addition to the reports that come with every account, MailChimp offers plenty of advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere.

Another perk with MailChimp is that it integrates with so many third-party systems, shopping carts, affiliate programs, social media, and the like to help you run an efficient online business.


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