Memberium is a membership software plugin that connects WordPress with Infusionsoft.

What can Memberium do for you?

  • Create/sell unlimited online courses/levels.
  • Fast-Membership-Sites
  • Advanced-Member-Site
  • One-Click-Upsell-Membership
  • Built Exclusively for WordPress + Infusionsoft™

What can you build with Memberium?

Memberium can be used to build a wide range of dynamic membership sites for many different uses.
Here’s a few examples of the different types of sites that you can build with Memberium …

  • Sell Online Courses & Create Online Course Portals
  • Create Automated Membership Sites
  • Build Private Employee Training Sites
  • Build Affiliate Partner Resource Sites
  • Add 1-Click Upsells & Infusionsoft™ Order Forms To Your Site
  • Create Customer Self Management Areas, Account Management Areas
  • Protect Video, Audio and All Types of WordPress Content With One Click
  • Sell and Fulfill Digital Product Orders Using Infusionsoft™ & WordPress

… and much more!


Check out this membership plugin for more information by clicking on the button below:


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