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A “RICH COACH” Introduction

  1. Welcome To Coaching! FREE
  2. First, Let’s Define The Word …”Rich!” FREE
  3. Qualities Of A “Rich Coach” FREE
  4. Qualities Of A “Broke Coach” FREE
  5. What Makes A “Rich Coach” … Rich? FREE

Starting & Running A “RICH COACH” Business

  1. What Is The “Rich Coach” Secret Formula? Is There One? FREE
  2. Find Your Coaching Niche, Flip The Switch & Get Rich FREE
  3. Roadblocks “Rich Coaches” Run Into On Their Way To Becoming “Rich!”
  4. Custom Coaching Business Management Software Solutions
  5. Plan Your Coaching Business With My Simple Rich Coach “Coaching Business Plan”
  6. Should You Get Certified As A Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)
  7. Should You Get Your Own Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)
  8. Outsourcing & Getting Help (So You Can Focus On Marketing, Coaching & Making Money)

Fees, Income & Making Money As A “RICH COACH”

  1. Know Where Your Money Comes From … Study The Rich Coach “Money Pie”
  2. Study, Master & Implement The Rich Coach “Money Funnel”
  3. Get Rich By Following The Rich Coach “Coaching System”
  4. Create & Name Your Coaching Services, Packages & Programs
  5. Coaching Package Naming & Creation “Wisdom”
  6. Determine Your Rich Coach Coaching Rates & Fees
  7. Rich Coach Coaching Package “Pricing Wisdom”
  8. Getting Paid From Your Coaching Clients & Customers Who Buy Products
  9. Coaching Payments Through Your Website & Shopping Cart Systems
  10. Custom Coaching Software Invoicing & Collecting Payments Online
  11. Help More People & Make More $$$ With “Group Coaching”
  12. Create A Real Plan For Making Passive & Residual Income
  13. Great Product Ideas For Both Broke & Rich Coaches
  14. More Money-Making Tips & Ideas For All Coaches
  15. Avoid These VERY REAL “Coaching Profit” Killers!

Finding & Working With Clients

  1. The Secret Formula For Finding Your Ideal Client
  2. Client Welcome Packets/Letters, Coaching Agreements, Worksheets, Logs & Templates
  3. What Other Coaching Forms, Worksheets, Questionnaires Would Be Helpful?
  4. Client Welcome Packets & Why Should You Send One To Clients
  5. Create A Thorough & Very Useful Client Questionnaire/Self-Assessment Form
  6. Coaching Session Formats, Working With Clients & Firing Them When Necessary
  7. Finding & Attracting Your Ideal Coaching Client (Create Your Ideal Client Profile)
  8. Why Can’t You Help Everyone? (Your Package(s): This Is What You’re Selling!)
  9. Where Are Your Target Market Clients Congregating?
  10. How Do You Find Your Ideal Client?
  11. Marketing Doesn’t Help You Find Clients … Archaeology Does!
  12. What To Say When Someone Asks You, “What Do You Do?”
  13. Focus On Selling “Client Transformation” or “Bridging The Gap” More Than Anything Else!
  14. Enrolling Clients: Closing A New Client Is About Enrolling Them, Not Selling Them
  15. How Do You Get Your Ideal Client To Hire You For Coaching?
  16. Free Sessions: What Should Your Coaching Format Be? (20/20/20 Rule)
  17. Overcoming Objections, Answering Questions, Follow-Up & Closing New Clients
  18. The “Top 10” Objections: What They Mean & Suggested Replies
  19. More Tips On Handling Objections & Excuses
  20. Follow-Up, Checking In & Clients On The Fence & Closing Tips For Coaches

Rich Coaching Tools, Websites & Resources

  1. Rich Coaching Tools, Websites & Resources

Marketing Tactics For All Coaches

  1. The “Marketing & Selling” Mindset Of … Rich Coaches
  2. What Should Be In Place Before You Start Marketing?
  3. Top 10 Marketing Tactics For Coaches
  4. Website Design, Hosting & Domain Registration
  5. Advertising Tactics
  6. Affiliate Marketing Tactics
  7. Article Marketing Tactics
  8. Ask Campaign Marketing Tactics
  9. Audio Marketing Tactics
  10. Blog Marketing Tactics
  11. Book Marketing Tactics
  12. Branding Tactics
  13. Business Card Marketing Tactics
  14. Celebrity Marketing Tactics
  15. Coaching Directory Marketing Tactics
  16. eBook Marketing Tactics
  17. eMail Marketing Tactics
  18. eZine/Newsletter Marketing Tactics
  19. Flyer Marketing Tactics
  20. Interview Marketing Tactics
  21. Networking Tactics
  22. Podcasting Tactics
  23. Publicity, Press Kits, Press Rooms & Press Release Tactics
  24. Referral Marketing Tactics
  25. Social Media Marketing Tactics
  26. Speaking & Training Tactics
  27. Tele-Seminar Marketing Tactics
  28. Testimonial Marketing Tactics
  29. Video Marketing Tactics
  30. Webinar Marketing Tactics
  31. 51 Website Marketing Tactics

Rich Coach Goals & Start-Up Checklist

  1. My Rich Coach Goals For You
  2. In “Checklist Format,” Here Are Your Goals

Mistakes “Broke Coaches” Make

  1. Business Mistakes
  2. Coaching/Client Mistakes
  3. Communication Mistakes
  4. Education & Training Mistakes
  5. Marketing Mistakes
  6. Mindset Mistakes
  7. Money-Making Mistakes
  8. Personal Mistakes
  9. Website Related Mistakes

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