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How To Use Coaching Forms, Agreements, Logs, Summaries & Other Documents To Protect Your Time, Keep You Organized & Increase Your Coaching Income Altogetherspacer
Rich Coach Course #4: How To Use Coaching Forms, Agreements, Logs, Summaries & Other Documents To Protect Your Time, Keep You Organized & Increase Your Coaching Income Altogether


My "Rich Coach" Coaching FormsEvery coach (i.e., life, personal and/or business) needs their own set of customized coaching/client agreement/assessment forms to help run a successful coaching business. Because many coaches, and those who aspire to be coaches, don’t have such forms or know how to create them, I have to created (and share) the same ones I use.

Each coaching form I’ve created for your use can be opened with Microsoft® Word or OpenOffice® and edit to your liking. These forms come straight out of my book, Rich Coach Broke Coach, ready for you to customize with your company name, contact information, etc.  You can download all 14 coaching forms if you take this course, and I show you how to customize them.

Who should take this course?

  • Coaches who do not already use any coaching forms, agreements, logs, summary forms, or other documents in their coaching business.
  • This course is intended for anyone interested in learning how to start a coaching business.
  • This course, and the rest of the Rich Coach course titles are intended for current/seasoned coaches, as well teachers, trainers, authors, speakers, consultants, therapists, healers, counselors, psychologists, creatives, artists, and anyone else who wants to turn their passion and profession into a money-making coaching enterprise helping others succeed in life and/or in their business.
  • This course doesn’t teach you how to coach, per se, but more the business side of coaching.

If the above describes you, then by all means, take this course. This knowledge awaits you.



INSTRUCTIONS: To start learning, click on any form topic below. You can go in order or you can jump around. There’s navigation links on each lesson page to bring you back to this main course page.

Download My Coaching Forms

Form #1 — Client Welcome Packet Letter

Here’s your way of saying “welcome to coaching with me”, and how you look forward to working with them to achieve their goals.

Form #2 — Coaching Terms & Agreement

The Coaching Terms & Agreement is one of the most important forms you could ever use with a coaching client. This form outlines your role and responsibility as their coach, as well as the obligation your client has to you.

Form #3 — Client Intake Form

This is the form you give your clients upon their first coaching session with you.

Form #4 — Client Self-Assessment Form

The Client Self-Assessment Form is a rich 49-question, 5-page form document that goes deep into helping you learn more about your client before you ever start your first session.

Form #5 — Free Coaching Gift Certificates

These certificates entitle a friend, family member or associate to one FREE (ENTER NICHE) 45-MINUTE coaching session with YOUR COMPANY NAME!

Form #6 — Free Coaching Session Agreement

This 2-page coaching terms and agreement form is used exclusively for those FREE starter session coaching clients.

Form #7 — Coaching Session Prep Forms

This 9-question coaching session preparation form is designed for the client to help prepare themselves for your (next) coaching session and to get the most out of your time coaching with them.

Form #8 — Coaching Session Summary Forms

This is a 2-form bundle, one for the coach and one for the client. These forms are used to help both of you summarize what you gained from each call.

Form #9 — Client Call Record (For The Coach)

The Client Call Record form is a 6-part/question form for a coach to make notes about what your coaching calls were like per client.

Form #10 — The Wheel Of Life Form

This is a ten section WHEEL OF LIFE that represents balance and harmony in all areas of one’s life, which you would send this to a client.

Form #11 — Goals & Action Questions

WHAT ARE your clients’ goals? Sure, you could ask them, and they might tell you. Better to get them in writing.

Form #12 — Coaching Period Summary Forms

The Coaching Period Summary Forms bundle includes a 2-page form for the client and one for the coach. Each form set asks 17 questions, which the coach and client must answer on their own session summary form respectively.

Form #13 — Client Feedback Testimonial Form

How did you do, as a coach, with your client(s)? Any successes? Let’s get those testimonials and feedback from your clients for your use, either internally or publicly on your website.

Form #14 — Coaching Training Speaking Hour Log [EXCEL]

This Excel spreadsheet contains 3 very informative worksheets that can be used to track your hours coaching (both free and paid), hours training and hours learning. If you ever want to get certified by a particular organization that certifies coaches, they will ask you how many hours you have coached others.


Bart Smith, MTC Founder & Author of B.S. The Book


I’ve been coaching and consulting clients globally on a wide range of topics ranging from Internet marketing to business, book publishing, audio/video recording, personal coaching, and other topics, for over two decades.

Whether I’m building huge websites for myself or others, giving them advice and guidance on writing books, designing books and book covers, setting up shopping carts and affiliate programs, creating products, building membership websites, recording studio-quality audio, filming video, providing marketing plans, writing business plans, training speakers, and giving interview advice … the list goes on. With all that, there’s one thing I’ve observed in these 25+ years and that’s how personal and business coaches alike are in such need of this type of help, training, guidance, and coaching in more ways than ever.

Because training, teaching, and writing personal and business self-help books comes so natural to me, I thought it would be great to share what I’ve learned from my experience and research in a training book for coaches that encapsulates many of my skills and talents in the areas of marketing, business plans, consulting, coaching, interacting with clients, sales/selling, creating products, building websites, and all the rest so coaches could accelerate their own business growth and improve their income earning potential as coaches. Coaches tell me, they love to coach, but when it comes to running the business, making sales and marketing, they just fall flat. Well, it’s time we end that trend.


$65 $29.95 (1-Year Access)

Chapter 3 From My Book:
Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach

Course Location:  Online

Course Type: Self-Study

Lessons: 14

Format: Written + Video

Duration: 4.5 Hours

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