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Did you really build this training website and the tutorials inside all by yourself? No help/outsourcing?

Yes, I did everything all by my lonesome. The skills I used to build this multi-million dollar website I teach (you) inside MTC. I did it myself to show you what’s possible (within you) when you learn what I know.

How long does it take to learn what’s inside MTC? It seems like a pretty big website!

It won’t take you as long to learn what I had to go through to put this site together, or learn it myself. Instead, you pick what you want to learn and learn it in seconds, minutes, a few hours. This is training a la carte BIG TIME!

Can I still access MyTrainingCenter.com, even though I’m not a member, to access your recommended resources, blog articles, podcasts, event announcements, book store and more?

Yes, absolutely! Simply click on any of the links below in the footer or in the header of this web page and you can enter MTC, look around, learn and so much more.

Where can I find out about your books, audio programs, and even your world famous chocolate chip cookies?

You can learn about my books and audio by going to MyTrainingCenter.com/books, and my cookies are over at my cookie website, BartsCookies.com. ENJOY!