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Learn what I know about sales/selling, making money online/offline, working from home, earning passive/residual income, building websites with WordPress, building membership websites, marketing, building an eMail list, getting free publicity, recording audio/video, writing and self-publishing books/eBooks, affiliate marketing, networking, starting a coaching business, social media and more!!!

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I’ve come to find that so many people, friends and clients don’t know how to use their computers to help maximize their use to get things done, make sales, communicate with others, you name it! JOIN MTC & LEARN and learn these awesome essentials!

Do you know where/how to register a domain name, transfer it, change the name servers to point to your hosting company? IF NOT, JOIN MTC & LEARN how now! Plus, I’ve got a ton of domain name ideas for you to consider buying to help you make money!

If you want (or have) a website and don’t know how it’s hosted, then you need to learn these lessons NOW! JOIN MTC & LEARN how to order, setup and manage your website hosting account.

I want you to learn how to build sales landing pages, a full-blown website, membership website, speaker website, author website, coach’s website, etc. JOIN MTC & LEARN how I make them fast!

There’s no better place to learn WordPress than right here at MTC. My WordPress video tutorials and resources are second to none! MTC is the place to MASTER installing WordPress, installing plugins, finding and installing a theme, adding pages and posts, creating a membership website with WordPress, how to move your WordPress website, and much more! JOIN MTC & LEARN if you want to MASTER WordPress like I have!

If you don’t know how to pick the right shopping cart, let alone how to customize it by adding products, etc., then you need JOIN MTC & LEARN and learn how!

Do you know all the ways to get paid from customers and clients? In this section, I talk about how to get paid, using apps, card readers and more JOIN MTC & LEARN and get paid!

Learn how to write a book (or eBook), get it edited, get it published, printed (for low cost), and promote it everywhere to make money and/or generate leads. Having written 15 books myself, JOIN MTC & LEARN how I write my books/eBooks. You’ll be blown away at my simple process and speed to which I get my books done!

If you ever wanted to start your own coaching business, then I’ve got the training material for you. JOIN MTC & LEARN how to start and run your own coaching business. Inside MTC, you’ll learn how to set your coaching fees, create coaching packages, find clients, overcome objections, work with clients, accept payments, use my coaching client forms and agreements and so much more!

Learn how to design your own business cards, order forms, flyers, handouts, posters, postcards and other printable items for all kinds of uses. JOIN MTC & LEARN to learn how I create these items!

Do you know how to find, edit and use images, icons and stock photography on your website or in books/eBooks? Can you design your own banners, buttons and headers? JOIN MTC & LEARN how!

That’s right! When you need photos, don’t wait to hire someone, take them yourself! Here’s how I recommend you prepare to take them, how to take them and how to edit them when you have them. JOIN MTC & LEARN how you can take your own photos like I do. You’re going to learn a lot from my photography tips, checklists and more!

Would you like to host your own podcast? It’s really easy when you know the exact steps, equipment and software to make it happen! JOIN MTC & LEARN how it can be done from your own home/office!

Without a list, you’ll always start from scratch when it comes to marketing and making money. So, learn how to build an eMail list, setup autoresponders, create opt-in forms to be used on your website, and email your list when you have updates, announcements, special offers and much more. JOIN MTC & LEARN how this is done!

So, you want leads right? Well, let’s cover the basics when it comes to generating them, capturing them, selling to them and more! JOIN MTC & LEARN how to generate leads for your business!

A lot of people have no clue about marketing, marketing tactics, what to do, where to market, and so forth. Well, no more! It’s time you learn a variety of marketing strategies and outlooks to have when it comes to marketing your business, products/services. JOIN MTC & LEARN about marketing!

Find out how you can advertise what it is you do, where to adverise, advertising tips and companies you can contact to help you promote your business, product and/or service. JOIN MTC & LEARN how to advertise like a pro.

Getting free publicity is a great way to promote your business, products and/or services to the masses. Sadly, most people don’t know how. Then, there’s paid publicity, which can also boost your exposure and income earning potential as well. JOIN MTC & LEARN about getting publicity to promote what it is you do!

Here’s a great section on how to setup your social media accounts, customize them and how to start promoting what it is you do via social media. JOIN MTC & LEARN how to use social media to generate leads and make sales.

Master the art of speaking and you can make money practically anywhere, whether it be online or offline. Speaking in front of others isn’t really that difficult when you have my presentation tips, reminders and pointers. JOIN MTC & LEARN how to become a great speaker.

We all need traffic to our websites, right? Well, how do you go about it in the age of saturation? Here are a number of ways you can generate free (and paid) traffic to your website, blog, sales page, social media pages, etc. JOIN MTC & LEARN how to drive traffic to where you want it!

Audio books and other recordings are extremely popular today. People prefer to listen far more than they want to read. At MTC, I teach you how to record, edit and mix audio on your own computer with the same software and recording equipment I use. JOIN MTC & LEARN how you can start recording your own audio products like a pro!

In the video age, it’s important to know how to record video, edit video, how to promote your video(s), let alone what type of video recording software and equipment you need to make all this happen. JOIN MTC & LEARN how I go about recording/editing/publishing video and what software/equipment I use.

There’s money to be made offline with your own workshops, classes, summits and seminars if you know how to set them up, promote them and conduct them. JOIN MTC & LEARN how to conduct your own live trainings offline.

There’s money to be made online and on the telephone with your own webinars and tele-seminars if you know how to set them up, promote them and conduct them. JOIN MTC & LEARN how to conduct your own live webinars and tele-seminars.

QUESTION: “How DANGEROUS or even SELF-RELIANT do you think you would become if you knew several (if not all) of these topics inside and out? What if you knew about these topics so well that you could finally hire others with the confidence that they wouldn’t take advantage of you like so many people have told me they got … taken advantage of by someone they hired, paid them, but they didn’t do the work. Listen, become a member of MTC and learn as much as you can about these topics so you can protect yourself while you advance your own agenda, again, with confidence. Think about it, WHO in this GREAT BIG WORLD would ever try to take advantage of ME if I hired them? Uh, NO ONE? That’s my point. Either learn to do it yourself and/or be able to hire others to get the job done right!” — Bart Smith, MTC Founder & Trainer


There are just somethings you learn better and faster with video. So, since I love making video tutorials and teaching, I’ve combined both loves and furnish you with a bevvy of video tutorials for you to watch, learn, apply and hopefully earn with what you will do with that newly acquire knowledge. So, peruse the list of video titles, even sample some right here on this page. Then, if you’re interested in learning more about my video tutorials, you can click on the START LEARNING >> VIDEO TUTORIALS drop down menu up above to get a view of what’s really in store for you as a member of MTC. Many videos are free, but then, as I get into more detail of a particular topic to learn, those are member-only videos. So, join MTC today if you want to learn all you can and really advance you learning and earning potential to new heights!


When you read a blog article, they usually end pretty quickly don’t they? Well, these special reports are in-depth articles that go pages beyond most blog articles go. Check out some of the topics I write about and join MTC today if any of them interest you. I know, for me, I benefit greatly having put into practice what I wrote about. For example, how to secure, prepare and conduct interviews in order to promote whatever it is you have to sell/promote. Well, good luck finding that kind of in-depth training without paying such a trainer $1,000+/month. Again, if you like what you see in the report titles, then absolutely, become a member of MTC today.


If you can’t tell, there are some amazing books and audio books I give my members all-access to once they join MTC. From coaching, networking, motivation, all my checklists, doing great business during tough times, and more. Seriously, access to these books online, as well as the audio for many of them, is so worth the price to gain membership access. Look through the book titles that await you, then join MTC today.


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without my checklists. I live by them! Inside MTC, I share with you about 60+ of my favorite checklists from advertising checklist, audio recording checklist, book launch party checklist, website design checklist, WordPress installation checklist, photography checklist, self-publishing checklist, and so many more. Just look through the featured images on the left to see what awaits you as a member inside MTC. If you like what you see, then join MTC today and gain access to them all!



I have a special area inside MTC just for coaches! Check out this training material if you’re a personal, life, business or special niche coach. I cover A LOT that you need to know and master in order to run a successful coaching “business!”

Just For Coaches


WHEN YOU BECOME A MEMBER OF MTC, you will gain instant access to my two books on coaching and access to download all 14 of my coaching forms. Look what’s inside MTC just for life, personal, and business coaches:

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart Smith

Complete Coaching & Agreement Forms Bundle

Rich Coach Broke Coach by Bart Smith

Inside this one-of-a-kind training book for coaches, you’ll get 101+ coaching training topics on the “business” and “marketing” aspects of coaching and 10+ hours of audio training on starting and running a successful COACHING BUSINESS …


1. Income & Setting Your Fees
2. Creating Coaching Packages
3. Contracts & Agreements
4. Finding Clients
5. Enrolling Clients
6. Overcoming Objections
7. Working With Clients
8. Coaching Resources
9. Marketing Tactics For Coaches
… and so much more!


1. Business Mistakes
2. Coaching/Client Mistakes
3. Communication Mistakes
4. Education & Training Mistakes
5. Marketing Mistakes
6. Mindset Mistakes
7. Money-Making Mistakes
8. Personal Mistakes
9. Website Related Mistakes


If you become a member of MTC you can download my coaching client forms bundle. All of my coaching client forms, worksheets and agreements are contained within a single COACHING & AGREEMENT FORMS BUNDLE, which I’ve prepared for you in a Microsoft Word document plus one Excel spreadsheet file. You can peruse the list of coaching forms below:

Welcome Letter
Coaching Client Agreement
Client Intake Form
Client Self-Assessment Form
Free Coaching Gift Certificates
Free Coaching Session Agreement
Coaching Session Preparation Form
Coaching Session Summary Forms
Client Call Record (For The Coach)
The Wheel Of Life Form
Goals & Action Questions
Coaching Period Summary Forms
Client Feedback/Testimonial Form
Coaching / Speaking Hour Log (Excel)

As you can see, the list of coaching forms above is a very complete set of forms to launch any coaching business successfully. While each form is sold separately, you can download every form inside MTC when you become a member.

Gabriala Brown, ToothSoap.comWhat can I say about the man who’s been my webmaster and personal coach/consultant for going on TWO DECADES! With his help online, my business has easily grossed over a million dollars in that time. It’s been me, a couple of employees to handle fulfillment, and Bart, at the helm managing the website this whole time. He’s my million dollar webmaster, consultant and friend, for sure.” — Gabriala Brown, ToothSoap.com

Ann B., Online Marketing Expert“As a business consultant, the thought of writing and marketing my own book was daunting. The lessons I found at MyTrainingCenter.com (MTC) were simple, and broke this huge task down to easy-to-follow steps …” — Ann B., Online Marketing Expert

John Santangelo, LANLP.comEver since I met Bart Smith, it’s been non-stop learning ever since, and I’m serious! If you run your own business, like I do, sign up for MyTrainingCenter.com NOW! You won’t waste time dealing with people who ‘say’ they know what they’re doing; instead, you’ll (soon) know better! You won’t have to ‘wait’ for them to come through when they (rarely) do; instead, do it yourself!” — John Santangelo, LANLP.com

Marlene GreenAfter many frustrating months of searching for THE RIGHT web designer to work with me on creating my first website from scratch, I acted on multiple referrals to Bart Smith, especially after reviewing his impressive website, MyTrainingCenter.com. I struck both gold & oil in working with Bart! After a lengthy interview with me he cooked up a website literally OVERNIGHT that totally exceeded my expectations and anything I could have ever conceived of. Bart over-delivered! He KNOWS EVERYTHING …” — Marlene Green, Business & Real Estate Investor

Remy Attalin“Wow, everything you will ever need to learn and succeed in business, online and in marketing; you will find it inside MyTrainingCenter.com (MTC). It’s all-in-one! No need to buy any other package or training material. Everything inside MTC is laid out in a clear and concise manner. There’s no room for wondering or confusion.” — Remy Attalin, Dentist, France

For the last several years I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on tutorial books, software and conferences when MyTrainingCenter.com was all I needed. Wow, Bart Smith has created (the only) inexpensive one-stop shop that provides step-by-step, easy-to-understand information; complete with videos, text and convenient navigation links for almost any subject.” — Richard D., Financial Payments Director

Paul Babbitt, NLP CoachWithin 20 minutes you showed me how to make a change on my website and how to upload files it to my website server using FTP software; something I’ve been trying to do myself for over a YEAR! I never thought it could be that fun and easy! Bart, I really appreciate your time, knowledge and your energy and taking the time to set me up to WIN!” — Paul Babbit, Personal Development Coach

I think Bart is the BEST web designer I’ve ever come across because he not only designs your site, but he designs it with his savvy marketing mind that helps you to attract a continuous stream of new business! — Jim M., Professional Speaker/Trainer

Gayl Murphy, Hollywood CorrespondentBart’s been my book designer, web designer and go-to person for so much for almost 25 years! He created my whole INTERVIEW TACTICS book concept, book title and tweaked it so to where I’m still using what he came up with years ago to make money to this day. Oh, and he laid the book out on the inside, as well as the cover design work, which hasn’t needed to be touched since it was born. I work with the best in my industry and am in contact with so many, so called, experts. Bart stands in a league of his own. If you get to work with him like I have, then you know exactly what it’s like to not only have a true friend in your life, but someone who cares deep down about your success and being the best at what you do.” — Gayl Murphy, 25+ Year Hollywood Correspondent (15,000 Interviews)

Bart, on a serious note, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am (with your web work). Friends / family ask me all the time ‘what do you do again?’ and the stock answer of ‘writing software for subscription websites’ often doesn’t register. Now, I can just tell them the domain name and say to them, ‘take a look at our website and our case studies … I write the software that makes that happen.’ It’s also reminded me of why I do this — because people actually benefit from it. Thanks again!” — Dave K., Programmer

Connie Quinn, RealtorYour superb art work and (web) design are the best. I love the way you think and the way you operate. Your work on my websites, and consulting advice can be compared to no one I know. Love your books too!” — Connie Q., Real Estate Agent

Debbie BermontBart, I never knew you were such a research monster! How do you create these comprehensive lists of marketing resources, and do all the rest you do? I’ve been a marketing consultant for almost 30 years, and your training website (MTC) is the only resource I have found that includes all of this valuable information in one place. Oh, did I tell you? I fired the person who was doing my research, because you’ve done it all and more than she ever will find online.” — Debbie B., Marketing Consultant & Trainer

“Bart, I just wanted to express my feelings about your training website, MyTrainingCenter.com! I was actively seeking a site with information that could teach me how to create audio products I can sell from my website. After learning what your site had to offer, I instantly signed up to become a member.— Rod T., Physical Trainer

“Bart, thank you so much for my website, eBook and for hooking up the opt-in box on my website like you did! I’m already starting to build a list of people I can get to know and help. You should also know I am getting so many compliments about the website, its layout, what you did, it’s just incredible!— Amy T., MSW, LCSW

Susan L., Speaker Consultant“Bart, I am very pleased that you are in my life. As always, you are a joy to work with, ever so resourceful, a wonderful speaker and one of the best ‘networkers’ I’ve ever met. How you go about connecting people together is truly amazing.” — Susan L., Speaker Consultant

“Wow! Bart, we are blown away! You’ve far exceeded our expectations. All of our members who visit our website keep contacting us to tell us how impressed they are with the 1000% improvement you’ve made on our new site. I’ve never met such a RENAISSANCE MAN before, Bart, you are the ‘Whole Package.'” — Leah K., Real Estate Investment Club & Marketing Director

Todd Woods, Franchise ConsultantI first met Bart almost 20 years ago. To date, I am still blown away at what Bart knows, his level of care and enthusiasm for teaching people and empowering them to be greater than they think they can be. He actually takes you there! I flew out to train with Bart for a whole week. It was non-stop learning and working on my website and going over my personal plans for what I was doing at the time. If I EVER need inspiration, an idea, organization of my ideas, website advice, book advice, even marketing advice, Bart tells it straight like it is. No holds barred. He’s truly one of a kind, and a really good friend.” — Todd Woods, Franchise Consultant/Trainer

Hasani Pettiford, Relationship ExpertFirst things first, Bart is not human. He is a machine. The way he pumps out books, websites, marketing advice, … I’ve NEVER seen anyone work as fast as he does and with such precision. You know Bart’s work if you ever get to see it. He stands out from among all others. Thank YOU, Bart, for all the work you’ve done for me.” — Hasani Pettiford, Relationship Expert, TV Personality & College Speaker

Having worked along side some of the biggest names in personal development, real estate and investment strategies, one thing stands clear, if you are looking for extremely inexpensive online tutorials about computers, and how to create information products, record audio products, self-publish your next book, how to build websites, how to set up affiliate programs, use graphic design programs, write a book, find a book printer, locate fulfillment centers, build a list of prospects/clients, create your own eZine, create your own podcast show, marketing your business online and offline, and making money, and on and on; there’s NO other place to learn all this than MyTrainingCenter.com.” — Sherrie R., Webinar Coach & Trainer

Noa SchecterI’ve learned more from Bart in all my interaction with other coaches and trainers than I have my entire life on the Internet. Bart teaches me something every 5 minutes I speak to him. He took my original website and overnight turned it into a modern day selling machine. He also inspired me to write books and within 3 months I was an author. When it comes to eCommerce and charging clients, he really schooled me in ways I never thought to collect payments from my clients. Bart is the BOMB! Train with him. You will NOT regret it! Going on 3 years and I’m still learning from him. He doesn’t stop teaching you!” — Noa S., NoasCoaching.com

I have done business with a lot of very knowledgeable people on many different subjects, but I must say that Bart Smith is at the top of the list when it comes to many aspects of the Internet. Time and again, I have found Bart to be one of the most resourceful and leading-edge resources …” — Deborah P., Marketing/Publicity Consultant

Dr. Andrea Purcell, NMDI’ve known Bart for almost ten years now. During that time, he’s been my webmaster, audio recording consultant, marketing consultant, business consultant, good friend, and if there’s anyone I trust when it comes to my business, website design, eCommerce, creating/selling products and recording my seminars, Bart’s the man to go to.” — Dr. Andrea Purcell, NMD, PortalToHealing.com

Bart your letter was so beautiful. It is really pushing me into the right direction. I am motivated and inspired.” — Paula L., Actress/Model

No one can fill your shoes.— Joyce G., Health Consultant

Mike Peterson, Perform Better GolfThanks for the BART-FUEL. I needed it. I really appreciate your time on the phone. We’ll get this book off the ground soon, I just know it. I love your energy and appreciate your positive and always motivational emails.” — Mike P., Golf Trainer/Consultant

“Thanks, Bart. Really, you’ve really been there for me, helping me, guiding me, providing me the direction I need; the vision and training materials I need to take what I know and move to the next level (income-wise; working-wise). What you offer through MyTrainingCenter.com is so much more than what they teach at the college level. And, for the price? You blow colleges out of the water!” — Troy (H.T.B.), Consultant

Alexandra T., Business Owner & Health Product Specialist & Marketer“I’ve owned my own marketing company for  years, and it is truly difficult to find ‘integrity’ and ‘talent’ within the same person these days; combined with dependability and a wonderful sense of humor, … BART ROCKS!” — Alexandra T., Business Owner & Health Product Specialist & Marketer

“Bart, thank you so much for ALWAYS taking time to help me. The material in MyTrainingCenter.com is very useful for someone who is a ‘computer newbie’ like me. Your step-by-step approach with graphics is really user-friendly. It makes the learning more fun. Our talk on the marketing strategy was inspiring, too. I think you have a special gift in knowing what a person wants and needs, which is very essential in business. I’m so glad we’ve reconnected again.” — Masako W., Acupuncturist

Bart, when I have a GREAT IDEA, but don’t know where to go with it, you come to my rescue! Thank you, Bart, you’re such a great friend!” — Jill S., Producer & Radio Show Host

Jenny Stilwell, Marketing ConsultantI’ve had the good fortune to be able to work with Bart on many projects over the years. Bart has provided amazing support and delivered fast and effective solutions to my challenges with website design, eCommerce, and online marketing strategies. Given that he’s in a completely different time zone to me makes him even more incredible. I get faster responsiveness from Bart than I do from many service providers in my own city! Bart is smart, savvy and infinitely knowledgeable on many topics. I would highly recommend that anyone in business, who needs the sort of help that Bart can provide, to work with him. You won’t look back, really. And I can’t withhold the fact that his cookies are without doubt THE best I have ever eaten anywhere in the world. If you’re lucky, you may get one when you decide to work with him!” — Jenny Stilwell, Marketing Consultant (Australia)

I am absolutely amazed at your articulation and just general sense of perceptions about things. When you spoke about computers and business and your training center, wow, I was just blown away by how much you knew. Thank you for your help. You’re very caring.” — Urbara S., Health Professional

I think one of the luckiest days I ever had was when a friend of mine gave me Bart Smith’s phone number. I needed help in trying to record over the telephone. So, I called Bart. He had never heard about me, but as is his nature, he answered all my questions and that much more! I never knew anyone so generous with his time and knowledge. He doesn’t hold anything back! Then, when I was thinking of having my website revamped, …” — Patsy B., Online Business Manager


Stop relying and waiting on others to do what you can and should do for yourself now. Self-reliance is your ticket to freedom, getting things done now and not later, no more you prolonging making money and you just get things done faster. Plain and simple.


Learning new skills inside MTC can help you make money, whether you use those new skills to serve yourself or to help other people who could use your help and pay you to help them.


Adding web and graphic design skills, working with audio/video, WordPress, and other skills, all add value to your skill-set, which means greater income potential! See how that works?


When you possess certain skills related to the web and making money you are a highly sought-after individual for hire. Imagine how many people out there (who do not have these skills) who need someone (like you) to help them. I smell money coming your way. Do you?


Learning at MTC is convenient, yet rich with detail. You learn skills and get ideas for making money no school, guru or other website might teach you.


You can learn at your own pace, and take what you learn and apply to virtually any project idea or client to make money. Learn using your laptop, tablet or smart phone. With my audio books, for example, you can listen to them using your phone. How cool is that?


Over the past 30+ years, I’ve acquired a mountain of knowledge, skills and know-how when it comes to the Web, marketing, publicity, eCommerce, making money online/offline, software programs I’ve learned to use proficiently; add to that my sharp creative ability (that people truly admire about me) when it comes to the use and creation of graphics and web design; my prolific skill for writing sales copy, books, eBooks, workbooks, handouts; my knack for recording, editing and mixing audio and video; securing and conducting interviews to promote myself  … and the list does go on!

Question is, how do I bottle up all my knowledge and experience and share it with the world? Oh, I know, I’ll build a website called MyTrainingCenter.com and share what I know in the form of audio, written and video tutorials and resources for you to advance your own money-making agenda! Done. Pretty simple. I just have to build the darn thing, right? Yeah! Well, as someone once said to me, “Bart, have you been working on MTC since you were like 5 years old?” I laughed, while he was serious. It feels like it sometimes; I tell ya. Building a website, like MTC, while authoring 15+ books is one heck of a feat, I tell you that.

So, what you’re in store for at MTC is just that … my brain online! I’m trying, that is. It’s a HUGE task, to say the least, but I want you to advance faster and farther than you are right now. Why? Because making money is on the line and you’re running out of time. We all have bills to pay, dreams to chase and fantasies to fulfill, which all require money. Well, money is made when we sell something, whether it’s our time or something physical (in the form of a product or service). So many people have ideas on what they want to do or sell to make money while some don’t.

For most people, and that includes both those types of people, they still don’t know how to take their idea from fruition to the finish line (i.e., the marketplace) and start selling. They don’t know about the Web, technology, WordPress, sales/selling/closing, lead generation, eMail marketing, eCommerce, book/eBook layout/design, self-publishing, marketing/promotion, speaking, audio/video editing and recording, social media, publicity … the list goes on! Can you relate to what I’m saying here? Thankfully, MTC is here and can help you.

With MyTrainingCenter.com, you get access to what I know and do that helps me take my own business, websites, money-making ideas, career aspirations, 15+ books and more to heights and levels that help me earn active, passive and residual income 24/7/365. How would you like to possess the kind of knowledge required to do the exact same thing? Then, join MTC today!

Just put yourself in the shoes of some of the people I’ve helped over the years. Imagine where you’ll be after you spend just 30 days inside MTC. How about 90 days? How about one year? As I say to folks, don’t let another day pass you buy that you don’t know these skills and what’s taught inside MTC. You never know how far and how fast they’ll take you from $0 to a $MILLION and beyond! That’s what I’m after, how about you? Join MTC today and I’ll see you on the other side! I’m ready teach and train when you’re ready to learn and earn!$!$!$
Bart Smith
Bart Smith, MTC Founder
… and other websites!

Bart Smith, MTC Founder

Books by Bart Smith





Don’t let another day pass by that you don’t know these skills! 

Yes, I did everything all by my lonesome. The skills I used to build this multi-million dollar website I teach (you) inside MTC. I did it myself to show you what’s possible (within you) when you learn what I know.

It won’t take you as long to learn what I had to go through to put this site together, or learn it myself. Instead, you pick what you want to learn and learn it in seconds, minutes, a few hours. This is training a la carte BIG TIME!

You will gain the skills and understanding on how to build/maintain websites with WordPress, record audio/video, creating products, designing books/eBooks, working with shopping carts, autoresponders, landing pages, and much more. All the things related to making money online/offline.

Yes, absolutely! Simply click on any of the links at the top of this website in the navigation menu and you can enter many different sections within MTC.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I don’t want you to worry that your credit card will be charged ongoing with the hope that you’ll forget about it. Gyms do that. I don’t. Instead, you pay one time for a set period of time you would like to train with me inside MTC. I like to keep things simple.

You can learn about my books and audio by going to MyTrainingCenter.com/books, and my cookies are over at my cookie website, BartsCookies.com. ENJOY!


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