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• Shopping Carts, eCommerce & Getting Paid
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Learn How To Write, Design, Publish, Print & Sell Your Book/eBook For Fun & Profit

Learn How To Write, Design, Publish, Print & Sell Your Book/eBook
If you want to write a book really fast, like I do, whether for fun and/or profit, then this is the course for you. You’ll learn my secret formula for writing and publishing books … “really fast!” How fast? How does a week sound? Two weeks? 30 days? You get the idea. Why write a book? What software should you use? How do you create the covers or design the interior of your book? How do you get your book on Amazon? How do you order print copies for yourself? How do you convert your book into an offline/online course for sale or even an audio book? These and many other questions will be answered in this one-of-a-kind course.

Learn How To Build & Maintain WordPress Websites Like A Pro
If you want to build and/or maintain a website in WordPress, then this is the course for you. Truly, you will master WordPress like me when you’re done. I’ve built what seems like hundreds of WordPress websites, including MTC, which is bigger than most university websites, and I built them all in WordPress. You’re going to learn what I know about WordPress. So, again, if you want to learn WordPress inside and out, climb aboard and become a member of MTC today!


All my business books are available online inside MTC in eBook format. Simply login and start reading them. Many are recorded too for you to listen to online for your convenience. You can also buy the print version of each book if you like to have in your hand and/or by your side.

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart SmithRich Coach ♦ Broke Coach
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
Have you been looking for one book on coaching that covers virtually everything you need to start and run your own coaching business? Then look no further! Rich Coach | Broke Coach is the book for you! For aspiring and current coaches, Rich Coach | Broke Coach was written with the intent on helping coaches where they need it most: in the areas of business, marketing, client interactions, sales, and making money. Rich Coach | Broke Coach is your blueprint for all that and much more. What you’ll find inside this rich manual is only the most concise, nugget-rich content you have probably ever read on running a profitable coaching business.

 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make by Bart Smith150+ Mistakes Coaches Make
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
As coaches, we can’t let too many mistakes happen or else we’ll be out of business before we could say, “Whoops, I won’t do that again.” Minimizing the amount of times we fail or make mistakes will help keep us on track with our own goals as coaches, keep clients and prospects flowing in, keep clients moving towards their own goals with our help, and above all, keep our coaching businesses operating at optimal capacity.

My Networking Tactics by Bart SmithMy Networking Tactics
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
How would you like to benefit from the networking tactics of Bart Smith, and founder of Inside this quick masterpiece are all of Bart’s personal networking tactics that no other book on networking goes into. If you network with others offline, and who doesn’t, this book is a must-have!

3 Simple Networking Tactics by Bart Smith3 Simple Networking Tactics
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
This is a quick-read book on networking. Perfect for those who want the secret sauce when it comes to networking with others and doing it right, effectively and with the aim of growing their network quickly! If you love networking as much as I do or you’re not even the outgoing type and find networking a little challenging, well, not to worry! SIMPLY read this little book cover to cover and put into practice every little strategy I share so your networking efforts yield the maximum of results overnight for you and everyone you come in contact with!

51+ Networking Mistakes by Bart Smith & Noa Schecter51+ Networking Mistakes
by Bart Smith & Noa Schecter
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
For those of us who love to network and those who may lean more towards the shy side or even nervous when you go to any networking event, it’s a “human factor” when we say we all don’t network as well as we could. From time to time, we’re bound to make a networking mistake and ask ourselves, “Did I say the right thing?”, “Whoops, that didn’t come out right …”, or “Oh, I forgot to bring/do/say this …” That’s our point, and that’s why we wrote this book. If you network with others offline, and who doesn’t, this book is a must-read before you go networking again!

My Checklists by Bart SmithMy Checklists Book
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook
Have you ever wanted to know how to do something that could help you with your business, marketing, and/or making money online/offline, but you just didn’t know the steps to get started? Maybe you’ve got some or most of what you need, but you’re missing some key information to help you reach that finish line? All too often, it’s not mental blocks that hold us back, but basic procedures for WHAT TO DO and WHEN TO DO IT (i.e., THE STEPS) that really prevents us from moving forward. Before I start any project, I like to prepare a checklist. It gets me to where I want to go each and every time.

How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest by Bart SmithHow To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest in the form of 25+ most frequently asked questions! Questions TV guests don’t know to ask and forgot to ask! Open the book, start reading and in ONE DAY you’ll become so much more prepared to become a TV guest, how to put yourself out there so you’re seen as a potential TV guest, how to secure TV show guest spots, get asked back, passed on to other TV shows, and … so much more!

Doing Great Business In Tough Times by Bart SmithDoing Great Business In Tough Times
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
When business isn’t going that great, what should you do? TURN TO THIS BOOK! Whether the economy is going through a recession or you just feel like you are, tough times provide all of us with unique opportunities to get closer to our customers, clients, employees, partners, vendors, suppliers and our original mission and purpose as to why we started our business in the first place. It is highly advisable that you review every single one of the specific PARTS discussed in this book to ensure you and your business can quickly INCREASE SALES, INCREASE BUSINESS and INCREASE MARKET SHARE even during these TOUGH TIMES! Despite tough times, there is always time to save and grow your business. DOING GREAT BUSINESS IN TOUGH TIMES was specifically written to help you do just that! Refer to it when you’re going through hard times and making money is difficult.

Motivate Yourself To Succeed by Bart SmithMotivate Yourself To Succeed
by Bart Smith
Formats: Paperback, Online eBook + Audio
Get pumped, get motivated, and what’s more, maintain that momentum from start to finish with Bart’s latest book called, Motivate Yourself To Succeed. This book was written for every one who has ever struggled to achieve genuine success in their personal life or business. I share a proven action plan and personal spot on tips for every step of the way. The process identifies TEN KEY COMPONENTS that can lead you from your idea (Vision) to fruition (Victory) and beyond!

Listen to these audio samples from Bart’s books:


I love working with checklists, because they help you stay organized, on track and practically guarantee you’ll hit the finish line on time and with surgical precision. Just check out these checklists I’ve created for you. These are the same checklists that are in my book called, My Checklists, which is available online in eBook format and in print format if you wish to purchase the book in that format. Entirely up to you! When you become a member of MTC you have full access to them all! Do note, every one of these checklists is printable from your computer so you can work with it by your side in print format.

1. Advertising Checklist
2. Affiliate Setup Checklist HOT!
3. Advertising / Affiliate Banners Sizes Checklist
4. Ask Campaign Checklist
5. Audio Recording Checklist HOT!
6. Autoresponder Setup Checklist
7. Book Cover Design Checklist HOT!
8. Book Launch Party Checklist HOT!
9. Book Marketing Checklist
10. Book Writing Checklist
11. Business Startup Checklist
12. Business Tax Deductions Checklist HOT!
13. Coaching Business Checklist
14. Computer Training Checklist
15. Continuity Program Checklist HOT!
16. Publishing Checklist
17. Customer Care Checklist
18. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Marketing Checklists
19. Domain Name Registration Checklist HOT!
20. Domain Name Safeguarding Checklist
21. eBook Creation Checklist
22. eMail Broadcast Checklist HOT!
23. eMail Forward Creation Checklist
24. eMail List Building Tactics Checklist

25. eMail Mini-eCourse Checklist HOT!
26. eZine Publishing Checklist
27. Marketing Checklist HOT!
28. FTP (Upload/Download Web Files) Checklist
29. Fulfillment Center (Home/Office) Checklist
30. GMail Setup Checklist HOT!
31. HTML Basics Checklist
32. Images & Graphics Checklist
33. Income Processing Checklist
34. Interview Checklist HOT!
35. Joint Venture Checklist
36. Kindle Publishing Checklist HOT!
37. Landing Page Checklist HOT!
38. Marketing Checklist
39. Member Home Page Checklist HOT!
40. Membership Website Checklist
41. My Networking Checklist
42. Opt-In Web Form Creation Checklist HOT!
43. Outsourcing Checklist (What & Where)
44. Personal Growth Checklist
45. Photography Checklist HOT!
46. Marketing Checklist
47. Podcasting (Radio Show) Checklist
48. Press Room Checklist HOT!

49. Product Creation Checklist
50. Product Launch Checklist HOT!
51. Product Web Page Checklist
52. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist
53. Self-Publishing Checklist
54. Selling Online Checklist
55. Seminar/Workshop Checklist HOT!
56. Shopping Cart Checklist: Which One?
57. Shopping Cart Checklist: Adding Products
58. Tele-Seminar Checklist HOT!
59. Thank You Page Checklist (Purchases)
60. Marketing Checklist HOT!
61. Video Marketing Checklist
62. Video Recording Checklist HOT!
63. Webinar Checklist
64. Webmaster / Virtual Assistant Checklist
65. Website Building Checklist HOT!
66. WordPress Installation Checklist HOT!
67. WordPress Plugin Checklist HOT!
68. WordPress Theme Checklist HOT!
69. WordPress Security Checklist HOT!
70. WordPress Blog Setup Checklist
71. “Move Your WordPress Site” Checklist HOT!

If it’s not a checklist, I probably wrote a full-blown training report on the subject being discussed. Check out these special report titles. If you like what you see, become a member. There are more just like them inside MTC and I’m always adding new ones. Hey, when I learn something new or perfect a certain task, I want you to know about it too.

• 10 Ways To Create Original Content For Sale/Profit Like I Do
• 10 Ways To Improve Your Radio/TV Interview Skills Like I Do
• 10 Ways To Make Money As A Web Designer Building Websites!
• 121 Ways To Promote & Market Your Book Like I Do
• 21 Reasons To Become A Webmaster!
• 21 Steps To Launching Your Website Design Business!
• 21 Ways To Spy On Your Competition Like I Do
• 25 Hidden Profit Killers: Avoid These 25 Profit Killers For Any Business
• 60+ Ways To Make Money With Your Website Like I Do
• Author Interviews (How To Get Them & Prepare For Them)
• Banking Tips For Every Small Business Owner
• Bogus Orders, Fraud, International Orders & What You Should Know
• Business Plan Writing, Outline & Tips For Writing Business Plans
• Buying & Selling Domains: How Much Is Your Domain Name Worth?
• Can You Take Your Own Pictures? I Do, Here’s Why/How!
• Come Up With A Gimmick, So You Stand Out Among Your Competition!
• Consider All This Before Taking The Leap To Make Money Online!
• Contracts: Creating Contracts That Protect You & Ensure You Get Paid!
• Depending On What You Sell, Here’s What You Need To Collect Payments
• Determine What You Will Do To Make Money Online!
• Determine Why You Want To Make Money Online. What Drives You?
• Do You Have A Budget For Taking Your Business Idea Online?
• Find Out Who Owns A Certain Domain & What To Do About It
• Getting Paid: Active, Passive & Residual Income Definitions! Which Is Best?
• Getting Paid: Collecting Past Due Balances Like I Do
• Getting Paid: How Do You Set Your Rates For Your Time & Services?
• Getting Paid: Invoicing Strategies Like I Do
• Getting Paid: Learn How To Ask Clients For Money! What Do You Say? It’s An Art!
• Getting Paid: Learn The Many Ways You Get Paid From Clients & Customers
• Getting Paid: The Income Wheel: My Personal Philosophy Of Making Money!
• Getting Paid: Vital Reminders To Consider When Getting Paid From Clients
• How Do You Fire A Webmaster? I’ll Tell You Exactly How!
• How Do You Make Money In A Competitive & Saturated Global Economy?
• How Do You Price Digital & Tangible Products To Sell Online
• How Long Does It Usually Take To Build A Website?
• How Many Web Designers Should You Talk To Prior Hiring One?
• How Much Money Can You Expect To Make Online? The Truth!
• How To Create Fill-In-The-Blank Handouts For Your Presentations
• How To Send Your Manuscript To An Editor So They Can Edit Your Book/eBook
• JV Introduction: Making Money With Other People via “Joint Venture”
• JV Tactic #1: Why Would You Want To “Joint Venture” With Someone?
• JV Tactic #2: How Long Will Your Joint Venture Run?
• JV Tactic #3: Who Is Your Ideal “Joint Venture” Partner(s)?
• JV Tactic #4: What Would You Like To Create/Sell With This JV Partner?

• JV Tactic #5: Who’s List Will You Use To Promote Your Product/Service/Offer?
• JV Tactic #6: How Will You Split The Profits From Your JV Promotional Efforts?
• JV Tactic #7: Keep Track Of Expenses & Income From Your JV Project
• JV Tactic #8: What Should You Look For In A Joint Venture Partner?
• JV Tactic #9: What Will A Potential Joint Venture Partner Want To See In You?
• JV Tactic #10: What Services Do You Need To Support Your JV Opportunity?
• JV Tactic #11: What Are Some Of The Downsides Of Joint Venturing?
• JV Tactic #12: Where Do You Find Potential Affiliates For Your JV?
• JV Tactic #13: How Do You Approach A Potential JV Partner?
• JV Tactic #14: What Do You Do After The JV Project Is Over?

• My “50 States Sales Goal” To Aim For When Making Money Online
• My “Projected Income Chart” For Setting Sales & Income Goals
• My Personal Audio Recording Tips & Techniques
• My Personal Sales/Marketing “Principles” For Selling Online/Offline
• My TOP 15 MUST-DO Domain Registration Tips For You!
• Plan Your Online Business Venture To A “T” Before You Launch Out!
• Really Great Domain Name Ideas For You To Consider Registering
• Register Domain Names With Popular Keywords!
• Reverse Shoplifting Book Marketing Tactic
• Sales & Selling Concepts You Should Know To Increase Sales!
• Should You Have An Agreement When Hiring Someone To Work For You?
• Taking Photos: Should You Hire A Photographer Or Take Your Own?
• Taking Photos: What About Clothing & Dress Attire?
• Taking Photos: How Should You Prepare To Take Your Picture(s)?
• Taking Photos: What Kind Of Pictures Should You Take?
• Taking Photos: Location, Location, Location
• Taking Photos: Getting Help Taking Your Pictures
• Taking Photos: Editing Your Photographs
• Taking Photos: How Often Should You Take Pictures Of Yourself?
• Tele-Seminars: What Are Tele-Seminars & Who Uses Them?
• Tele-Seminars: Why Should You Start Using Tele-Seminars?
• Tele-Seminars: What Equipment Do You Need?
• Tele-Seminars: Making Money With Tele-Seminars
• Tele-Seminars: Setting Up & Conducting Tele-Seminars
• Tele-Seminars: More Tips For Conducting Tele-Seminars
• Tele-Seminars: Ten Ways To Make More Money With Tele-Seminars
• Tele-Seminars: Recording Tele-Seminars For Fun & Profit!
• Tele-Seminars: How Do You Promote Your Tele-Seminars?
• The Ideal Business (To Have) … Do You Know What It Is?
• The Sales/Marketing “Funnel System” For Making Money Online
• Vital “Computer Repair & Backup” Checklist Items To Remember
• Watch For Red Flags / Warnings When Working With Webmasters
• What Are The Pros & Cons Of Doing It Yourself vs. Outsourcing?
• What Are The Usual Costs To Build A Website? How Is It Normally Billed?
• What Are You Looking For When You Spy On Your Competition?
• What Does A Webmaster Usually Charge For His/Her Services?
• What If You Owe Money To Your Former Webmaster, What Do You Do?
• What Is A Merchant Account & How Is It Used To Collect Payments Online?
• What Is A Virtual Terminal & How Is It Used To Collect Payments Online?
• What Should A Fulfillment Company Be Able To Do For You & Your Business?
• What Should You Do If You’re Domain Name Has Expired?
• What Tasks Could You Outsource To Others To Free Up Your Time?
• When Outsourcing Work, Review These Tips To Ensure You Do It Right!
• When Starting A New Business, Here’s What To Do First, Second, …
• Where Can You Find The Help You Need To Get Help With A Project?
• Why Attend Trade Shows & Expos To Market Your Products & Services
• Why Rent A Private Mail Box (Not A P.O. Box)
• Why Should You Use A Fulfillment Company?
… and so many more!



WHEN YOU BECOME A MEMBER OF MTC, you will gain instant access to my two books on coaching and access to download all 14 of my coaching forms. Look what’s inside MTC just for life, personal, and business coaches:

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart Smith
150+ Mistakes Coaches Make by Bart Smith

Rich Coach Broke Coach by Bart Smith


• Income & Setting Your Fees
• Creating Coaching Packages
• Contracts & Agreements
• Finding Clients
• Enrolling Clients
• Overcoming Objections
• Working With Clients
• Coaching Resources
• Marketing Tactics For Coaches
… and much more!


1. Business Mistakes
2. Coaching/Client Mistakes
3. Communication Mistakes
4. Education & Training Mistakes
5. Marketing Mistakes
6. Mindset Mistakes
7. Money-Making Mistakes
8. Personal Mistakes
9. Website Related Mistakes


Coaching Client Forms, Logs, Agreements & Contracts

Every coach (i.e., life, personal and/or business coach) needs their own set of customized coaching/client agreement/assessment forms to help run a successful coaching business. Because many coaches, and those who aspire to be coaches, don’t have such forms or know how to create them, I have taken the time to create (and share) the same ones I use with you.

Download Bart's Coaching Client Forms1. Welcome Letter
2. Coaching Client Agreement
3. Client Intake Form
4. Client Self-Assessment Form
5. Free Coaching Gift Certificates
6. Free Coaching Session Agreement
7. Coaching Session Preparation Form
8. Coaching Session Summary Forms
9. Client Call Record (For The Coach)
10. The Wheel Of Life Form
11. Goals & Action Questions
12. Coaching Period Summary Forms
13. Client Feedback/Testimonial Form
14. Coaching / Speaking Hour Log (Excel)

As you can see, the list of coaching forms above is a very complete set of forms to launch and run any coaching business successfully.




I know a lot about writing books, building websites, using WordPress, marketing (online/offline), getting interviewed, recording audio, making videos, installing and using software, shopping carts, eMail marketing, affiliate marketing, and so much more! How does this benefit you? = 1 TEACHER / 1 WEBSITE!


As you can see, I cover a wide variety of topics that can absolutely improve your chances at make money online/offline! Let alone, save time and money by learning how to do things yourself!


Having written so much, I have a lot to teach you. Add to that fact, I do everything related to publishing those books. I use specific software, tap into certain creativity levels that you’d love to have in your own business.

Bart Smith, MTC Founder/Trainer



Since we learn faster with video, I have the tools and skill set to make some of the world’s best video tutorials for you to learn from on a particular subject.


So many people have told me I have a great voice and my tone, pace and tempo is perfect for learning any material. That’s not always what you find out there online. EEKS!!! Again, this is a plus when it comes to learning so much content! Remember, 1TEACHER / 1 WEBSITE!


Access to ALL THIS CONTENT is super affordable and super convenient. Again, 1 TEACHER / 1 WEBSITE that you get access to 24/7/365. When you think about how much you’re going to learn, what you’re going to learn and in one place? Wow!


“What can I say about the man who’s been my webmaster, personal coach and consultant for going on TWO DECADES!!! With his help online, my business has easily grossed over a million dollars. It’s been me, a couple of employees from time to time to handle fulfillment, and BART, at the helm managing the website this whole time. He’s my million dollar webmaster, consultant, and my trusted friend! I learn something (to add to my business) every time we talk on the phone."

Gabriala Brown, Founder

“Ever since I met Bart Smith, it’s been non-stop learning ever since, and I’m serious! From 2010 to TODAY! If you run your own business, like I do, sign up for NOW! You won’t waste time dealing with people who ‘say’ they know what they’re doing; instead, you’ll (soon) know better! You'll learn how things get done! You won’t have to ‘wait’ for them to come through when they (rarely) do; instead, you'll do it yourself! I've saved so much money over the years doing things myself, because Bart told me the software to use and how to use it."

John Santangelo, PhD, Trainer

“First things first, Bart is not human. He is a machine. The way he pumps out books, websites, marketing advice, … I’ve NEVER seen anyone work as fast as he does and with such precision. You know Bart’s work if you ever get to see it. He stands out from among all others. The way he builds his websites or designs book covers. I highly recommend you spend some time in 'BART WORLD!' Thank YOU, Bart, for all the work you’ve done for me. By the way, my family loves your cooking!”

Hasani Pettiford

Relationship Expert, TV Personality & College Speaker

“I first met Bart almost 15 years ago. To date, I am still blown away at what Bart knows, his level of care and enthusiasm for teaching people and empowering them to be greater than they think they can be. He actually takes you there! I flew out to train with Bart for a whole week. It was non-stop learning and working on my website and going over my personal plans for what I was doing at the time. If I EVER need inspiration, an idea, organization of my ideas, website advice, book advice, even marketing advice, Bart tells it straight like it is. No holds barred. He’s truly one of a kind, and a really good friend.”

Todd Woods

Franchise Consultant/Trainer

"After many frustrating months of searching for THE RIGHT web designer to work with me on creating my first website from scratch, I acted on multiple referrals to Bart Smith, especially after reviewing his impressive training center website. I struck both gold and oil in working with Bart. After a lengthy interview with me he cooked up a website literally OVERNIGHT that totally exceeded my expectations and anything I could have ever conceived of. Bart over-delivered! OMG, he practically knows EVERYTHING, and what he doesn't he learns OVERNIGHT! If you can work with Bart, your life will never be the same."

Marlene G.

RE Investor, Orlando, FL

“Bart, I am very pleased that you are in my life. As always, you are a joy to work with, ever so resourceful, a wonderful speaker and one of the best ‘networkers’ I’ve ever met. How you go about connecting people together is truly amazing. When you say let's all meet to network, without hesitation, people say when/where? Astounding! The networking event you held at my house introduced 20 people who never knew each other. Funny thing was? They all knew you! It was so exciting to see so many professionals meet each for the first time and you were there to make it happen. "

Susan L.

Speaker Trainer/Consultant



When you can do things yourself with your newly acquired skill-set learned inside MTC, you don’t have to wait on others to get done what has to be done. You just DO IT because you now know how. MTC teaches you the skills you need to get things done NOW!

Instead of paying someone HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS of dollars to do something and either getting overcharged even possibly ripped off … just do it yourself because MTC taught you. Save your money for more important things like advertising, printing, setup, etc. (i.e., fixed costs)

Because you learned how to do (more) things yourself, because you have the skills, guess what? You get to go to market faster, like I do. No more waiting on others to help you. No more waiting on others to finish a project for you. YOU just sit down and DO IT yourself and get out there!

Because you can go to market faster with your idea, product, book, etc., and because you now know how to bring your ideas to fruition and generate a website, hook up a shopping cart, launch out on social media, record that audio book, write that book (or whatever) you’re on your way to making money faster than if you didn’t have all those skills to start with!

I know a lot of people who get frustrated because they have an idea that they don’t know how to bring to fruition. They can’t build a website, write/design that book, or whatever. With MTC, you learn, you apply, you ROCK!!!! Frustration be gone!

So many people have NO CLUE how a website is made, or a book gets written/published, or how to market yourself/business, … Well, don’t be confusted any more. Learn what’s inside MTC and erase confusion, forever!

AFTER LEARNING INSIDE MTC, whether you decided to do it yourself or hire someone to help you, because you don’t have time, you’ve seen how things are done. There’s no more mystery abou the process or time it takes to get something done. Think about it, WHO would ever screw me with what I know? NO ONE! You’re next! Take in this knowledge NOW!

Because you know ALL that’s inside MTC, having gone through it, NOTHING STOPS YOU! Get creative, write that book, build that website, record that audio, record/promote that video, you name it …. YOUR CREATVITY IS UNLEASHED, … LIKE MINE!

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YES! Right now, I’m offering a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP special, which allows ALL-ACCESS to everything inside MTC. That means, ALL courses, ALL eBooks + audio, ALL 70+ checklists and my 14 coaching client forms. That’s a bunch, I know. Talk about a HUGE BUNDLE of savings and value!

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If your membership runs out of time based on the plan you chose and you cannot access member content, you can come back and simply buy more time. Your account will reactivate and you can log in with the same username and password you had from before. In advance, welcome back!

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