10 Ways To Create Original Content

10 Ways To Create Original Content, Which You Can Sell Online For Pure Profit

Before I share my top 10 ways to create original content, I recommend that you read the following caption taken from The End of Work that I recently read. Pay close attention to the part about “creators of intellectual property …” and “the new elite of knowledge workers …” I think you’ll find this excerpt both motivating and helpful!

Excerpt from The End Of Work, by Jeremy Rifkin … One of my top 10 favorite books!

 The End Of Work, by Jeremy Rifkin“In the early industrial era, those who controlled finance capital and the means of production exercised near-total control over the workings of the economy. For a while, during the mid-decades of this century, they had to share some of that power with labor, whose critical role in production assured it some influence in decisions governing both the ways and means of doing business and the distribution of profits. Now that labor’s clout has significantly diminished the knowledge workers become the more important group in the economic equation. They are the catalysts of the Third Industrial Revolution and the ones responsible for keeping the high-tech economy running. For that reason, top management and investors have had increasingly to share at least some of their power with the creators of intellectual property, the men and women whose knowledge and ideas fuel the high-tech information society. It is no wonder, then, that intellectual-property rights have become even more important than finance in some industries. Having a monopoly over knowledge and ideas ensures competitive success and market position. Financing that success becomes almost secondary.”

“In the high-tech automated world of the 1990’s, the new elite of knowledge workers are emerging with critical skills that elevate them to center stage in the global economy. They are fast becoming the new aristocracy.” ~ PG.175, The End Of Work, by Jeremy Rifkin


Much of what you’ve just read is addressed in MyTrainingCenter.com. Now, I know that you’ve heard of the saying, “content is king?” Nothing will launch your success further than creating your own original content. For some, that’s not so easy. So, I put together the top 10 ways I go about creating original content for my books, websites, speeches, and podcasts.

1. Listen and observe life, the news, people, etc. — You can easily come up with original content by applying “your spin” on every topic you read about, view on TV or at the theater, radio programs, paying attention to what’s happening in the news, and current events. Take the initiative to learn more and put “your spin” on it to distinguish yourself from the competition.

2. What have you experienced? — Experience (life) is a powerful teacher and provides meaning to everything that happens to us. From these experiences, we collect tools along the way that could be quite useful to those who might not be able to learn it through their own limited opportunities. I bet you’ve experienced something that you can share with others.

3. What were you trained to do? — What’s your educational background? Consider taking what you’ve been trained to do and writing or recording some original content that would be of value to others. How about leading training workshops? You could even teach people, online, about your field of expertise.

4. Have someone interview you! — You are bursting with information and knowledge and you just don’t know where to start! Sit down with someone you trust, with a microphone, and start talking. I’ve done this with business associates. We’d meet at a quiet restaurant, relaxed and armed with a digital recorder (or notepad) and the conversation would flow for hours. By the end of the session, I had plenty of content to write about. You could even conduct an interview by phone and record the call.

5. Do you have a hobby or special interest? — Write about it and/or record what you do in audio format. Research and rehearse what you know from your own experiences and record it on video.

6. What’s your passion? — Read, research and become an expert regarding your passion, whatever it is. The point is, anything that you want to learn about, you can. Experience and knowledge never lose value so share your ideas or creations with others. Start writing, audio recording and video recording all about it.

7. Interview others — This is a great way to get original content for a website, radio show or book, for example. Just talking to others exposes you to new information. So, don’t be afraid to learn because doing this will make you a wiser and more confident person. Interview several people on a regular basis over a period of 90 days and you’ll be amazed at the amount of new content you generate. Generate a list of prospective people to interview and make a personal contact to request an interview. Let them know that you are gather information on a particular topic and, with their permission, will record the interview. As a courtesty, provide a copy of the interview to the interviewee prior to using any material from the interview on your website.

8. Review books, products and services. — Another way to generate original content for your site is to become a “reviewer” of books, DVDs, seminars, electronics, dating websites and much more. Today, there are lots of opportunities on the Internet to evaluate products and services; you just have to look for them. Over time, you can acquire quite a bit of information on the subject matter you’re reviewing. Once you earn people’s trust, they will seek your advice. This is how some consultants got started.

9. Buy It! — What are “resell rights?” If you’re pressed for content, you can purchase it from any source that is willing to sell it so you can place it on your website. Be aware that sometimes there are limitations regarding this option. Ensure that you are following the letter of the law.

10. Outsource It! — If you don’t have time or the skill to create your own original content, hire a ghost writer to help you. They’re available and generally work for rates you can afford. Try an Internet search or place a writer wanted advertisement on craigslist.org. Ask for samples of their work prior to make any offer to write content for you.

More Tips On Creating Original Content For
Your Website, Business, Book, Workshop, etc.

PUTTING “YOU” into your work is the only way to do some really unique work. You’ll find that you will enjoy the work a lot more, too. If you are discouraged about creating content then, first, work on your ability to focus on this task of creating content, and practice giving 100 percent to it. Don’t let anything distract you. You will discover a whole new world of abilities within yourself only to realize that you are special and truly have something to offer others. Don’t be afraid to put your personality into your work. Don’t be afraid to write (or record) the way you speak.

The more of YOU there is in your content, the more interested people will be in what you have to share. To gain acceptance and trust, always be yourself, and their learning from you takes on a whole new meaning!

It’s recommended that you spend several hours per week working on your content, researching and reviewing the information you’ve generated and turning it into quality work.

Then publish your newly created content weekly (at a minimum), via article submission websites, your own podcast show, video messages on YouTube.com and other video sharing websites, inside your eZine, on tele-seminars you conduct, in live speeches and presentations, for example.

In summary, what are the best ways to record original content? You can write it out, record it, video record it, be interviewed, prepare a presentation outline or other means that fit your needs.

What kind of products can you create with your original content? Check out my tutorial on 101 Product Ideas. There, you’ll be given a goldmine of ideas on how you can take your original content, develop it, and profit from it!

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