10 Ways To Make Money As A Web Designer Building Websites!

Believe it or not, there are more ways than (a few) to make money as a website designer designing websites for other people. For starters, here are ten ways you can definitely find ways to make money as a webmaster …

1. Yes, DESIGNING websites FROM SCRATCH will make you money! If someone comes to you and doesn’t have a website , look out! You’re going to make a lot of money! Depending on the kind of website they need, you could earn anywhere between $200 and $2,500 for just one site completely built from scratch; on up to $7,500 and more!

2. REVAMPING already existing websites will make you money! Revamping (or redesigning) websites is a great business to be in. Sooooo many people need their sites revamped – – and they know it! So, what do you do? Tell them, “Your site could use a ‘revamping’ …” And, they’ll probably reply with, “Yeah, I know. How much do you charge?” Revamps can earn you between $250 and $2,500 per revamp, on up!

3. MAINTAINING already existing websites will make you money! A lot of people just need someone to help maintain their website. Can you? For pay, you will! If you charged $50-$250 a month and had up to 20 sites to maintain each month, … hmm, that could be some easy income for you.

4. SELLING BUSINESS SERVICES (AFFILIATE INCOME) your clients’ business needs can make you money in several ways! From referring shopping cart and merchant account services their way, to selling them domain names. The sky is the limit. What do they need? Anticipate it, find it online, become an affiliate for that company and be ready to make the referral and collect a commission in the form of extra, passive and residual income!

5. CREATING NEW SITES for your CURRENT CLIENTS will make you money! You should ask your clients if they need any more websites for other businesses and products they’d like to sell/promote. Just your asking them might give them an idea to create a new product. Hey, it never hurts to ask!

6. CREATING NEW SITES for your REFERRED CLIENTS will make you money! Ask your current clients to refer some business your way. When you do, you can make more money building their sites, selling them services and a lot more.

7. SELLING YOUR CLIENTS PRODUCTS/SERVICES will make you money! With all these great clients of yours, perhaps there’s a few who have really great products and/or services they sell, which you could sell to your own list of clients and prospects under an affiliate relationship. Sign up to your clients’ affiliate programs and earn commissions when you sell their products. You already know them. You have already have rapport with them. They have the perfect products/services/seminars for you to refer!

8. SELLING YOUR OWN PRODUCTS/SERVICES/TRAININGS will make you money! By now, you’ve acquired a lot of knowledge, skills, resources, relationships with a lot of people … turn those assets into money by creating your own products, training products, tutorials, etc. Duplicate your own self and start making money outside the paradigm of trading time for dollars.

9. STARTING A WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY and hiring others (to work for you) will make you money! Again, you’ve got the skills, you know the market, you’ve got a reputation for delivering the goods and you have clients who can refer you business … Start your own web design firm and hire others to do the work for you while you consult, oversee and manage others to do the work you once did and you will make money!

10. STARTING ANOTHER COMPANY more in line with your passions will make you even more money! Now that you have all this money, reputation, network of clients and prospects, why not start a new company doing what you really love. (Not that you don’t love web design …) But, it’s time for you to do what’s closer to your heart. Use your skills, talents, relationships to accomplish more as a human being and make even more money! Start a new business!!!!

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