101 Product Ideas To Turn Your Knowledge Into Potential Income

Wow, if you ever needed ideas for creating information products you can sell to make money:

1. If you don’t have a product to sell, find someone else’s and sell theirs.

2. Sell them individually to magazines, websites and the like; syndicate them for even more money nationally!
3. Create a 30-day audio program per niche/genre/topic of expertise
4. Create a 7-day audio program per niche/genre/topic of expertise
5. Bundle Your Audios on one or multiple CD’s.
6. Create an online audio library of everything you can record.
7. Offer to record other people’s written reports, books, etc. and sell them for a percentage of the profit.
8. Record your books …
9. Record your ezine …
10. Record your consultation calls. If your clients want them, you’ve got them!
11. Record Your “In-person” Coaching Sessions
12. Record Your Newsletter
13. Record Your Seminar
14. Record Your “Telephone” Coaching Sessions
15. Record Your Tele-Seminar Events
16. Start & Record Your Own Radio Show
17. Write a book!
18. Write a mini-book; or many mini-books on a variety of tips and topics.
19. Book: Write a series of books!
20. Bundle your own products together; that’s a product!
21. Bundle your own products with others’ products; that’s a product!
22. Business Ideas (Create them; sell them.)
23. Calendars; take lessons from your book and spread them out over a 12-month period. If you wrote a book, you’ll have enough material for calendars for the rest of your life!
24. ½ day (3-5 Hour Packages)
25. 1-3 Hour Packages
26. All day (5-8 Hour Packages)
27. Multiple Day Sessions (2-Day/Weekend Sessions)
28. Multiple Day Sessions (5 Days)
29. Add audio to it, and you’ve another product with more value.
30. Bundle them; that’s a product.
31. Write one or take your book and digitize it.
32. 1 Week Session (Home Study Course / Program)
33. 12-Week Session (Home Study Course / Program)
34. 4-Week Session (Home Study Course / Program)
35. 8-Week Session (Home Study Course / Program)
36. Bundled on a CD-Rom
37. eBook via .PDF Format
38. eBook Delivered via Autoresponder series (i.e., text/html)
39. eBook via Web Pages Membership Protected online
40. eZine (digital newsletter)
41. Flash/Reminder/Success Cards
42. Gift Certificates to products you sell on your site (pre-sell product)
43. Christmas Special (Price/Bundle/Offer)
44. Fourth of July Special (Price/Bundle/Offer)
45. New Year’s Special (Price/Bundle/Offer)
46. Other Specials (Price/Bundle/Offer)
47. Valentine’s Day Special (Price/Bundle/Offer)
48. 12-Month (Workbook + Audio + Tele-Seminar Support)
49. 30-Day (Workbook + Audio + Tele-Seminar Support)
50. 6-Month (Workbook + Audio + Tele-Seminar Support)
51. 7-Day (Workbook + Audio + Tele-Seminar Support)
52. 90-Day (Workbook + Audio + Tele-Seminar Support)
53. Interview experts; record the interviews, transcribe them; sell both the audio and the eBook, workbook and the book version.
54. JV with others to create a Seminar (offer it online/offline)
55. JV with others to create a Tele-seminar (offer it online/offline)
56. JV with others to create a Workshop (offer it online/offline)
57. JV with others to create an eBook (offer it online/offline)
58. JV with others to create an eClass (offer it online/offline)
59. JV with others to record an Audio Program (offer it online/offline)
60. You can create lists of valuable/useful tips, content, web links, reminders, etc. and sell those.
61. Sell the resale rights to products you have in print
62. Sell the resale rights to products you have in digital format
63. Sell the resale rights to products you have in audio format
64. Sell the resale rights to products you have in video format
65. Sell the resale rights to products you have bundled into groups or packages of product
66. Membership/subscription service; create a membership website people have to become members of to access all your content: print, downloadable, audio, etc. Sell monthly, 3-month, 6-month and yearly membership packages.
67. Bundle them up and sell them the archives and past issues …
68. Print, sell and mail monthly, quarterly, annually … etc. Build your subscriber list up over 1,000 people and sell advertising.
69. Record them and sell them on a CD.
70. Notes: Take notes at seminars and “Sell Your Notes.”
71. Posters, Pins, Buckles, etc. (See Zazzle.com for product ideas!)
72. Produce audio ads for sale to others.
73. Product Packages/Bundles: Other’s Products
74. Product Packages/Bundles: Yours
75. Fall (Price/Bundle/Offer)
76. Spring (Price/Bundle/Offer)
77. Summer (Price/Bundle/Offer)
78. Winter (Price/Bundle/Offer)
79. Seminar 2-day (Video/Audio Recording)
80. Seminar 2.5 day (Fri night, Sat, Sun)
81. 1/2 day (morning/afternoon)
82. All day (i.e., record it, transcribe it, and stick it in a 3-ring binder)
83. Software (Can you convert your idea into software and sell that? Bill Gates did!)
84. Special Events / Theme packages
85. Create 45 Minute Keynote Speeches (you can sell to meeting planners and get paid for …)
86. 3-Hour Speech (For free and for fee; either way, you’ll sell product in the back of the room. Oh, record every speech to sell as recorded product.)
87. Be a guest expert in front of someone else’s database. Record it and sell it to your database and those databases owed by others’.
88. Speak to your own database on the phone for pay.
89. Transcribe it and sell it to your database and others’.
90. Create Distance Learning Modules and sell them online via download.
91. Create Distance Learning Modules on CD-Rom and sell them bundles containing your own products.
92. Create Distance Learning Programs on CD-Rom and sell them individually in person at trad shows, workshops, etc.
93. Create Distance Learning Training Seminars based on your Videos and sell the seminar and training series along with the tutorials you created to use in that seminar.
94. T-Shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts … (apparel)
95. Record Tape Your Seminars, Workshops & Boot camps
96. Transcribe The Audio from your Seminars, Workshops & Boot camps
97. Turn all products into “Digital Format”
98. Turn all products into “Print Format”
99. ½ Day (3-hours)
100. Full Day (6-hours; sell it as 8 Hours)
101. Keynote Speech, 45-minutes to 1.5 hours

Can you think of more???? Write them down and make it happen!

Where do you start with such a big list?

Exactly, this 101 Product Ideas is a big list. How (and where) in the world do you start?

  1. Take each “niche” or “topic” of expertise you have and run them each down this list. If you wrote a book on relationships, create over 75 products based just on your book on relationships. Did you write a book on business too? Run your business topic(s) down the list of product ideas and make products for them too.
  2. Some people prefer reading information, some hearing it, some experiencing it.
  3. Some people can’t wait to learn from you (so they order the digital version).
  4. Some people want to hold the product in their hands and look at it with their own eyes. So, they buy products you have to mail them.
  5. No matter, create as many products as you can. Your bank account will thank you for it in the end.
  6. You’ll make more money speaking for free if you have products to sell than you could if you just spoke for fee alone!

FACT #1: Most speakers get offered to speak (for free) more times than they do (for a fee).

FACT #2: Most speakers turn down those free speaking gigs, because they don’t have any way of making money from them. Why? BECAUSE, they don’t have any product to sell! That’s right! If you had product to sell, you wouldn’t mind speaking for free anytime, anywhere!

More often, you can make more money selling product (in the back of the room) than you could collected a simple fee for speaking. For example, let’s say you get hired to speak for fee ($1,000), and in that same hour, you sell enough product totaling $10,000. Would you still take that speaking gig if they asked you to speak for free? Of course, you would!

Now, if you didn’t have product, and the organization couldn’t pay you … would you speak? Unlikely … How many free-speaking gigs do you think you can secure vs. fee-speaking gigs? Try 10 to 1, IF THAT! A friend of mine mentioned, he spoke twice last year for a fee and about 25 other times for free and still made $250,000 last year … Unbelievable, isn’t it. So, (1) Make products and (2) speak for free (every chance you get) = (3) YOU WIN$$$$

How do you price you information products?

Great question. How DO you price all the information products you create?

  • Physical products = 10x the cost it took to make them.
  • Digital products = perceived value. 10-100x the cost to make them.
  • End your prices in a “7” … $27, $47, $97, $147, $197, $997, etc.
  • If the product “makes someone money” with the information you’re selling them, try charging 10% of what it will make them. If someone were to make $2,000+ from your product, sell it for $197.
  • Make them affordable; yet don’t undervalue them by dropping the price.
  • People will pay more for information (no matter how much) as it helps them solve a problem or makes them money.
  • ADD (more) value to the current price, instead of dropping the price, before dropping prices.

Okay, here’s your homework! Seriously, here’s your homework!

  • Write down 10 products you want to create this year based on what you know or can learn quickly!
  • Prioritize them! What products will you make first? The fastest? Which are the least expensive to produce? Develop those first!
  • Don’t work on product ideas 2-9 until you have completed product #1 … (i.e., #1. “Speed to market!”) Remember, get one product making money first, before you start developing another or you won’t get anything done and you’ll stay broke forever.)
  • Post your Top 10 list of products to make on the wall, near your desk/computer, on the refrigerator; anywhere you will see it all the time (as a reminder). Work on one product (at a time) every day until it’s done.
  • Once one product is done, work on the next. Soon, you’ll have a growing list of customers who might be interested in buying some of your other products.
  • Once your products are done, get others to help you sell them for a %. Create more products, while others help you sell the ones you just made.

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