121 Ways To Promote Your Book

121 Ways To Promote & Market Your Book

Did you just write a book? Are you struggling with ideas on how you might marketing your book and make money with it? Well, not to worry, check out these sure-fire ways of marketing your book, getting it the exposure it deserves, and converting interested consumers into instant buyers!


When you begin your book marketing campaign, add a few (if not all) of these marketing tactics to your overall marketing plan to ensure your book gets the exposure and income you deserve all day/night long!

  1. Advance Copies — Do you have a book coming out? Are you building up excitement in folks to buy your upcoming book? Order some proof copies and send them out to those who can spread a little word of mouth about your book to their audience of book buyers.
  2. Advertisements — If you’re conducting a book signing, presentation, or book launch party somewhere, provide various sized ads for them to either insert into their online/offline newsletter or affix to their doors and windows to promote your event coming up.
  3. Advice Column — Start your own advice column, website, web page, blog site, etc., giving people free advice on matters that concern them. Mention your book all around your advice site/column. The more people who read your advice and like it, will be motivated to buy your book when they have x-problem that you know how to solve.
  4. Affiliates — Start your own affiliate program and get help selling your books. Let them sell them for you! Create a package with enough profit to give them a nice commission per sale. You can do this by bundling other books and/or audio recordings of the book with your book(s). Turn a $19.95 book into a $39.95 or $89.95 product and your affiliates will be happy to learn how much they can make.
  5. Amazon Author Central Page — Be sure you have one of these (http://amazon.com/author/bartsmith) so people can learn more about you and the books you’ve written. Fill it in with everything you do (related to your books, business, occupation, etc.) You can add video, blog posts, biographical information, and much more. When potential customers see a well-stocked Author Central page, that just might be the kind of motivation and excitement they need to buy your book.
  6. Article Writing/Posting — Post excerpts of your book, in the form of articles, all over the Internet. Some sites will help you make money with your articles/content.
  7. Ask Campaign/Q&A Sessions — Host a live Q&A session with people where they get to ask you questions, and you, yes, answer them!
  8. Audio Book Version — Record your book and make it available in audio format. This can then be fulfilled by any number of CD fulfillment companies or downloadable via some of the major digital product market places like JVZoo.com and ClickBank.com. You can also sell the MP3 downloadable versions on your website with password protection software or from your shopping cart. Each shopping cart has a different size limit for downloadable files. So, just check on that.
  9. Autograph Your Books — Never let a chance go buy where you don’t sign your books. If someone buys your book and you’re personally fulfilling that order, sign it! Take 60 seconds to write a personal note to the person too. Make it unique to them. You also might come up with a signature specific for signing your books. This helps in a lot of ways. Make it a simple signature you can sign in a heartbeat. If you have dozens of books to sign, that part will be a breeze. Having a autograph that’s different from how you sign contracts or checks can help you beat fraud too. “Hey, Mr. Banker, I don’t sign my checks like that. Check the signature card at my bank. That there is a forged check, but with a bogus signature.”
  10. Back Of Room Sales — Set up a table of your books for sale in the back of the room at your own events and ask to set up book sales tables at other people’s events. You don’t need to conduct your own events to set up a table to sell your books. Look for events where you can set up a table to sell your books.
  11. Back Pages — Include marketing copy in the back of your book to promote your other books, products and/or services. Someone reading someone else’s book might be more inclined to buy your book based on seeing all the additional services you offer.
  12. Bookstores/Owners (Local/Regional) — Make a list of bookstores within a 25-50 mile radius of where you live. If you create the list in Excel, you can make columns with titles like Called, Left Message, Signing Event Booked/Dates, Wants To Sell On Consignment, etc. Once your list is compiled, drive down to visit the store owner, give them a postcard of your book and offer a real book if they’re interested in selling the book on consignment. Hey, it’s a $3.95 +/- investment into making a new relationship.
  13. Blogging — Blog about your book. Take each chapter and pull out one little nugget daily/weekly and comment on it. Rewrite the section so it’s not right out of your book, and then leave them hanging on for what comes next? “OH, you’ll have to get the book to find out!”
  14. Brand Marketing (Company Name/Your Name) — When promoting your book, be sure to include your company (and/or) your name in your marketing efforts. Brand name recognition, company name recognition, and/or your name recognition also helps to sell books to.
  15. Book Reviews — Find magazines, newsletters, eZines, newspapers and book reviewers write about it! Call them up, get their interest and commitment. Just don’t send them out without a commitment to write the review. When you do get a book review, add the whole review to your site and link back to the website that wrote the actual review. Make a strategic list of book reviewers and book bloggers in your book’s niche/genre. Review the guidelines they post on how to submit your manuscript (or book) for reviews.
  16. Book Signings — Offer to do book signings at book stores in your local area.)
  17. Book Tours — Promote your book via tele-seminars to your list and to other people’s lists.)
  18. Book Trailer — Create a video (or audio) book trailer for your book, which you can distribute to various online video-sharing websites. Have fun, make it fun, talk about what people will learn from your book (how it benefits them) and how they can order it.
  19. Bookmarks — Hand out bookmarks with your book advertised on them to everyone you see.)
  20. Bookstores — Online & Offline: Contact them and get your books listed in their store.)
  21. Budget — What’s that? You know, money set aside to promote your book. A few hundred for print materials (i.e., posters, postcards, bookmarks, business cards, etc.), paid media publicity (e.g., $1,000-$5,000+/month), etc. You don’t need it all at once, which would be nice, but on-going investments into your marketing campaign will really take your book far.
  22. Bundling — If your book doesn’t sell well on its own, bundle it with other products you have (or others have created) to move it that way. A lower cut/profit is better than no profit. You could also bundle the print book with the eBook. “Buy the print book, and get the eBook version for free!” Or, offer folks if they buy either the print or eBook version of your book, they’ll receive 1-3 (or more) hours worth of audio recordings about the book. Always best to add value to a product before lowering the price.
  23. Business Cards of your Book — Get your book cover(s) made into little postcard and leave them wherever you go. Put your website on their, qr code and/or telephone number. Mention how to get a freebie on the card so people have incentive to visit your site to join your list.
  24. Buy 2 Get 1 Free — Offer deals to people to buy for their friends and family.
  25. Celebrity Endorsements — Approach any number of different celebrities, actors, musicians, politicians, etc. to endorse your book. Get photographed with them, and be sure you’re holding your book.
  26. Celebrity Attainment — YOU should seek to get famous in your local area, in your industry niche/genre, etc. Celebrities just seem to have an easier time selling things. Why not give it a try? Get famous!
  27. Charity Work — Promote yourself and your books by donating time to worthy causes.)
  28. Coaching — Launch a coaching practice and help others based on your book.)
  29. Consignment — Pay a visit to any number of local retailers to see if they will carry your book, even on consignment. Tell them you can schedule a speaking appearance at their location to help promote the book. Ask if they’d like a poster of your book for them to display in their store to help promote your event.
  30. Contests & Giveaways — Reach out to bloggers to review your book and offer a free book (giveaway) in exchange for folks LIKING your Facebook page. A few books sent out per month, over a 1-2 year period can generate a ton of back links to your website (i.e., excellent for search engine rankings) and your facebook likes will go up too. This gives off a great impression to new buyers that, “Hey, this author is liked by a lot of people! I better check out what’s all the hoopla about and get his/her book.”
  31. Cross Promotions — Promote other authors to your list and let them promote you to their list.
  32. Discussion Forums — Address concerns, problems and needs out there; where you can help inside forums and question/answers websites all across the Internet.
  33. Domain Name For Your Book Title — If you don’t have it already, register a domain name for each book you have written and plan to right. 
  34. Donate — Donate your book(s) to people who might not have the means to buy your book or meet you in person. If you meet someone who you made an impression with, give them a book. They might turn into one of your best word of mouth sales people driving more traffic to your site. Remember, these books cost between $2-5. That’s nothing to turn someone into a raving fan about you and tell their friends/family about your book.
  35. eBook Format — Create a free viral eBook using excerpts from your book, you can let others distribute for free. Convert your print book to digital format and submit it to Kindle Books, SmashWords, BookBaby, JVZoo.com, ClickBank.com, and a host of other affiliate network websites that allow you to sell digital products. This includes written, audio and video recorded versions (products) of your book material.
  36. eCourse — Create an audio eCourse based on your book and distribute it for free and for fee.)
  37. Enthusiasm/Entertainment — Don’t be boring. Don’t be predictable. Don’t talk language/words people have heard before. Be unpredictable, be dangerous, be exciting, be entertaining, be funny! Hook them on YOU first, and they’ll want to take you home with them in the form of books, audio, action figures, etc.
  38. eMail Signature — Include your photograph, image of your book cover and the link your book title to a landing page with a video trailer of your book, book description, option to opt-in for free excerpts, etc.
  39. eZines — Announce your new book in your own eZine.)
  40. Every Day Marketing — Do something every day to market and promote your book. Look at this list and find one thing you can do every day to make a book sale.
  41. Excerpts — Promote your book offline in audio format using excerpts of your book on CD you hand out.)
  42. Facebook Book Fan Page — Create a Facebook page just for your book! Post everything and anything related to your book on your book-dedicated Facebook fan page.
  43. Forums/Groups — Join any number of groups and forums related to your book’s topic and start contributing. You might win a few new fans and book customers. Create a signature in your account that mentions your website.
  44. Fulfillment — While this isn’t really a “marketing tactic” for marketing and selling books, it does have it’s role in getting your book to paying customers. Make sure you have a means of shipping large quantities of books to individual customers and you’re not stuck in your garage for days on end fulfilling 5,000 individual book orders all across the country/world. If you plan on doing major media publicity marketing, then get your book setup to be fulfilled by Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com, SpeakerFulfillmentServices.com, or some other professional fulfillment company that can handle that for you.
  45. Friends & Family — Ask your friends and family to eMail their friends and family members about your book. Give the sample eMail letters and subject lines they can just copy and paste into their eMails. Make them short and sweet and exciting to pass along!
  46. Fundraising — Stop by churches, community support organizations and charities to see if you can do some fundraising for their cause. Offer to sell books and split the sales with them. They can reach out to their audience to draw folks in, and you can contact local media too for more exposure. Take photos and video and post them where you know where!
  47. Gimmick/Moniker — Is there anything unique about you and/or your book’s topic you can become known for? Perform a little internal research into that and/or come up with one and broadcast it with every marketing effort.
  48. Give Away Excerpts — Give away excerpts everywhere: online, offline, your site, others’ sites, etc.)
  49. Google Alerts — Signup to get alerts when your name, book(s) or other things you do are mentioned, then go there to comment, etc. Make a surprise appearance (online).
  50. Google Books — Add your book to https://books.google.com/intl/en/googlebooks/partners/ to reach a new audience of readers online.
  51. Google+/Hangouts — Check out Google Authorship and link content you create with your Google+ profile.
  52. Google Blog — Setup a Google blog account and bring your website blog articles over to your Google blog account. It’s just more SEO ranking for you.
  53. Handouts — Create postcards about your book with the front/back cover to promote your book.)
  54. Holidays/Birthday Gifts — Let everyone know your book might make a great birthday gift for the people they know.
  55. Home Seminars — Ask people to invite you into their home for a little book signing/selling seminar/workshop about your topic.
  56. Home Shopping Networks — Contact these companies and pitch them on selling your book. Some of these programs dedicate time just to selling books. Get your book in there.
  57. Home Study Course — Create a home study course, and include your book in it.)
  58. Get Media Savvy — No doubt, this might be a very weak area (in your marketing/promotion pool of activities) that you need to do more research on and get “media savvy!” What media companies are in your local town or area? What’s it take to get to know the people who work there and get some media attention? This goes for print, newspaper, magazine, TV, radio and online media. Who, what, where, when, how … Get those questions answered in regards to all the potential media outlets available to you. Don’t be afraid, timid or hesitant. You are an investigative journalist working for (yourself). Go out, make calls, and come back with information.
  59. Infographic — Create an infographic about your book and what folks will learn when they buy it. You can design these yourself or hire someone to make one for you. Plan to spend between $5 to $500 for one infographic.
  60. Infomercials — Create a video infomercial about your book, which you can first distribute online across dozens of video sharing websites, and your own. In the offer, include the audio version of your book, along with a few bonuses to really increase the value of what you’re selling. Your selling price should be anywhere between $19.95 and $99.95 (or 3 easy payments). Do a great job, and you can take your video to professional infomercial company. If they like what they see, and can make money from your vision, pitch and product, they’re bound to make you a deal. If you score a successful infomercial deal. Go for a second. Really push yourself in this area. Remember, exposure = leads = sales. TV infomercials are the ticket when it comes to getting tons of exposure.
  61. International Sales — Whether your book sells well (or doesn’t) here in the USA, you might try other international markets. Get your book translated in other languages and give it a whirl. You never know, you might get invited to come speak in that country. Imagine what that type of opportunity would do to your speaking career back home? You’d now be an international speaker! Literally!
  62. Interviews — Get interviewed on Podcast Shows by contacting the owners of those shows personally! Pitch yourself to at least 5-10 new online/offline radio shows, eZine publishers, website blogs, etc., every week. Even if you don’t have interviews scheduled, unless you do them often, practice every week. Get a friend to ask you the questions, while you answer them. Get so familiar with your own material you can relax and entertain the folks when you’re getting interviewed for real. Also check out RTIR.com.
  63. Landing Pages — Create a number of stand-alone landing pages (or name squeeze pages) that are built to collect the names and eMail addresses of people looking for more information about your book’s topic. Put these people on a 7-51 day autoresponder “drip” campaign. Eventually they might buy your book or hire you for what you do. These landing page should be built on separate domain names related to the content you’re going to deliver to them via eMail.
  64. Launch Parties/Strategy — Don’t just start day one marketing your book with no fan fair, excitement, anticipate or publicity? Really design a great pre-launch strategy to ensure you sell books right out of the gate! Think like a movie promoter. Announce your new upcoming book and when it will be available for sale. Then, establish a launch party date when folks can come and hear all about your excitement about the book, why you wrote it, what’s in it, how it can help them, etc. This event can be a Google+ hangout event or a live in-person one. Folks always love a party. Budget between $100-$1,000 (or more if you want) to plan the perfect launch party. Launching your book is an online/offline effort. Record the event so those who couldn’t make it can participate with you on the phone or via webinar after the official launch.
  65. Libraries — Stop into every library within a 10-25 mile radius and ask if you can do a book signing/presentation there. Offer to sell books and split the sales with them. Some main libraries will help you reach other libraries if you can get your book into their database. You can also submit an article to appear in any number of library journals. Ask and you shall receive!
  66. LinkedIn — Do your friends on LinkedIn know about your book? Create a book about your topic and start helping and selling!
  67. Linking Strategies — Link to other people’s web sites and ask them to link to yours.)
  68. List Your Book With Us — Search for that term online and find websites where you can list your book on their website. Some independent bookstores don’t know about your book, and would love to hear from you. After you contact them, plan to conduct an interview/review with them and encourage them to add your book to their list of recommended books. Supply them with anything they need, audio, written and video recordings.
  69. Local Media — Pitch your book and interview topics to local print media. This includes local magazines, newspapers, etc. Read your local paper to find articles and opinion sections you can comment on as an author/expert on x-topic. Does your local paper have a book section? Do they mention book events? Contact them, get mentioned, and make sales!
  70. Local Restaurants — Pitch the idea that you’d like to hold a small meeting at their establishment during lunch/dinner and would they be willing to give your group a discount and room to present.
  71. Local TV — Pitch yourself to local televisions programs. They’re always looking for local content and authors (like you) make great interview segments for their shows. Some cable companies even offer free air time for educational purposes to their audiences. Ask them about that and prepare a presentation that’s purely educational with the final blurb being about how folks can contact you through your website or at your office. Make sales when they call/show up.
  72. Make It Easy To Buy Your Book! — Book buyers, like customers everywhere, do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where or how to buy your book. So, make your buy buttons large on your website, easy to find, add a VIEW CART / CHECKOUT links to every page on your website, etc. You could even make a video that shows people how to buy your book. Make your book available in as many channels as possible. For example, the Expanded Distribution service offered through CreateSpace.com offers to submit your book to the big book database retailers, which then list your book with thousands of bookstores worldwide. Make sure you sign up for that service if you go through CreateSpace.com to print/publish your book.
  73. Magazines — After you’ve pushed yourself out there with several of these other marketing tactics, and you’ve got tons of video and photographs of you all over the web, it’s time to approach some of the major magazine editors (looking for new stories) to interview you or write about a topic, which you could contribute to as an “expert author.” They’ll be more impressed with you if you have a lot going on, and they’re not your first contact for marketing exposure. So, GET BUSY!
  74. Media Opportunities — Watch the local news, read your local paper and be on the lookout for local media opportunities to contribute your expertise.
  75. Membership Website — Start a membership web site based on the content in your book.)
  76. Merchandise — So, you’ve got your book for sale, but do you have any merchandise or promotional products related to your book? We’re talking T-shirts, mugs, polo shirts, ball caps, pens, etc. These can be used as promotional tools or you can sell them too.
  77. Mobile Phone Apps/Recording/Marketing — Use your cell phone to record video of you at events, take pictures, share moments, download apps, and create apps about your book that can help you promote your book to other mobile device users.
  78. Networking — Get out and network at all the networking events you can get to. Bring your book, mini-order forms and be prepared to make sales. When you’re asked what you do, reply with, “I’m an author and wrote _____.” Then, stick your book in their hand. Let them look at it while you talk to them about it. Bring a few books with you, because you’ll use one for show, and sell the rest. It can happen if you have books on hand. Keep a box of books in your car in case you run out and have to replenish your supply. Don’t be shy either. Drag that mini carry-on bag (on wheels) wherever you go. It’s got all your books and audio products inside.
  79. Notification Bars — You could add a notification bar to the top or bottom of your website enticing visitors to opt in to your list to receive free excerpts of your book.
  80. Over Deliver — What else can you offer your book buyers to really make their purchase a sweet one?
  81. Partner Up — Hey, need help marketing yourself? Why not partner up with someone who wrote a complimentary book to yours and double-team it when it comes to all things marketing.
  82. Photographs — How many photos do you have of yourself? How many do you have holding your book (or many of them) in hand? How many do you have with other people gathered around you also holding your book? What’s that? NONE? Okay, we need to have a conversation. Your homework is to get 20-100 photographs of you taken with just you, with your books, with other people, out networking, at charity events, speaking events, networking events, etc., so that potential buyers can see how popular you are. We want them saying, “Wow, I’d like to get to know that person and get their book. I’m curious as to what it’s about.”
  83. Pinterest.com — Take pictures of you, your book, make infographics about sections in your book (or its topic), post photos of other customers holding your book, etc. Immediately get an account at Pinterest with your book title in it and start posting images on Pinterest about your book. Link them back to your website, press releases, articles, videos, you name it!
  84. Podcasting/Radio Show — Launch a series of podcast shows regarding the material in your book. Check out AuthorsOnTourLive.com for author-friend podcast shows to conduct virtual book tours via podcasting.
  85. Popup/Popout Windows — Add popup and popout windows to your website that show your book cover and an opportunity to opt-in to your list to receive excerpts of your book. You could create a 7-day (or more) “drip” campaign for your book.
  86. Post Cards — Get handout and mailer postcards made with your book covers on them and information about what your book is about and how to order your book. Mail them out too.
  87. Posters — Make posters of your book and post them wherever you can around town! Get about 10-20 made on foam board that you’ll lend to a store who’s promoting you. When the promotion’s over, pick the poster up so you can use it elsewhere on your next promotion.
  88. Press Kit — Do you have a press kit ready and up to date? Biography, professional (hi-res) head shot, interview questions/answers sheet, book press release, etc.
  89. Press Releases — Publish a series of press releases about your book, how it relates to news items, etc.)
  90. Product Bundling — Invite others to bundle their books with yours; when you sell, you make money!)
  91. Publicist — Hire a publicist to get you the kind of media attention only money can buy.
  92. Publicity — Get free publicity by calling radio stations, eZine publishers and podcasters for interviews.)
  93. QR Codes — Put QR codes on all your marketing literature. Lead them straight to a landing page that asks them for their name and eMail address, not so much a sales page. Build your list as you build a prospect base to sell your books and other products/services to.
  94. Radio Publicity — Make it one of your daily/weekly marketing efforts to reach out to radio stations online and ask them to interview you. Direct them to your press room with all your press kit info for them to make a decision. If they say yes, book the date and start rehearsing. Some stations might ask you to go into their studio or conduct the interview over the telephone. Either way, be prepared, deliver the goods (i.e., interview) and thank them for the opportunity. Also, ask if you can be invited back again, or if there are other programs on their station that might want to interview you. Another resource for getting on radio (and TV) is RTIR.com.
  95. Radio Tours — Check out RadioMediaTours.com to get an idea on how to get booked for a radio tour. This is where you are interviewed on multiple radio stations back-to-back for a period of 1-5 hours. Also, check out http://booktourradio.com/publicity and http://dpc123.com/sell/publicity/.
  96. Redesign/Rewrite Your Book/Covers — If your book’s not selling after a year, consider updating your book with new content, and/or redoing the cover entirely. You might also modify the title or subtitle a little too. Review what’s written on the back and how it’s laid out. Can you get new ideas from other books out there? Hey, go for it!
  97. Read Your Book Out Loud — You can do this in public, at parties, get-togethers, bars, clubs (where there’s not too much noise), etc. I was asked to read parts of my book, LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, at a birthday party once. I read for 2 hours. I attracted a small crowd of about 20 people near the kitchen, where I had also made my world famous smoothies. It was something else. Oh, I also sold 5 books during that time. Hmm, $100 for 2 hours worth of (fun) work? That’s $50 an hour to read your book to folks. Make sure someone records you and posts in on the social networks. How cool is that.
  98. Reading Room — Put a reading room on your website where you might audio (or video) record yourself reading your book like you’re right there with the people. You can read for periods of 1-60 minutes or more! It’s up to you. The video would be nice, b/c people can relax on the bed or couch and let you read to them.
  99. Re-purpose Your Book’s Content — You might spin or re-purpose some of your book’s content to create articles and/or other books to create sales for your original book.
  100. Rinse & Repeat — It takes up to 8-10 times of exposure to one thing for folks to eventually take the plunge to buy what they were pitched. Don’t give up. Repeat your marketing efforts to the same audience every so often.
  101. Road Trip — Hey, why not hit the road and drive within 100-1,000 miles of your home to promote your book in towns where they’d LOVE to have an author come and speak to them. Most towns never see anyone “famous” like you so you have a great chance to draw a big attraction and sell some books. Think about the photographic/video recording exposure you could get from the event, let alone the local publicity from local news organizations. They’d love to report on something more than just the cows and auto accidents.
  102. Schools — See if you can speak at any school that your book is appropriate for, such as colleges, trade schools, charter schools, private schools, high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools, etc. Get in touch with the officials at the schools you attended as a young adult or teenager to see if they would like to invite you to come and speak or volunteer. Offer to present your book’s material to the faculty or students or both. Send out press releases when you conduct speaking events at these schools. Get in touch with University Alumni for similar opportunities.
  103. Seasonal Sales — Drop your prices, offer discounts, bundle your book with other products/services to move them during the holidays. “My book makes a great gift!”
  104. Seminar/Workshop/Class — Create a seminar, workshop or class based on your book and promote them. There are learning organizations (i.e., LearningAnnex, BoiseLearns, for example) where you can submit your class proposals to them. Check their rules to see if they allow you to sell product and keep all the money or do you have to give them a percentage. Find out if they share a percentage of the sales generate from those who register for your classes. Some do, some don’t, and some are forever late on paying their trainers. So, just keep an eye out for such happenings.
  105. Slideshare Presentations — Create any number of short to long slide show presentations about your book and submit them to various online slide show sharing websites. These can act as mini-book trailers and seminars about your book, your expertise and an invitation for folks to learn more about you and buy the book!
  106. Social Media Marketing — Schedule time to contribute, post and participate in social media events.
  107. Speaking — Offer to speak publicly for free to any group, organization, company, etc. about your book. When you’ve got some speaking under your belt, and you’ve created a sound program, contact the speaker bureaus and see how they can help you get speaking gigs. Wherever you speak, you can sell your books, or include them in the purchase of your speaking fee as an educational expense.
  108. Special Market Book Sales — Start with companies and organizations that might be interested in buying bulk quantities of your book to give away as gifts or other purpose. Offer deep discounts (up to 50-60%) so they can make their profit. If you have a good up sell pitch inside your book, your goal should really be to just get books in people’s hands. So, don’t worry about making single profits off book sales, per se. LIFETIME CUSTOMER VALUE, is what you should be focused on. You want those buyers on your list buying other product/services from you. So, make it super attractive for companies and organizations to want to buy large quantities of your books for their audience, patients, members, or subscribers. Offer to conduct a tele-seminar, webinar or live presentation in person for this group who’s buying your books as an added benefit.
  109. Spy On Your Competition — Find out how your competitors are selling their books. If you see them exercising a good idea to promote their book, copy it and sell more of your books too!
  110. Tele-Seminars — Create a tele-seminar and/or virtual tele-book tour about for your book. Approach list owners to conduct a tele-seminar with their list. Go across the country doing this. Conduct 1-5 tele-seminars per week about your book. Grow your list and your bank account.
  111. Turn Fans Into Marketers — Get your fans excited about sharing your book with their friends/family. Give them promotional materials (i.e., business cards, postcards, flyers, press releases, etc.) to give out to the people they know.
  112. Trunk Sales — Always keep books in your car. You never know where you’ll be, you’ll be talking about your book, and someone will say, “Where can I get it?” Don’t send them to the bookstore! Go to your car, grab a book and make the sale on the spot.
  113. Tweet About Your Book — Tweet daily/weekly, about your book, what’s going on with you, events in the news that relate to your book. 
  114. Vacations — Don’t waste time away soaking up the sun on the beach and downing margaritas without planning a book signing/speaking event or two. Going on a cruise? Talk to the event coordinator before you go on that cruise vacation and ask if you can speak in one of their rooms. They’ll do the promotion on board for you. Just mail a few boxes of books to them if they’ll give you a mailing address. Like mailing boxes of books to the hotel where you’ll be staying.
  115. Video Marketing — What needs to be said about video recording and marketing you and your book? Record book trailers about your book, an interview with you and your book, you at events speaking about your book or talking to people about the topic of your book, etc. Also subscribe to services that distribute your videos all over the web.
  116. Virtual Book Tours — Cold outside? Buried in snow? Can’t get out? No worries, hit the phones/webinars and conduct virtual book tours of book. Invite people onto calls and a webinar to learn more about the subject you wrote about and sell some books and the audio version of your book too for higher profits.
  117. Waiting Rooms — Offer to sell (or donate) your book to a variety of doctor offices, clinics, spas, salons, barber shops, and places with waiting rooms. Include a “PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE” sticker on all your books so patrons don’t walk off with your book. Include a small pocket of business cards inside the book. You can tape an envelope inside the front cover of the book and include your business card in it. You could also mention on each page (typically in the footer area) how readers can order your book. You could also include your website on the front and/or back covers as well.
  118. Webinars — Create a PowerPoint slide about your book topic(s). Present it for free for a fee. You might include a free book when people pay to attend the webinar.
  119. Website — Make an author/book-dedicated website for you and your book. This site will tell people about the book, about you (biography), provide interview questions, along with media information, and your contact information.
  120. Write Another Book — If your first book was slow to sell, write another one and promote them together. Two books for the price of one. Keep writing until you can sell a huge bundle of your books. Toss in an audio version of any one of them (or all of them) and you just upped the value of that purchase. Folks love buying bundles!
  121. Write For The Long Haul — Write books you think will stand the test of time, versus what’s in today and out tomorrow. This allows you time to find just the right market for your books.

Can you think of more ways to promote your book? Write them down. Add them to your marketing plan and start marketing your book in more ways than one! Also, print this page out and start highlighting those marketing tactics you’ll put into action first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. Do it!

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