21 Reasons To Become A Webmaster!

Wow, have you ever thought about starting a web site design business? In case you were, and weren’t sure about all that it entails; as in, the benefits, allow me to expose you to all the benefits to doing just that! Here are the 21 reasons why you should consider being a web site designer.

1. Be your own boss.

  • No boring office meetings, office politics, office interruptions, etc.
  • You’re the boss, you decide how much you want to work, when you want, etc.
  • No one rules you. If you don’t like working with a client, fire them!

2. Work from home.

  • Work in the comforts of your own home (office).
  • Having the luxuries of home, like quick kitchen-access, laundry while you work, and other home conveniences, truly makes working at home a real “luxury!”

3. Earn more than you’re making now.

  • When you work for yourself, you get paid what you’re worth!
  • When you work for companies, they DON’T pay you what you’re worth. Instead, they pay you what they can get away with. Why? Because they know there are 10 people right behind you lined up to replace you. So, with the supply of workers (so high), they know they can drop the salary (or wage) they pay for your position. That’s B.S.
  • You decide how much you want to make per hour. If the market will bear it, then that’s what you’ll make.

4. Give yourself a pay raise when you want.

  • When demand for your services goes up, so will your salary.
  • When time becomes a premium and you start having less and less time to work on projects, because you’re so busy, that’s when you RAISE YOUR RATES! In other terms, that’s when you give yourself a pay raise!

5. 3-hour lunch breaks.

  • I’m not kidding. When you work for yourself, you’re free to take lunch whenever you want and for as long as you want.
  • On average, your lunch breaks (as a webmaster) might be 2-3 hours long. Can you handle that?
  • Remember, the work you have to get done for clients, can get done after 5pm. You’re not stuck to the normal 9-5 hours. You’re your own boss and can work (and lunch) when you want.

6. Work when you want.

  • Again, you’re the boss. Do you want to work a 12 hour day one day, and a 3-hour day the next?
  • Would you like to work 4 days a week; and have 3-day weekends every weekend?
  • Maybe business is so good, you can cut back to working 3 days per week?
  • It’s all up to you. Remember, you’re the boss.

7. Sleep in (almost) every day!

  • It’s true. If you work late (hours) like many “night owls”, treat yourself (everyday) by allowing yourself to sleep in. Wake up naturally. Especially, if the bills get paid!
  • You might find yourself doing most of your productive work at night. So, sleep in ’til 10am. Clients won’t care. You did a great job and they were told to call you after 11am, your time.
  • If you have children, you still might have to wake up early. But, after the kids are shuffled off to school … it’s NAP TIME!

8. Save money paying taxes by taking advantage of great (legal) tax deductions.

  • Now, that you have your own web site design business, you’re entitled to take advantage of numerous tax deductions.
  • Tax deductions such as computer expenses, Internet expenses, lights, power, telephone, printer paper, etc. 
  • If an expense can be legitimately tied to your business, pending your account’s advice, you can probably deduct it from your “taxable income” at the end of the year.
  • Check with a tax preparation specialist for more information on this topic.

9. Learn a lot about people.

  • As a webmaster, you will run across all kinds of people.
  • The more people you meet, greet, work with, etc., the more “people-friendly” you will become.
  • The more “people-friendly” you become, ultimately, the more business you can attract!

10. Learn a lot about industry niches.

  • You are bound to serve many different businesses (and business owners) as a webmaster.
  • As you serve these (different) businesses, you are bound to learn a lot about different business niche markets, business topics, genres of expertise, service categories, etc.
  • This knowledge, over time, will come to serve you in many ways. The more you learn about business (in general) and what others do, the more valuable and knowledgeable you will become.
  • The more knowledge you accumulate (about business/different businesses), the better able you will be able to determine how much you can charge for your services.
  • The more you know, the more you (can) earn.

11. Learn a lot about software programs.

  • In this business, you will definitely be required to learn a lot of different software programs.
  • Just remember, the more programs you learn, the more money you can make.
  • So, don’t be afraid to learn as many software programs as you can.

12. Money drops out of the sky.

  • Don’t be surprised if you get a call out of the blue from someone in a city far, far away who found your web site on the Internet or was referred to you by someone that asks you this question, “Can I hire you to help me __________?” That’s money falling out of the sky!
  • And, if you have affiliate links on your site that point to your client’s products and services, who knows, but one day, out of the blue, you might just receive a commission check!

13. Residual income opportunities galore!

  • Working paycheck to paycheck is not enough to “get ahead” in today’s financial times.
  • Trust me, you’ll love residual income, when it starts to come in.
  • As a webmaster, you have lots of opportunity to make extra residual income from selling services web site clients need like shopping carts, merchant accounts, audio and video conversion tools, online computer training, etc.
  • Imagine, ten clients using the shopping cart services you recommend and you receiving $30 residual commission (each month) per client. That’d be an extra $300 a month (potential) residual income. That sounds like a car payment, to me!
  • Then, two years later, you pick up another 10 clients (for a total of 20) using the shopping cart services you recommend … your monthly (potential) affiliate commission would be $600 a month. Now, that sounds like two car payments! I think you get the idea.

14. Work on the road. “Have laptop, can travel!”

  • Do you have a laptop? Then, you can travel the world taking your business with you; so long as you have an Internet connection.
  • I remember staying with my mom over the Christmas holidays. I stayed there for an entire month. We had a blast spending time together. But, one thing really stood out, and that was the comment she made to me … “Bart, I just don’t know how you do it. How can you stay up here all this time and make money? I mean, don’t you have a job? Or, how DO you make money?” I told her, “I have a web site design business that I run using just my laptop and the software programs I have installed on the laptop. My clients contact me via eMail and send me the work they want me to do. As long as I have an Internet connection and a few hours a day to perform the work, I get paid! They send me checks in the mail, payments via PayPal and I even accept credit card payments through my merchant account.”
  • You don’t have to have a laptop to be able to work on the road. I used to travel with my PC (tower) unit quite nicely. Since I drove wherever I was traveling, I’d just pack up the ol’ computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and cables and hit the road! When I arrived at my destination, I’d setup camp and start working!

15. Save money on gas; because you don’t have to drive as much (when you work from home).

  • This is so true. Since you don’t commute to a j.o.b. (“just over broke”) work opportunity, you get to stay home (and work) and as a result, save money on gas (for your car).
  • Gas prices don’t really effect you; because you don’t drive as much. Sure, it might be expensive during the summer or other peak times, but since you don’t drive that much, you make that gas tank last and last!

16. Receive discounts on clients’ products, services, seminars, etc.

  • This is true too! Don’t be surprised if a client invites you to one of their events/seminars at no cost or at a discount. Hey, you’re their webmaster, you’re special!
  • Don’t be surprised if an “author client” GIVES you one of their books for free! Don’t ask for it, offer to be a “paid customer!” But, just watch how your clients show their appreciation for the hard work you are GOING to give them, by offering you discounts on their products, services, invites to seminars, etc.
  • What’s cool about being a webmaster, is that you can even trade/barter your (highly valuable) web site design services in exchange for one of theirs. Just imagine if one of your clients was a dentist. Hey, trade out an hour or two of your time for a free cleaning!

17. Save wear and tear on your car; because you don’t drive as much (working from home).

  • Because you work at home, you’re not driving as often.
  • Because you’re not driving as often, you reduce the risk of car accidents.
  • Because you’re not driving as often, you also reduce normal wear and tear on your car.
  • Because you’re reducing wear and tear on your car, your car lasts longer than it would if you drove it to a 9-5 job everyday in rush hour traffic.
  • So, the winner is? Work at home!

18. Get needed errands done when you need to.

  • This has to be one of the biggest bonuses to working at home.
  • Because you work at home, you have the luxury of taking quick breaks to run essential errands to businesses before they close for the day. (i.e., the post office, bank, DMV, mail box store, doctor’s office, dry cleaners, etc.)

19. More balance in your life.

  • Working from home, you have the awesome luxury of spending more time with family, kids, friends, loved ones, etc.
  • Working from home allows you more time to build stronger, more positive relationships.
  • Working from home, provides more time to workout when you want. (i.e., morning/noon/night)
  • Because you work at home, you get more time to relax (between work/projects).

20. Increased demand for your services, the longer you stay in the business.

  • It goes without saying, the longer you stay in business, the more the “word” will get out about your services.
  • The more (people) who hear about your services, the more “in demand” you’ll be.
  • The more “in demand” you’ll be, the “more money” you can charge!
  • The more people you can serve (over time), the more residual income you can possibly earn!
  • So, let’s sum it up … the longer you stay in business, the more people you’ll wind up serving.
  • The more people you wind up serving, the more money you’ll possibly make!

21. Eventually, you can teach others how to design sites (making you even more money).

  • Then, one day, after you’ve been building web sites for others, you may grow tired of the business. Well, just don’t throw away all that knowledge. Share it with others and make even more money teaching what you know to others (i.e., new comers to the business).
  • Write books, teach classes (online and offline), conduct tele-seminar trainings, webinars, and more!

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