21 Ways To Make Money With Your Book

21 Ways To Make Money With Your Book

Did you write a book? Want to make money with it? Here’s how!

Writing the book is one thing, marketing it is another, but making money is really the end goal, isn’t it? Well, for many of us, it is. We’ve got bills to pay, right? How many ways can you “spin your book” into “making money?” Well, let us count the ways together! Check out these awesome ideas for making money with your book!

  1. Advertising (Sell ads in your book or on your website based on its popularity!)
  2. Affiliate Marketing (Mention products in your book, which you make an affiliate commission.)
  3. Audio Recordings (Sell your book in audio format online and offline.)
  4. Book Sales In Small & Large Quantities (Sell your book, of course, to individuals and companies in bulk!)
  5. Book Signings (Sell your products/services at book signings locally, across the state, country, and even the world over!)
  6. Book Tours (Plan a book tour and sell books wherever you go!)
  7. Virtual Book Tours (Sell your book via tele-seminars and webinars online and over the phone!)
  8. Bookstores (Sell your book in all types of bookstores online and offline!)
  9. Coaching/Consulting (Turn your book knowledge into a consulting/coaching business for extra income!)
  10. eBook (Create an eBook out of your print book and sell it online!)
  11. eCourse (Create an 4-8 week eCourse out of your print book and sell it online!)
  12. eZines/Newsletter (Sell your book to new eZine subscribers who join your eZine!)
  13. Home Study Course (Make MORE money with your book; create a home-study course!)
  14. Membership Website (Turn your book into a membership web site and sell subscriptions!)
  15. Product Bundling (Idea#1) (Bundle your book with other people’s books and make money that way!)
  16. Product Bundling (Idea#2) (Sell your book Bundled with other people’s books for added value!)
  17. Public Speaking (Turn your book into a speaking career and make money that way!)
  18. Other Languages (Translate your book into foreign languages for even more money!)
  19. Seminars/Workshops/Classes (Turn your book into a seminar make money that way!)
  20. Tele-Seminar & Webinar Trainings (Turn your book into a series of tele-seminars or webinars and make money!)

Can you think of more ways to make money from your book? Write them down! Add them to your marketing plan and start selling your book in more ways than one! Also, print this page out and start highlighting those marketing tactics you’ll put into action first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. Do it! Sell Sell Sell!!!

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