21 Ways To Market Your Website and/or Business Online/Offline!

While there is no silver bullet for marketing most business, or is there ONE THING that is guaranteed to bring in all the traffic, eyeballs and attention to your website, business, etc., the best approach to marketing has always been to review, prioritize and implement a variety of targeted marketing tactics that work best for you!

In this report, I’ve outlined 21 ways you could market your business, website, new book, consulting practice, etc., to new customers both online and offline. It’s important (and a relief) to say, that many of the marketing tactics I’m about to share with you are FREE!!! And, speaking of free, remember my motto,

Let me repeat that, “If we have to spend money on marketing, then, we have a problem!” Now, I’m not talking about spending money for business cards, or building a website, no. I’m talking about spending money on “traditional advertising” methods, like running a full-page ad in some magazine or a quarter page ad in some newspaper. And, I’ll tell ya, I’ve seen many close friends of mine spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on expensive Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and NOT see even the slightest return on their investment. In my opinion, those were dollars wasted. Did they gain a few leads? Maybe, but more probably, they gained a new hole in their pocket book. So, you have to be careful, when it comes to marketing and spending money to gain exposure for your business. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to market your business. Know that. Believe that. ‘Cause it’s true!

Before you waste hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising in any medium: newspaper, magazine, radio ads, television ads, online banners, you name it, make sure you take advantage of every free marketing tactic available to you to gain the maximum amount of free exposure you need to generate enough qualified leads, to make sales and to make a living doing what you want to do.

And, I tell ya what, the more money I make using the following free marketing tactics, you bet your bottom dollar, I’m going to keep on using the FREE marketing tactics to keep spreading the word about my business, BEFORE I spend any money on marketing.

Now, where could you spend money on marketing? Well, once you start making sales and you have a little spare income to spend on marketing, I’d put that money into high-profile directory placement ads, which can help bring long-term exposure to you and what you do or have for sale. For instance, there are magazines out there that TV and radio producers look at to find guest experts (like you) to be on their show. Well, a 6-month ad in that directory might cost a $1,000 and it’s well worth it. Or, you might hire a professional publicist to help market you and your business, or new book to their list of producers, agents, directors, talk show hosts, etc. They already have the network in place, you’re just paying to have access to it. Or, you might higher a speakers bureau to find you speaking jobs. It might cost a little money up front, but their job is to find you speaking jobs, or they don’t get paid! Stuff like that … That’s where I’d spend my money on marketing.


Having said that, let’s jump right into the big list of 21 WAYS TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS! Review them, prioritize them and then put them into action immediately! Ready? Let’s go …

1. Give Away Free Information

Reports, articles, eBooks, book excerpts, free video/audio downloads from your website, offer a free webinar, free tele-seminar, a free 7-day eCourse, a 52-week motivational tip reminder series, etc. Whatever you can give away, give it away!

Giving away free information about you, your services, or product helps people “get to know you!”

When people get to know you, and like you they begin to trust you.

When people begin to trust you, they begin to buy from you.

So, give people the opportunity to TRY what you have to offer, so they can begin to TRUST YOU. Then, when they trust you, they may ultimately BUY from you.

Remember this, give away tips and sell details (in all forms, formats, etc.).

2. Brochures/Flyers, Postcards and Business Cards

We’re talkin’ full page, 1/2 page, 1/3 page, 1/4 page, business card size, bookmark handouts if you wrote a book, etc.

Marketing offline cannot be underestimated, forgotten or undervalued! Bring flyers with you everywhere you go.

Also, you don’t have to spend lots of money making colored flyers. There’s no need. Simple black and white copies work on colored paper. Save your money.

Hand out flyers, postcards, business cards and tri-fold brochures at seminars, trade shows, expos, while networking live in person with others at meetings, lunches, breakfast meetings, etc.

Insert flyers and postcard offerings inside products you ship to customers. They might be interested in other things you have.

Give your flyers to business associates you know (or friends in the business) who agree to insert your flyers and postcards inside the products they ship to THEIR customers.
Make lots of copies of all your flyers, and keep them handy in, quick within reach to stuff in any envelope, on the way out the door to a meeting, etc.

Make flyers for every product you own and one flyer / order form with all your products on one sheet. Carry these with you everywhere you go. Stick ’em in your car trunk, in your briefcase, in a folder, wherever, just bring them with you everywhere you go.

3. Your Own Website/Blog

Do you have a website? Is it responsive? Is it built on WordPress or? Make sure you list your services, bio, products for sale, and offer free information on your website. Offer a free eZine/newsletter, free report, audio eCourse, etc. Make sure your contact information can be easily seen at the top and bottom of your website and on every page! Your phone number should be on every page!

Weblogs or ‘Blogs’ are websites consisting of regularly updated content. Blogs read like a journal, but with the most recent entry at the top (of the web page).Again, search engines love content, and blogs are known for always posting “current/relevant” content. Add to that fact, they’re very “real”, people love going to them, reading them and commenting on them. Most blogs are created by someone (like you) who has something to say about a specific topic of interest, with which, others who read the blog have the option of commenting on that which the author writes. And, it’s quite all right to link to your website or other people’s website from your own blog to help drive traffic to your site.Blogs help create an online community of people looking for information on topics that interest them. Just remember, if you create a blog, be ready to maintain it regularly by posting routinely. No one likes visiting a blog if the author is never there to post anything new. So, just keep that in mind.

You can start a blog for free by using WordPress.com, and you can post to several others you find, introducing yourself to the world at large!

4. Referral System and/or Affiliate Program

Offer other people money (plain and simple) to refer business to you. People are motivated by money. That’s what really makes them move!

People don’t want credit with your store or business (some do), but most need cash today!

For services, offer 10-15% of the final contract.

For physical products offer between 15-30% in commission.

For digital products offer between 30-50% in commission.

Pay on time, never miss a pay period.

Pay online via PayPal.com. Use their “mass pay” system to pay everyone with just a few key strokes. It sure beats printing and mailing checks, lost checks, etc. Streamline things.
You can set up an affiliate program on your website so others can signup (to become affiliates) to sell your products, seminars and services from their websites.

5. Create Your Own Audio and/or Video Podcast

Create your own podcasting show to showcase what you know, your new book, your services, your passion, mission on Earth, you name it!

Wait a minute, what are podcasts? Podcasts (or podcasting) is a lot like “radio broadcasting”, except you “broadcast” your audio show (which you can record at home) over the Internet.
Typically, podcast shows can be listened to on people’s computers or downloaded to their their iPod or MP3 players. Hence, the phrase “podcasting!”

It’s easy to create your own podcast, because I teach you how to do it step by step here at MyTrainingCenter.com. All you need is recording equipment, recording software, some tips and pointers on what to say in your podcast and you’re ready to create your first podcast!

With podcasting, you reach potentially thousands, even millions, of people through iTunes and hundreds of other websites that allow you to submit your podcast show to their website.
And, by the way, podcasting is a free marketing tactic. The only real expense you have is in acquiring some of audio recording equipment and software to get started.

If you want better search engine placement, then create your own podcast. I remember when I started podcasting, my first podcast was up on the engines within 5 days. I couldn’t believe it. Wow, talk about driving traffic to your site fast!

Create a series of podcast shows on all kinds of topics. Interview people, get interviewed yourself and above all have fun.

6. Network With Others Online & Offline

My Networking Tactics by Bart Smith The #1 Marketing Tactic, in my book has always been … RELATIONSHIP MARKETING!
Who you know is a lot more important sometimes that HOW MANY people you know.

I once had dinner with the producer of a very high-profile television show in Los Angeles, CA. He told me, “Bart, there are two things you need to remember when it comes to accomplishing your goals … WHO (do you know) and EXECUTION (can they get the job done) … I’d like you to remember that too, when it comes to networking. Who can get the job done in your line of work, industry or niche … in turn, helping your bottom line grow and grow!

Network everywhere you go. Always have cards on you and always be asking people, “How can I help you get more business?” By you taking the first step to help them, naturally, they’re inclined to help you, naturally, as well. Look out for your friends in the business and they’ll look out for you.
Again, create a referral system to help others help you … Money talks!

Online, there are dozens of social networking websites you can network with others for FREE!

Offline, there are dozens of places to network as well. Just look in your local newspapers or city magazines for networking event announcements. Make room on your calendar for them, and get to them!

Again, always bring your marketing materials. Over prepare if you have to. Just don’t show up with a business card. Bring your books, products, “show ‘n’ tell” items to help explain what you do.

Be prepared to offer suggestions, resources, help or ideas to the group. Stand out among the crowd as a man (or woman) with ideas and ways you can help others and you’ll steal the show every time!

Also, check out my book called MY NETWORKING TACTICS: WHAT NO ONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU! All The Tools, Tactics, Techniques & Tricks You Need To Know To Be Truly Successful At Networking! Believe me, you want this book. You NEED this book. Why? Because if you networked with others like I do? You too would have a vast network of prospects, clients, business associates, affiliates, vendors and retailers all dedicated to helping you succeed as you will be for them …. when you get to know them (like I do). Truly, this book stands alone. These are my personal networking techniques galore! Find out what I have to say in my book on networking. You’ll be glad you did and so will your bank account.
Networking helps build word-of-mouth advertising for your product, service and website. Never leave a group get-together without at least 1-5 leads, business cards and/or potential clients! Or, others who will help refer business to you … That too, is important.

Whenever people are present, you should be too. NETWORKING! Tell people what you do, never stop. Always be marketing! Get their business card, give them yours. Get their names, and give them yours! Regularly attend social gatherings, conventions, seminars, meetings or trade shows and more! Make it fun, make it adventuresome! Get out there and let the world know who you are and what you have to offer! They’re waiting for you!

7. Write a Book!

Nothing will market you and your services better than writing a book.

Nothing will give you more exposure, time on TV, on the radio or in print (for FREE) than writing a book!

Nothing will increase the demand for your services (over time), as well as your bank account (when it comes to residual income) than writing a book.

Because you wrote a book, people want to meet you, hire you, book you to speak, and lots more.

Take my advice and write a book.

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, if you have a hard time writing a book or getting started; check out MyTrainingCenter.com. I wrote 3 books and have 3 more on the way. My techniques for writing books work almost like magic.

Anyhow, you’ll be so glad you wrote your book, when you start making extra money and more people start tracking you down to hire you for whatever it is you do …
That’s the power of writing a book!

8. Conduct Tele-Seminars and Webinars

Tele-seminars (or tele-classes) are basically seminars on the telephone! Tele-seminars are live events that take place on the telephone, which use telephone conference calling technology to bring together large numbers of people on one telephone line. Tele-seminars can are also called conference calls, tele-classes, tele-trainings, tele-clinics and tele-conferences. You can use tele-seminars to promote your new book, product, seminar or service.You can talk to your list of prospects, clients and affiliates or you can conduct tele-seminars with other people and talk to their lists instead. You can conduct an unlimited number of tele-seminars on an unlimited number of topics. Even if you don’t think you know what to talk about, interview an expert! Let them do all the talking, you just ask questions! Yep, you can give your own, where you do all the talking, you can interview other experts, or you can have someone interview you.

9. Create Your Own eZine or Newsletter

Wow, publishing your own eZine is the best way to reach lots and lots of people, for FREE!With your own eZine, you can quickly build a list of prospects you can sell to, by offering them great content (inside your eZine) in exchange for their name and eMail address.Over time, these people will begin to trust you, and once they trust you, they’ll what? BUY from you! Yep! Publishing your own eZine also gives you the “innocent excuse” to get in front of people on a regular basis. You can always advertise your products and services at the bottom of your eZine, after you deliver informative content first (such as an article, etc.).You can even ask people who receive your eZine to pass it along freely to others they know, increasing your market reach to new prospects.Also, you never know who’s on your list. What if you found out you had 5-10 heavy hitters on your list with huge lists of their own. And, one day, they wanted to help you promote that new product you just came out with. Well, because you had an eZine, and you published it regularly, they really got to know you, trust you and now? They’re ready to promote you! Darn, see how easy that works? And, did you know, when you upload your eZine to your website, the search engines pick up on all the content you have in your eZines? Does that mean more traffic to your website? Yeah, I think so … Cool!

To publish your own eZine, you’ll need the right software and eMail broadcasting program to do that professional and safely; so you’re not labeled a spammer. For that, always, turn to MyMarketingCart.com. We do! MyMarketingCart.com stores and eMails all the people who wish to subscribe to your eZine, and stops eMailing them when they decide they don’t want to receive any more eZine subscriptions from you. Plus, with MyMarketingCart.com, you can send out regular text-based eZines or full-color, HTML eZines. Check ’em out, MyMarketingCart.com.

10. Create Your Own Viral eBooks

You can easily give away free information to thousands of people via eBooks you simply give away from your website, on other people’s websites, bundled with other people’s products, etc.Include your eBooks as bonuses when people buy other people’s products. Pretty soon your eBooks will be all over the world! And, when you include links back to your website inside your eBook, guess what happens? Interested people click on it and find you online … ultimately checking you out and if they like what they see, guess what, they buy! Well, maybe not in the beginning, but throughout your relationship, no doubt, as thousands of people come to know you, trust you, one day, they usually wind up buying something from you … a book, audio product, a consultation, seminar seat, etc.

You can create eBooks as simply as creating a PDF document out of something you wrote in Word. Write a report, print it to PDF, call it an eBook and share it with the world.

11. Record Yourself & Duplicate Your Audio

Here’s a great idea for you, record 10-15 minutes (or longer) of a topic that relates to your knowledge, expertise, product line, consulting service, etc. Then, burn this audio recording (you make at home on your computer) to an audio CD, duplicate it (make dozens/100’s of them) and hand them out everywhere you go to every one you meet. Well, maybe not “everyone,” but you know what I’m talking about. Pass them out to qualified prospects who might be interested in what you have to offer, say, sell or do for them …Remember AOL’s CD marketing strategy? Yeah, you saw those CD’s everywhere, in every magazine, at every checkout stand, they were everywhere! Well, do that same thing! Market to others in the same way … all over the place! Again, on this audio CD you could include killer content, educating the people who listen to your audio CD. The next time you go to a seminar, workshop, concert, networking meeting, trade show, etc., hand out these audio CD’s.Make sure you mention what you do, your website and how people can contact you (either by phone or eMail) in the audio recording on the audio CD. You could also give a stack of these CD’s to your friends and have them hand them out too. You could also bundle them up with others who also sell products. Have them insert your audio CD with products they sell and package to mail to their customers.

You can also put audio on your website and on others’ websites as well. Just ask and you shall receive (in most cases) …

12. Write/Submit Articles To Websites That Accept Article-Submissions

If you have the time, and you like to write, write and submit an article every week. Well, you don’t have to write that much, but you get the point. Search engines love content. And, when you can submit your “content” (in the form of articles) to websites that accept articles and you link back to your website from within those articles … guess what? You just increased the traffic potential back to your website! The more articles you can get out there, the better chance you have of getting more traffic. Write lots of articles and submit them to lots of websites. There are hundreds of websites that accept articles written by experts like you.By the way, if you write more than 10 articles, you might as well think about writing a book, ’cause you’re on your way to writing (for a living) …

Also, you can take excerpts out of the books you did write and use them as articles. All you need to do is to start submitting them to websites online. Perform a search at Google.com and search for the words “submit articles,” and see what shows up. You’ll be amazed at all the sites you can submit articles too. And, if you already have a book written? You’re in great shape to start submitting articles to those websites.

13. Public Speaking, Seminars, Workshops & Boot Camps

Every chance you get … keynote speeches, breakouts, seminar introductions/wrap ups, MC, workshops, seminars, invites, boot camps, bookstore speeches and speeches everywhere else … cruise ships, spas, corporations, small and large businesses, health clubs, book clubs, membership clubs, club houses, non-profit organizations, the list goes on and on.Speaking is one of the best ways to grow your business, because (1) you’re networking with PEOPLE who can decide right then and there, “Hey, I like this guy/gal, I’m going to hire them to help me!” Or, “I need their service/product, I’m going to buy that today / this week / soon …” Speaking helps you work the numbers game. The more you speak, the more people you see, the more exposure you get. The more exposure you get, the more leads you get. The more leads you get, the more sales you make! Plain and simple. Now, the more product you have ready to sell, the more money you can make too. Come up with a list of topics you feel comfortable speaking on. Draft an outline for those speeches, create “fill-in-the-blank” worksheets for your audience to follow along, pitch the speech to seminar planners and other speakers who can invite you to speak at their events or start your own!

Plus, there are a number of learning institutions like Learning Annex, Learning Tree and the like that are always searching for speakers! Then, look in your local town or nearby city to see if they have something similar. All it takes is one person in the audience to say to you, “Can you come speak to the people who work for our company? We have 50 satellite companies around the country; would you mind speaking for them if we paid you?” Yeah, speaking is a great way to get your name out there …

14. Social Media Marketing

Are you on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? How about Pinterest, Instagram and other social networking websites? Create your accounts on all of them, be active, and start advertising on them if you find that will help you spread the word about your business.

15. Video Record Yourself

This cannot be overlooked. Video is exploding all over the Internet and it’s here to stay!So many people have broadband (or high speed) Internet service, so downloading and/or simply watching video is as easy as turning on the computer. And, many TV shows, cable stations and video entertainment companies are moving to the Internet as well …. and? So should you!Make (as many) video documentaries, public service announcements, customized video presentations you can and upload them to your website and every website that allows you the option to upload video to their site … Why? For promotion purposes, of course!, Give away samples clips of video you sell at your website? Give away 25% of the video you recorded of your last seminar, speech, workshop, etc. Create your own TV Show! You’re the host, invite guests to appear with you and interview them! Share those videos on your website and online at websites like YouTube and Google Video.You could even have a video-room on your website where people can watch all kinds of video footage of you. Speakers bureaus will love to see you in video. Why? So, they can see how you perform in front of others? Are you shy, or do you have something to say! I bet you have something to say! So, say it! And, video record it! You can pick up a digital video camera for about $350-$500 at your local electronics store. Shop around: Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys, Fry’s, etc. Talk to the store reps there and ask them questions and let them tell YOU what camera THEY recommend. Then, take that information to other stores and see what the other clerks have to say. In about a week or two or three, you’ll be well-informed to make the right decision as to what camera best suits your needs. Tell them what you want to do, for sure, they’ll have the best recommendation for you.

Here’s another tip, record a number of videos with you in them, burn them to DVD and hand them out to people you meet and greet on a daily basis, at meetings, trade shows, out on the town, any where and every where you go. I’m not kidding …. ALWAYS BE MARKETING! When people get home to watch your video, they’re going to love ya! And, hopefully, contact you, buy from you and become a life-long customer!

16. Get FREE Publicity (TV+Radio+Print+Internet)

The more free publicity you can get for your product, service, website, etc., the better!Free publicity is where it’s at. You reach hundreds, potentially thousands, even millions and the best part is that it’s free in most cases! Talk about marketing to the MAX!!! When you can get on TV (you’ll reach millions), on the radio (you’ll reach thousands, potentially millions), in print (thousands, even millions) or online (definitely thousands, if not millions) … then you know you’re marketing to the max, getting gobs of exposure for your product, website, service, etc.When it comes to getting publicity, the first thing you’ll want to do is to write a number of press releases for each product/service, etc., and submit them online to websites that will submit your press release to specific media outlets for FREE. Some sites allow you to get a little extra coverage if you make a nominal donation, between $20 and $100. Other sites, can submit your press release to really huge, targeted lists of media contacts, producers, directors, reporters, you name it! These press release services should be looked into. And, we have many of them listed here inside MyTrainingCenter.com. Press releases, radio interviews, TV interviews, newspapers write-ups/interviews, magazine interviews, hire a publicist …
Need help writing your press release? Then, check out my Press Release Service Resource Links.

17. Joint Venture Partnerships

Join forces with other companies, business, consultants, coaches, etc. Form alliances with others to bring more value to your products. When you bundle your products with theirs, more people might be inclined to buy what you have.Form alliances with others to bring more eyeballs, leads and exposure to what you have for sale ; whether you have products, services or both to offer. EXPOSURE = LEADS = SALES! The more alliances you have, the better. And, remember, you don’t have to pay for these alliances. When sales are made (on either side) only then, are commissions due. Plus, it’s nice when other people are promoting you (and your products) or the products you make/bundle together. How would you like to receive checks in the mail from everyone you do business with?

Who can you align with right now that could help bring more qualified leads, exposure and sales to your business? Make a list, make the offer and go after them!

18. Expos, Trade shows, Fairs, Conventions & Conferences

Always be on the look out for annual, semi-annual and other trade shows (and the like) in your industry, complimentary industries, and even those held by your competition. You can set up a booth and show off all you’ve got! Plan ahead and make the most of this kind of awesome exposure. Remember to (have someone watch your booth) and walk around to all the other booths to see who’s there and what’s being offered/sold/shared/promoted. Tell the other vendors that you’re a vendor there too. Ask, if they would allow you to swap flyer/ad space; it’s not uncommon for other booths to add your flyers to theirs and theirs with yours. It’s called “cross-marketing” and it works quite well in these circumstances. And, if you do manage a booth, stay out front of the table where all the traffic is! Don’t hide behind your table; no one will want to visit with you. Don’t sit down, don’t look bored and above all, smile and hand out your flyers to every person walking by. You never know who will walk back to your table saying, “Yeah, I just read your flyer over lunch and would like more information about what you have!”Or, you can save money and simply attend a number of trade shows as a visitor (and not an exhibitor or vendor). This way, you can network with every booth owner and those walking in the aisles.Bring business cards, flyers, postcards, sample audio CD’s you can hand out for free, your books, sample product, you name it. YOU are a walking, marketing machine! Be prepared to collect the names and telephone numbers of the people you meet and to make sales! That’s right, have order forms in case someone wants to buy what you’ve got for sale right there.

You might also make mention of the events you’re attending on your website, and invite others to meet you there if they’d like to go! Perhaps, it’s the kind of event that the public in general might be interested in. Hey, here’s their chance to meet you! How cool is that? What if you just wrote a book and you’re going to be at a certain event at a certain time. How cool would it be to invite some of your book fans, I mean customers, to meet you, the author LIVE IN PERSON! That’s pretty cool! Tell them to bring their book, ’cause you’re going to autograph it right then and there! You’re such the marketer!

19. Charity Work, Volunteering & Donations

Never underestimate the power of “goodwill!” Whenever you can, volunteer to help all kinds of different non-profit organizations, charities, churches, etc. When you do, be sure to do these three things: (1) Give them everything you’ve got (effort-wise); (2) Get photographs with you and the many people (at the event) you’re helping (i.e., kids, seniors, patients, etc.) and the people organizing the event; and (3) document your charitable contributions (both time and/or money) inside your website’s Press Room! You could even write a press release about your helping out such groups. When prospects, clients and the press see how active you are in your community (and for the world at large), they’re going to see how wonderful you are and feel great about interviewing you, inviting you to their functions, promoting you to their associates, etc. Give to others and it shall always come back to help you!

20. Car Marketing Tactics

When you drive your car, you have the potential to reach hundreds, if not thousands of people. Order custom license plates for your car.

You can order door magnets that you can attach to the both sides of your car. Just remember to put them in the car when you’re not driving, or else, someone might walk off with them. Have a professional affix window sticker decals to your car’s rear or side windows.

Be sure to include your domain name in all of these different car marketing tactics. People love looking for websites to go to! And, if they see yours, who knows! Maybe they’ll go it, contact you and say, “Yeah, I saw you driving around – and I saw your website on your car! How do I order your book?” Seriously, it just might happen!

21. Promotional Items

I have a lot of pens in my office that have websites on them. Every time I write with them, I see their domain name. Hmm, could that be brand name marketing of some kind? Sure it can! Promote yourself, your book, business, service, mission, passion, etc. with pens, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, belt buckles, lunch boxes, stickers, pins, posters, patches, you name it!
Visit Zazzle.com and set up your own online store selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more!


Did you think I forgot it? Nope! When it comes to mobile marketing and promoting what you do on cell phones and tablets, think mobile apps, mobile advertising, SMS Text Messaging, mobile sales (i.e., allowing customers to buy on your website via their phone), and making sure your website is responsive. You might think it is, but test it. Look at it on different devices to ensure visitors can navigate to where they want to on your site on their phones.

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