60+ Ways To Make Money With Your Website And/Or A Blog

60+ Ways To Make Money With Your Website

I love this list. Why? Because it reminds me of the things I need to do to make money from my website. Just think about it. After going through this list, you might want to prioritize those activities you can put into place right away to start making money from your website like I do. Don’t have a website yet? Well, perhaps some of these moneymaking activities will help motivate you to get one and pronto! C’mon, here’s what you can do to make money from your website …
1. Sell Products … Create your own products and sell them from your website. Think about it! If you sold a product for $20, and you made one sale per USA state, that would generate $1,000 per day in gross income. Now, if you had an audio product valued at $40 to sell, you can do the math. Here’s a quick list of the products you can either create and/or sell from your website:
2. Digital Products & eReports … I’m talking about eBooks and other downloadable, digital files like audio, PDF documents, and the like.
3. Physical Products … Books, workbooks, t-shirts, mugs, … you name it.
4. Drop Ship Products … Maybe you could find products online, which you advertise on your website, but you let another company do all the fulfillment and manufacturing. Check out Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and do a search online for companies that provide products for you to promote and they’ll drop ship for you so you don’t have to worry about any inventory.
5. Name Brand Merchandise … Similar to drop shipping, but you could join various affiliate programs promoting name brand merchandise from your website.
6. Photos & Video … Are you a photographer? Do you record video for a living? Why not sell your photos and/or video on your website?
7. Sell Services … Do you offer services of some kind? Create web pages on your website to describe and sell those services.
8. Coaching Services … If you’re a coach, create a coaching website to sell your coaching services.
9. Consulting Services … If you’re a consultant, create a consulting website to sell your consulting services.
10. Business To Business (B2B) Services … Do you have website or graphic design skills? What kind of skills do you have that would help your business succeed? Build a website and promote your services to make money.
11. Business To Consumer (B2C) Services … Do you provide services to consumers? Make a website to advertise those services and start making money.
12. Mentorship/Protégé Services … Similar to coaching, do you have a mentorship or protégé program? Make a website about it and start making money.
13. Sell Resale Rights … You can make money selling rights to others who could “resell” your products. If you wrote an eBook, for example, you could sell it to someone and include the right to sell your eBook on their website for a price. This generates extra income for you, while promoting your brand name, and a commission for the reseller. It’s free advertising in a potential market of hundreds of websites.
14. Basic Resale Rights … Whenever you purchase a product, that comes with basic “resale rights”, you are essentially permitted to resell that product, but your customers who buy the product from you are not allowed to resell the product. Have you ever seen the label “Not For Resale” on some products.
15. Master Resale Rights … Allow customers who buy a product (with master resale rights) to sell the product for full profit and sell the rights to others to sell it, also.
16. Giveaway Rights … This is when you give a customer the right to give away your product for FREE. Typically, if you created an eBook and allowed someone to give it away as a bonus when someone buys what your customer has to sell. This is an example of giveaway rights.
17. Private Label Rights  … When you sell private label rights to your customers, you are allowing them to re-label your products with their name, brand, logo or company information.
18. Rebranding Rights  … Similar to Private Label Rights, these rights are more restrictive. You can often rebrand certain elements of the product, however you cannot change some parts of the main content.
19. Royalty Rights  … When you sell these rights, you’re giving your customers the right to sell the product, but not keep 100 percent of the profit. Instead, they have to pass along a percentage to you for every sale they make on your product (royalty rights attached).
20. Source Code Rights  … Primarily associated with software, selling the source code rights allows your customers to alter the source code that comes with the product you are selling. Customers can customize the software to suit their needs, or to troubleshoot any bugs, before selling it to their intended market.
21. Sell Advertising … This is a big one. There are so many ways to make money selling ad space on your website besides advertising your products on your website. What kind of ads should you be selling to people willing to pay you to advertise their products/services on your website?
22. Advertising  … You can authorize people to post their articles and/or press releases on your website for FREE or for a fee. With approval, you can also link back to another website via an affiliate link that would be provided to you. When readers click on it, and buy products/services from your advertiser’s website, you make money.
23. Banner / Button Ads  … These are graphic ads you see displayed all over your website. You can charge more for placement on web pages that receive more traffic.
24. Classifieds  … Create a classified section on your website and charge advertisers who wish to place their ad with you. Craigslist.org is a good example. There is also FREE software and WordPress plugins available to create classified sections on your website via CPANEL.
25. Directory Listings  … You could create a directory on your website and charge one fee to vendors, suppliers and others to be listed on your website and charge an even higher fee to an enhanced list.
26. In-Content Ads  … These are ads linked to keywords in articles on your website. Link to various products/services via affiliate links for more visibility. Check out MatoMySEO.com for more information.
27. Paid Reviews  … Charge companies and individuals to review their products/services, then post the review on your website.
28. Pre-roll/Post-roll Video Ads  … Do you play videos on your website? There are ways to advertise within those videos, either at the start, middle or end of every video. Are you on YouTube.com? Get your video viewership high enough (i.e., over 10,000 views) and you might qualify for their Partnership program.
29. Sponsor Ads  … “This article was sponsored by ______.” Sell sponsorship ad spots to companies and individuals to expose their brand on your website.
30. Text Ads … Check out these ad networks and start making money when people click on ad links at your website. Also, check out these in-line text ad networks as well.
31. Popup/Popunder Ads & Offers … While they might not be popular, displaying an ad via popup or popunder or even a popout from the side can generate leads and income for you if the right product/offer is associated with the right website.
32. Sell Training & Education … Do you teach, train or educate people offline? Why not start selling your educational and training experiences from your website. Depending on what you teach and how you teach it, you could either deliver that same content online or simply advertise your training events from your website … and still deliver them offline.
33. Audio / Video eCourses … Create and sell audio courses online. Take your book, record it, and deliver it in bite-sized chunks to your customers online. The same works for video. Deliver a series of short videos to teach your customers about _______ (topic).
34. eClasses / eCourses / Micro-Continuity Programs … Similarly, create an online class you can teach live online via webinars (also coming up in this list) or deliver, automatically, online using autoresponders and/or a membership website.
35. Seminars / Workshops / Boot Camps … If you conduct live, personal seminars, workshops and boot camps, create a web page for your event and sell it on your website.
36. Tele-Seminars … If you conduct tele-seminars (offline), create a web page for each of them and start promoting them online.
37. Webinars … If you teach or train people offline, especially using presentation slides, then conduct webinars online and use the funds to teach more people, even globally. All you need is webinar software, a topic, some practice and an audience.
38. Subscriptions & Pay Per View/Read Content … You can also make money selling access to discreet portions of your website. Simply create a membership website using membership software and start selling subscriptions to your protected content. You can store this information behind membership websites, and you can create as many membership websites as you need.
39. Free Trial Periods … While you don’t make any money giving away “trial” previews to your membership website, you provide customers a private look at a discreet part of it. If they like what they see, you no doubt made a sale and a solid one.
40. Sell Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, 6-Month, Annual & Lifetime Memberships … You can sell weekly access to your membership website if your software permits this. The benefits? People who learn what they need in a short period of time may only pay $30 for access. You make a little money and they aren’t tied to a contract. You both win.

  • Monthly Membership  … This is a standard for membership sites. If you offer other membership plans, be sure to charge more for monthly access and offer a small savings when they choose longer membership access plans. So, $47 for monthly access and $97 for 90-day access is one idea.
  • Quarterly (90 Days) Membership  … People appreciate the ability to get in and out of membership contracts, but some need more time on your website. You might offer a 30-day membership plan for $47 a month and a 90-day plan for $97.
  • Six Month Membership  … While you never want to overwhelm customers with too many membership plans, you might offer a six-month membership plan to give customers ample time inside your membership site.
  • Annual Membership  … If you have lots of content, consider selling annual membership access to your membership website. Keep things simple and offer two plans: monthly access and annual access. People pay more if they choose the monthly plan. They save money when they choose to pay a larger dollar amount for a year’s access to your site.
  • Lifetime Membership … Lifetime access to your website is attractive, because they won’t have to bother with any recurring payments. It’s just one payment for lifetime access.

41. Use Content Lockers … Content lockers “lock” particular sections of a web page, video or other content element until your visitor takes some kind of action to redeem it. For example, you might ask the visitor to pay a small amount of money, or click on an ad to access the content they wish to access.
42. Sell or Rent Internal Pages … Do you get a lot of traffic to your website? Consider renting or selling the opportunity for people to utilize a whole page on your website. This could be an article or post of some kind. Don’t just sell ad space, sell a whole page for their use/purpose.
43. Sell Classes On Your Website … Look around for experts who teach and train on subjects they’re an expert in and you’re not. Build a catalog or menu of classes and let students come, pay for a class and you take your profit along with the trainers.
44. Create a Job Board … If you like bringing people together, consider creating a job board where you make money whenever people post or secure a job (offer) from various companies and/or individuals.
45. Start a Private Forum … Communities that come together help one another. Why not profit from that? Create a forum around a specific niche and charge people a small fee to join. You could invite any number of experts to answer questions and share the profits with them as members join.
46. Recommend Products & ServicesWhy not recommend other people’s products and services on a Recommended Resource Links page that you create for your website. Sign up for all of their relevant and/or complimentary products/services that you can get behind. There are many ways to make money from your website by recommending other people’s products and services to your lists.
47. Make Money Promoting Products & Services … What products can you promote as an affiliate (from your website) for a commission following a sale? Find them and list them on a Recommended Products & Services page on your website. Do you know people who offer their services to businesses and/or consumers? Ask if they have a referral pay plan or rewards for referring customers to them?
48. Create Your Own Event Around Your Website … You can make money (offline and online) by creating an event associated with your website or exclusively related to your website. For example, you could register domains with the words ___summit.com, ___expo.com, ___retreat.com, or other event sounding name to it and make money.
49. Make Money Promoting Other People’s Events … People who facilitate events and train people, either online or offline, are always looking for ways to promote their event, make sales and put people in seats! I’ve seen opportunities where you could make up to 50% commission per event ticket sale. Do you have a list? Do you produce a regular eZine? Then, you need to meet these people who put on these events so you can promote them to your lists for extra cash.
50. eMail/eZine Marketing … Naturally, if you want to make money via eMail, you’ll need a website to help you build a list of prospects whom you can ultimately sell to. With this list, you can advertise products/services via eMail. You can also sell advertising spots in your eZine, as well as announce new products/services and events you might be planning and even more.
51. eMail Special Offers (Yours) … From time to time, eMail a special offer for a product/service you’d like to offer to your lists. Do it periodically; not daily. During holidays, offer discounts for bundled products.
52. eMail Special Offers (Others’) … You might even eMail a special offer from a special client to your list. Sign up to become an affiliate for them and send out their offer (using your affiliate link) via eMail.
53. eZine “Marketplace” Ad Spots … If you’re not sending out an eZine, presently, and you have expertise on a particular subject, then you’re leaving money on the table every month. You could create a section in your eZine called “Marketplace” and with spots for advertisers and vendors. For example, $20 a spot for one issue or $40 for the entire month. If you send out a weekly eZine, well, you can do the math (10 advertising spots x $40 a month = $400). You will want to do this if you are interested in some extra income.
54. Product/Service Announcements … Do you have a new product or service? Announce it in your eZine or in an eMail. Keep the message short and to the point. Use an image to make it colorful and attractive. Include an ad tracker link in the eMail so you know how many people are clicking on your special offer.
55. Tele-Seminar/Seminar/Webinar Announcements … Whenever you wish to conduct your next seminar, tele-seminar or webinar, announce it to your list in your eMail or eZine. Even if your tele-seminar is FREE, you could sell the recorded version for $2 and still extra money.
56. Collect Donations/ Accept Sponsors … Suppose you have written some great content or have a software design you would like to offer at no charge. While it is FREE, you let your clientele know that they can make a contributions to your company’s work or services. PayPal offers a convenient way to let others donate via your website. You might also ask people, organizations and/or companies to “sponsor” a page on your website. In doing so, they would pay you $X-amount of money for a banner ad or other type of mention (exposure) with regards to any traffic that page might generate. You could have different sponsors paying different amounts of money based on what they’re sponsoring. Such as, content on the home page, back pages, top/bottom or sidebar of pages, etc. How about a sponsor mention right in the middle of an article as people are scrolling down a web page reading the article? How about a sponsor mention inside a video your visitors watch? Get creative and cash in on that creativity!
57. “Ask” On Your Website, Inside eBooks & In Software … Create a donation button and ensure that it is highly visible on your website. You might place a donation link at the bottom of your articles. You spent time writing them, if folks appreciate them, and you ask, you might be surprised with a donation in your eMail box. “Ask” In Your Viral eBook  … You might place a donation button on the first page of your viral eBook, or as a text link at the bottom of each page. While you spent time writing the eBook and you plan to make a FREE offer of it, consider this idea. An estimated 100,000 people read it, If at a minimum, 1 percent of an estimated 100,000 people read it, you could realize a $5,000 bonus. This doesn’t work for every situation but, there are some products/services where this scenario would be appropriate. “Ask” In Your Software  … Do you create software and offer it FREE as freeware? Some would be happy to make a donation … to your favorite cause. In this situation, you may not want to ask for a $5 donation but, leave it up to the discretion of the individual. You can do the math on all the possibilities.
58. Generate “Leads” For Other Companies … How many people visit your website and never buy because you don’t have what they’re looking for? Well, why not capture their contact information and forward those leads on to companies that CAN help them? Those leads are worth money. Strike a deal with companies who you send them leads in exchange for a referral bonus or payment for each lead you send to them.
59. Set Up An Online Store … Even if you’re not the creative type or able to invest in the creation of your own product line, you can still set up a store to sell all kinds of product. Consider become an Amazon affiliate and creating your own online bookstore! Contact authors and speakers to sell their books/audio/video on your website. The possibilities are unlimited for what you can sell. Jewelry, clothing, tires, you name it! Research it, plan it, and do it!
60. Sell Your Domain Name/Website … Sometimes, people will want to make changes in their careers and vocations. Maybe it’s time to put your domain name or your website up for sale. First, determine what your website URL is worth to ensure a fair market price. Hopefully, you’ve been tracking traffic and monthly sales for the past 6 months or year. For example, if your website generates an average of $500 per month for 6 months, you might sell it for $5,000 realizing that the buyer will begin to recoup their money after the first year.
Be sure that you’ve built a consistent income from your website before you think about selling it. Keep statistics on traffic, unique visitors, average sales per day/week/month, and conversion rates when you send traffic to your website. Calculate the value of your site per these factors and charge accordingly. So, if your site generates $500 a month consistently, you could charge $5,000, knowing the buyer will start earning a profit within a year.
Where can you sell your site?

  • AfterNic – Afternic is the world’s largest domain marketplace, and the only one you need.
  • Flippa – The most popular website market.
  • FEinternational – Mostly for high-end websites if you have one.
  • WeBuyWebsites – Another popular marketplace to sell domains.

61. Sell Your Domain Name … Find out the value of your domain name and make sure you’re getting a fair market value price. Then, use a third party escrow service (Escrow.com) to help sell your domain name to the interested party. I once sold a domain name for $1,200 using this service. The transaction was secure, smooth, and I received my money.
62. Lease/Rent Your Domain … If you don’t want to release your domain name, and are not using it, why not lease it out? For example, domain names are just like addresses on the World Wide Web. Rent the address space! Businesses rent office space, pay for ad space, phone services, and utilities month to month. Why not lease your domain name on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis? How much should you charge? Assume that the prospective buyer estimates earning $10,000 a month (using the domain name). You could charge a fee of $100 to $250 a month or a percentage of profit. Depending on how much the buyer expects to earn, you might reconsider selling it ($10,000 + ) if their income is substantial.
63. Park Your Domain … If you have no use for your website yet, and you don’t want to sell the domain name, you can park your domain name at your domain registrar. You can continue to generate some income from any ads placed on your parked domain name. Check with your domain name registration company for more information.
64. Sell/Promote Your Mobile App … Do you have a mobile app you give away for free or sell? Why not promote it on your website. If you don’t have a website (for your app), build one. You could build a simple landing page that directs visitors to download your app from either the Apple store or Google Play store or both. You could provide screenshots of your app on your website as well as a video to promote all the cool features or purpose of your app.
65. Sell/Promote Your Podcast Show … Do you have a podcast show you produce? Whether you sell ads on your show or promote products and services to make money, think about adding a section on your website that lists and promotes all your current and past podcast shows. Be sure to include descriptions and links to sponsors or products and services you mentioned on the show on your description page so listeners can easily find and click on those links you mentioned.
66. What Are Others Doing To Make Money With Their Website? … If you see something someone else is doing, by all means, research it, and maybe do it. People are always coming up with ways to make money with their website. Copy, rinse and repeat!
WOW, that’s some list, eh? What ides do you have for making money online? Do share below …


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