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In this section, you will learn how to promote, who our target market is, where to pick up affiliate program banner ads and graphics, sample eMail letters you can send out to your customers, friends and family and a lot more. So, please choose from the options below to learn more about any given topic …


  1. Affiliate Link — Here’s where you can pick up your affiliate link to promote products …
  2. Use The Product (i.e., Learn At MTC) — Here are a list of helpful tips when it comes to promoting to your list …
  3. Interview Me — If you have an eMail list or listener/subscriber base, then you might interview me to promote your affiliate link …
  4. Target Market — Who is our target market? When you know, your sales just might increase if you approach them …
  5. Banner Ads — Here’s where you pick up affiliate banner ads to promote products …
  6. Promotional Content (ie., Video, Audio & Articles) — I want to provide you with sample content to promote your affiliate link …
  7. Online Ads — Here are a number of pre-approved classified ads you can use on your site along with our disclaimer …
  8. Custom Domain Name — Here’s a list of domain name ideas you can use to drive traffic to …
  9. Sample Letters To Friends/Associates — Here area a few sample letters you can use/modify to help promote MTC …
  10. Build Your Own Sales Force — Grow your income further by building a single-level team of affiliates to help you …
  11. eMail Campaigns — Send out any number of eMail announcements to your list of eMail subscribers …
  12. Flyers, Postcards, Business Cards & Other Marketing Handouts — 
  13. eMail Signature — Promote your affiliate link offline, using a custom domain name, on various marketing handouts …
  14. Social Media — Promote your affiliate link on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media accounts …
  15. Invite Me To Train Your Audience — If you would like to invite me to train your audience and promote your link …

Learn & Earn How To Make More Money at

1. Affiliate Link

After you sign up to become an affiliate, my office will evaluate your affiliate application if it is a good mach for our marketing and promotion needs. Pending your affiliate application is approved, you’ll receive an AFFILIATE WELCOME EMAIL that contains your affiliate link. Look for an email that looks like this (on the right). This is what your affiliate link looks like.

Inside this eMail, you’ll also receive a username and password to access your affiliate account online. This is where you’ll be able to grab affiliate banners, links, update your contact/payment information as well as run reports to find out how much money you’ve made as an MTC affiliate.

If you do not see this eMail in your inbox, look in your Spam or Trash folders. Perhaps it’s in there. Be sure to white-list my affiliate eMail,, so you can receive eMails from me in relation to your affiliate relationship with MTC.

Lastly, when you do see it, KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE in your eMail program. Don’t delete it. Perhaps, make a folder in your eMail program called “Affiliate (MTC)”, so you can keep good records of any and all eMails you receive from me.

Welcome eMail With Your Affiliate Link

2. Use The Product (i.e., Learn At

This sounds simple, but it’s so true! Nothing makes you a better promoter of something than if you use the product yourself. Why? Because if you’re excited about something, it’s a lot easier to get others excited (to take action) too!

Ultimately, that’s what you want; for your friends and family to take action and click on your affiliate link to buy my training products because you’re so passionate about them yourself. So, take the plunge and:

  1. Become a member inside MTC …
  2. Purchase one of my books 
  3. Listen to an audio book or even a podcast 

Get first-hand experience in what you’re promoting! Consume my training!!!

4. Target Market

With so many people needing to improve their computer, business and marketing skills, in addition to learning ways to make money (online and offline), here are some target markets you can look into to find those who might be heavily interested in learning online at

Real quick, why these particular groups? Because they know when they increase their skills in computers, business, marketing, web design, eCommerce and the Internet, they will increase their income potential at the same time; whether it’s on the job, working on projects or running their own business. Their challenge is “where” do they learn such information for less than $1 per day? That’s where you come in! Simply tell them about!

Friends, Family, Clients & Associates — Who do you know that’s close to you that should be told about and learning online with me?

Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Consultants — These people need to learn how to increase their income by learning how to create information products, let alone increase their technical skill set to be able to maintain their own website, register domain names, write books, record books, speak, etc.

Website Designers — Some designers build websites, but need to learn about eCommerce/online marketing. Some website designers know “a little” about WordPress, but not what I know about installing, setting up and customizing outstanding WordPress websites.

Virtual Assistants and Business Service Providers — People who provide business services to small business owners (and the like) always need to learn new computer, business, marketing, web site and eCommerce skills. Prospect Resource Links

Computer Stores, Repair Stores, Magazines & Their Customers — Imagine all the people who “buy” computers or have their computers “repaired” at local computer stores? Many of them need too! Meet and network with the owners of computer stores, computer repair stores even computer magazines so that you might be able to sell to their customers and magazine subscribers.

Moms/Working Moms/Single Moms — Moms always need to learn more skills so they can make more money so they can spend more time with their family.

Military Moms / Retired Service Men & Women — There are millions of military moms, personnel, retired and the injured who need to learn more about computers so they can create income opportunities for themselves and/or their families. Help them do just that. Introduce to them!

Disabled Individuals — There are millions of people all around the world who want to work and make money, if they could just find a convenient method for training … enter and YOU! Prospect Resource Links

Unemployed/Out-of-Work — Yep, they could use more skills to get hired again or work for themselves! Prospect Resource Links

Retired/Senior Citizens — There are millions of people who are retired and looking to learn more about computers and make extra money on/offline in their spare time.

Home Schoolers (i.e., Moms, Dads, Children, Teachers, Tutors, etc.) — There are millions of families across the country (and the world) who home school their children. What a marvelous addition to their learning curriculum can be to them. How many children (and their parents and tutors) need to learn more about computers, using them and ultimately making money (part time or full time)? Try MILLIONS! Contact these groups about Here are a few great leads for you … Prospect Resource Links

High School Students, Teachers & Drop Outs — Today, teenagers are learning and using computers more than any other generation. All it takes is a few more skills (taught at and some of these bright young teens could go on to earn extra money working part-time (from home) providing computer and other related services to business owners and companies (small and large) all around the world; earning far more money per hour than they could if they simply got tired ol’ job flipping burgers at Burger Joint USA or making pizzas at Joe’s Pizza Parlor down the street. Let’s see, earn $15-$25 per hour working at home on the computer (improving work skills for tomorrow) or earning minimum wage, mopping floors and taking the trash out (oh, wasting their time away) learning nothing they can use in the future. And, don’t give me that “hard work” bit.

Let’s teach our young men and women how to work SMART and not HARD. Your job? Send them to They’ll thank you for it in the long run when they’re making $25-$65 per hour when they turn 18 years old. Also, imagine this, a 14 year old teenager can learn A LOT about computers within 4 years. Think about that, four years of computer training. Why couldn’t they get a job right out of high school making $25-$35 per hour somewhere with their computer skills while the consider going to college? Think of the possibilities. That’s the kind of money that can help PAY for school! Interesting!

Plus, we cannot forget about those students struggling in school and who decide to “dropout!” Many of these students sincerely believe they have no where else to turn to for employment besides being condemned to work for some job that only pays minimum wage for the rest of their life. And, when it comes to “higher education” or “job training” … where will they go? Their grades surely won’t let them in. Where will they turn? At, they can literally create their own future.

By learning a wide variety of computer, business, marketing, self-publishing, audio recording and web site design skills, they can improve their “job skills” making them more marketable to employers, small business owners, companies in tech fields, etc. Their income potential is unlimited when they train online with us at They can go from making $5 an hour all the way up to $500 per hour, believe it or not. And, that’s not a typo … $500 per hour is possible for those who speak and make professional presentations to audiences they speak to.

Now, that’s a career boost they too deserve. Then, what about high school teachers? There surely are a few teachers out there who would like to learn more about computers, starting a part-time business, writing a book (and making money with it) and the like? Do you really think they make enough income (on a teacher’s salary) to support themselves in the way they’d like? Just imagine all that time off during the summer or school holiday vacations? Couldn’t they be learning and earning extra income on the side while they teach high school? Sure they can. Well? Introduce them to!

College Students, Professors & Drop Outs — How many college students do you think need to learn more about computers, starting their own business, and making money? Many of them don’t even know the basics of performing simple Internet research let alone how to type an essay paper in Microsoft Word. Well, thank goodness for Unlike expensive college courses that take up to six months to teach just the basics of any given lesson, teaches college students what they need to know about computers, business, marketing and more at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. And, there aren’t any expensive text book fees to worry about, either.

So, the next time you meet a college student, or come in contact with them, share your affiliate link with them and send them to to learn online. No doubt, they’ll thank you in the long run. And, speaking of rising tuition costs and irrelevant curriculum studies taught at today’s not-so-popular “institutions” of supposed higher education … is an excellent alternative for young adults who wish to dropout of college (like I did) when it comes to learning more about business, sales, marketing, web site design, graphic design, self-publishing, computers, and so much more.

Imagine all the people who cannot afford to go to college or don’t find college “is for them!” Where are they to go? Not very far! Enter Learning new skills at can help almost anyone earn anywhere between $25 and $150 dollars per hour providing any number of computer related services to companies (small and large) and independent business owners around the world. And, what about college professors? With Internet technologies and online distance learning programs replacing them more today than ever before, they too need to quickly learn new skills which can help them earn an income in the real world like the rest of us.

Learning new skills at might help them turn their knowledge, expertise and study into a new book, speaking career, part-time or full-time business to make extra income. And, to think, they can work part-time and make even more money than they could teaching at college? Who wouldn’t want that?

Can you think of any other people, groups, companies and organizations who would like to train online at their own pace and for less than $1 per day? Tell them about and start making extra money. Use your imagination and start making a list.

6. Promotional Content (ie., Video, Audio & Articles) For Your Use

If you would like to populate your website or blog with some of my content to help promote your affiliate link, then here’s what I can offer:

 ARTICLES: Feel free to copy 2-3 paragraphs from any article (i.e., DON’T grab the WHOLE thing), but a quick sample of text is fine! Then, add a simple … LEARN MORE message at the bottom of the sample article. The “… LEARN MORE” statement is then linked with your affiliate link to MTC and BAM! You’ve got some attractive content to entice your viewers to visit to learn the rest! Remember, don’t change too much about the article/tutorial/post, and remember to leave my name at the beginning/end of the article to give proper credit. Such as, “BY BART SMITH, FOUNDER OF MY TRAINING CENTER!”

 AUDIO: I will be coming up with audio (very soon here) for you to use on your website/blog, which you can then provide your affiliate link right below the audio. STAY TUNED!

 VIDEOS: I will be coming up with promotional videos (very soon here) with web banners associated with them for playback on your website. STAY TUNED!

7. Custom Domain Name

When it comes to marketing your affiliate link, sometimes, it’s better to use a custom domain name that is short and simple to remember and yet describes what it is you wish to tell the person you’re talking to. What do I mean by that? Well, instead of telling them to write down your long affiliate link (over the telephone or in-person), give them a clean-sounding domain name, which you register in your name, for example, is just an example domain name, which you could purchase and then redirect to your affiliate link. You still get the credit, but it’s now easier to spread the word about and our products, because you’re using a simple domain name that “tells it like it is!”

Here are some domain name ideas you can consider purchasing. If some of them are taken, don’t worry. Think outside the box and come up with an alternative.

PLEASE NOTE: These domain names are examples only and do not redirect to your affiliate link.

Now, where can you register one of these domain names, or another domain name that’s not taken? Where can you check to see if a domain name is taken? I own, use and recommend They’re really cheap ($9.97 per year) and once you register your domain name, you can redirect it to your affiliate link instantly and start marketing immediately. Just think, this one little purchase will help you make money with your affiliate link; so you know it’s a wise investment of $9.97 per year.

In the picture below: (#1) Check/register your custom domain name at (#2) Look up your newly registered domain name. (#3) Click on your newly registered domain name in your personal account at so you can redirect it to your affiliate member link. (#4) Redirect your custom domain name to your affiliate link. (#5) TEST your custom domain name in any browser address box. When you press “Go”, does it redirect to If so, you’re in business! You can start giving out your custom domain name to everyone you know instead of your affiliate member link!

Order & Redirect Custom Domains Using

8. Online Ads

If you plan on advertising MTC online via paid classified ads, hey, go for it! Great idea! Then consider the following helpful tips in order to help maximize your advertising R.O.I. Also, be sure to check out and consider some of the many great suggestions in my ADVERTISING CHECKLIST training article when running your (affiliate link related) ads.


Here are some of the most popular places to purchase ad space to promote your affiliate link:

Also consider researching these ad networks for cost and exposure for your ad.


You can advertise anything that I currently have for sale on MTC, such as membership training packages, my books and audio, and when given proper notice, live training events. If you can find a banner representing one of those items for sale, then that’s a good start.


That depends on what’s being advertised. For example, you might pay to promote a live event coming up then stop the ad running after the event is over. Whereas, you could run ads promoting my books, coaching forms, audio programs, eBooks and memberships ongoing.


All you need is:

  1. Your own money to finance the purchase of ad space. Consider spending between $5-50 a month (or more, your prerogative), all depending on when/where/how long you want your ad to run and how successful it is in running the ad.
  2. Your affiliate link, naturally. Don’t link directly to without using your affiliate link.
  3. A banner graphic (or text line) advertisement provided by me or one you make yourself based on the advertising criteria the ad company gives you for your ad.
  4. Ad company(ies) picked out to run your ad. Start with one, or a few at the beginning. Add more ad opportunities as you become more comfortable (and profitable) advertising your affiliate link.


Keep in mind, no ad is guaranteed to return anything on monies spent no matter (1) what your ad says, (2) how much you spend, (3) where you run the ad or (4) how long you run it. That’s why testing is so important when running any kind of ad. So, keep these tips in mind when it comes to testing ads:

  1. Research the audience, website or target market you want to advertise in front of first. Make sure it’s a relevant match for what you want to advertise. Don’t advertise a meat lovers pizza to vegetarians.
  2. Start small and experiment with response, ad copy, etc.
  3. Keep track of your ad statistics: impressions, clicks, and conversions into sales (i.e., affiliate commissions).
  4. Rinse and repeat or quit while you’re down and move on to greener “advertising pastures.”

9. Sample Letters To Friends/Associates

If you’d like to copy, paste, modify and send out the following eMail letters to your friends about MTC to promote your affiliate link, then hey, go for it! Just remember to paste your affiliate link behind any link to my website(s).


Hi (name of friend/associate),

How’s it going? Hey, I wanted to let you know about this really great online training website I found that has a ton of training material on marketing, making money online, computer training, self-publishing …. and it’s packed! What can I say?

It’s called MY TRAINING CENTER and I’ve never seen anything like it. What I liked most about it was ______________________________.

I thought of you when I saw they had lessons (i.e., videos, articles, audio) on ______________________________. Wasn’t that what you were looking for?

Anyhow, check it out when you can.

Warm regards,

Your Name


Hi (name of friend/associate),

Here’s a great book I thought you should know about. It’s written by someone I respect very much for what he’s accomplished with writing (and self-publishing) over 10 books and building a huge online training website that boasts over 1,000 articles and video tutorials. The book is called:

by Bart Smith,

Oh, did I also mention he makes the worlds best chocolate chip cookies at Hey, whatever motivates this guy to get done what he does I want some of it. Anyhow, here’s the book cover. Check it out!

Motivate Yourself To Succeed by Bart Smith

It’s filled with all of his personal tips and tricks for getting and staying extremely motivated.

Let me know what you think. I’m going to get his book.

Warm regards,

Your Name



Hi (name of friend/associate),

Have you heard of this new book on coaching called:


Here’s what the cover looks like:


It’s filled with everything coaches need, such as advice on: business, setting fees, finding/working with clients, coaching agreements/contracts, overcoming client objections, money-making ideas for coaches, marketing tactics for coaches, and over 150+ mistakes coaches make in the areas of communication, making money, personal mistakes, mindset, business mistakes, you name it!

I’ve never seen anything like this coaching book. Let me know what you think. I’m going to get my own copy. You can read it online at the author’s website or by the print version. He also recorded it so it’s available in audio format as well.

Warm regards,

Your Name


Hi (name of friend/associate),

Do you need coaching forms, contracts and agreements to work with your coaching clients?

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Coaching Client Agreement
  3. Client Intake Form
  4. Client Self-Assessment Form
  5. Free Coaching Gift Certificates
  6. Free Coaching Session Agreement
  7. Coaching Session Preparation Form
  8. Coaching Session Summary Forms
  9. Client Call Record (For The Coach)
  10. The Wheel Of Life Form
  11. Goals & Action Questions
  12. Coaching Period Summary Forms
  13. Client Feedback/Testimonial Form
  14. Coaching / Speaking Hour Log (Excel)

I just came across this website that talks all about them and offers them for you to download and customize them. Talk about saving time and money. Not to mention, the fact that coaching forms actually keep you and your clients organized and help you make money!

Let me know what you think. I’m going to get these forms for myself.

Warm regards,

Your Name

10. Build Your Own Sales Force

In case you didn’t know, MTC offers a 2-tier (2 level) affiliate program that pays you not only on your own direct sales you make, but also on those sales referred by your customers who may also sign up to become affiliates. With a 2-tier affiliate program, you can make additional commissions (beyond your own efforts) when one of your customers refers a paying customer to MTC. What kind of income is possible with this scenario? Check this out …

2016 2-Tier Payout Illustration

Can you make more than 10 referrals who decide to learn online at, buy my books/audio or attend my training events? YOU BET! Can your referrals make even MORE referrals? YEP, every one can refer 100’s, even 1,000’s! In time, you’d be surprised at how all this adds up every month; month after month! Wow, your income truly is unlimited and with opportunities abound, there’s no limit to what you can earn. Signup today and start earning extra, passive and residual income today.


Hands down, this will be one of the most important skills you learn when it comes to promoting your Affiliate relationship with Why is it important to know how to signup new affiliates through your affiliate link? Because you want to earn more money from the sales your referrals make. If those you know or those you market to don’t signup through your affiliate link, you could lose potentially thousands of dollars over time in lost revenue. So, to prevent this from happening, here’s what you do:


You would like your friend to sign up through you to become an affiliate for MTC and market with you so you too make $$$ from all the sales they make …

OPTION #1: eMail them your affiliate link and ask them to click on it! When they do, they will be taken to our Home Page and an affiliate tracking cookie will be placed on their computer. Then, when they signup to become an affiliate, they will automatically be linked to you! Cool! Now, every time they make a sale, you’ll receive a commission too!

OPTION #2: Ask them to click on your affiliate link from your website! Maybe you have a website, and you placed one of our hot banners on your site! Nice! When they click on your affiliate link from your website, they will be taken to our Home Page and an affiliate tracking cookie will be placed on their computer. Then, when they signup to become an affiliate, they will automatically be linked to you! Now, every time they make a sale, you’ll receive a commission too!

OPTION #3: Tell them to go to your Affiliate Domain Name Link! This is one of the easiest ways to make sure people signup to become an affiliate through your affiliate link. Maybe you’re on the telephone with someone, or at a live event; simply give them your “Affiliate Domain Name Link!” When they type it in they will be taken to our Home Page and an affiliate tracking cookie will be placed on their computer. Then, when they signup to become an affiliate, they will automatically be linked to you! Now, every time they make a sale, you’ll receive a commission too!


You just met someone at a seminar, event, party or other gathering and you’d like to make sure they signup through you so you capture the override commissions for their sales efforts.

OPTION #1: You could either eMail them your affiliate link, ask them to click on your affiliate link from your website or tell them to go to your Affiliate Domain Name Link. In this situation, you’re trusting them to signup through you when they get home from the event. Now, you just met them. Will they remember you? Will they signup through someone else? It’s hard to say. All you know is that it’s “up to them” to signup on their own and through your affiliate link … Hmm, how can we increase the odds that they signup through your affiliate link? Read on …

OPTION #2: You could signup your new contact as an affiliate for them, on their behalf, saving them time and hassle. Here’s what to do; as soon as you get home from the event:

Step1: Delete the cookies on your computer to make sure the only cookie tracked will be yours right after you click on your own affiliate link from your computer!

Step2: Find and click on your own affiliate link. Simply find the Welcome Letter we sent you. Find your affiliate link inside that Welcome eMail Letter and click on it. A cookie will be dropped on your computer. A good thing!

Step3: Click on “Affiliate Program” at the bottom of our site, and SIGNUP your friend (or new acquaintance) by using his or her information found on their business card and/or website. When you sign them up, make sure you use THEIR eMail address; that way THEY will receive their affiliate login information and unique affiliate link. That’s it!

11. eMail Campaigns

You could conduct any number of eMail campaigns to your list sharing all kinds of information posted on Pick a topic, elaborate on it, write a little bit about it, then link to to “LEARN MORE” using your affiliate link to such words, and hit the SEND button to send such an eMail to your list.

12. Flyers, Postcards, Business Cards & Other Marketing Handouts

Yes, you could promote your affiliate link, using a custom domain name (as described below), which you register, on flyers and postcards you hand out safely at events and other venue marketing opportunities. This is done with a custom domain name. Just place your custom domain name on a postcard with some sales copy about our products, and bam! You’re in business promoting your affiliate member link OFFLINE!

13. eMail Signature

You should add your affiliate link to the bottom of every eMail you send out. The bottom area, where your name goes, is call the “signature.”

To your success,

Your Name

Learn How To Make Money Online/Offline For Just $1/Day

14. Social Media

Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media account? Share some of my tutorials (in part) along with your affiliate link for folks to learn more! Done!

15. Invite Me To Train Your Audience

While I’ve mentioned it before, it goes without saying, schedule permitting, we could arrange a date/time when I offer a free/paid training (either over the telephone, via webinar or live in person) with your audience. For example, I could give a 45 presentation about x-topic to your audience helping to promote your affiliate link. If you think you’d like this, please contact my office so we can consider it. We can discuss what will work for you and for me, again, schedule permitting as such events do take planning and coordination.

Here’s to your success,

Bart Smith, (MTC Founder)

Bart Smith, Founder