Attend Trade Shows & Expos To Market Your Products & Services

Attend Trade Shows & Expos To Market Your Products & Services

1. Regularly attend trade shows, seminars and expos to market yourself, your business, products and services!

They’re all around us, no matter where you live, there’s a convention, seminar, meeting or trade show happening in a hotel, restaurant, office building, etc. near you. Well, here’s what you do …

Whenever you can attend large events like these, it is to your advantage every time to do so! Some events do charge a small door fee ($5 to $100 or more) … pay it. Here’s your chance to market yourself IN-PERSON, FACE-TO-FACE with 100’s, perhaps 1,000’s of other people all looking for new ideas, opportunities, products and services! Oh, and the chance to do business with you!
Further, here’s your marketing “do list” …

  1. Attend at least ONE convention, seminar, meeting or trade show ONCE A MONTH. More if possible! The more you get out there, the more you, your product, service and web site will be seen and heard!
  2. Attend those trade shows that reach your TARGET MARKET. This is imperative. Visit with those in your industry. Let them know what you’re doing and/or find out what THEY’RE doing!
  3. Typically, all the major players in your industry or region will also be attending these shows – YOU need to be there!

When you attend any kind of convention, seminar, meeting or trade show, you should always bring the following:

  1. Business Cards! Bring at least 20 or more cards to each event. Even if you don’t hand them all out, better to be over-prepared than to run short and look the fool when you have to say, “No, I don’t have a card …” (i.e., “I don’t take my business seriously enough to come prepared. Why would you want to do business with me, then!”)
  2. Flyers on your product or service (i.e., Full page, half page, quarter page, post card size, you name it … bring ’em and plenty!)
  3. Brochures, newsletters (copies of), news articles, press releases, copies of your web site, anything you can show someone with whom you’re talking that explains what it is you do, your passion for doing it and how the two of you might benefit each other.

Arrive over-prepared every time and you won’t lose out on the number of opportunities you’re bound to be presented with. You can always run back to the car (if you drove there) to go get something during a break.

2. Why you should attend seminars, expos and the like!
Adding to the above reasons, you should attend seminars and meetings to:
LEARN what you may or may not already know about the subject being presented:

  • 100% … You know nothing about the subject, hence, the reason you’re there in the first place to LEARN!
  • 20/80% … You have some knowledge about the subject matter being presented (20%) and are there to learn MORE (80%).
  • 80/20% … You already have a grasp on the subject matter being presented (80%) and are there to pick up any remaining knowledge or information (20%) that you can use to benefit from.

NETWORK among the audience and with the presenter as well. Exchange business cards, promote yourself and find out what other people do and how you might benefit them as well as they benefit you. Networking at seminars is a great way to find people with whom you can barter and affiliate to move and promote your products and services as well as theirs for a referral fee or commission for extra income.

STUDY THE PRESENTER/VENDORS making their presentation(s) for anything you can learn to do or NOT do when you give your next presentation! Study their style of presenting, their presentation tonality. Are they loud enough, can people hear them. Study audience reaction.

Keep those things in mind when you speak. Study the room. Study everything you can about the seminar being presented. Write down those things which appeal to you that you might like to incorporate (or not) in your next presentation making you a better and better speaker every time! You don’t necessarily have to give a thousand presentations to be a great speaker if you just pay attention to and learn from the speakers of those seminars which you attend.

3. Convention, Expo & Trade Show Booths & Tables

Now, what if you’re given the opportunity to have your own booth or table at a convention, expo or trade show; how do you set it up, what goes on the table and what should you remember to bring?
Well, here’s an example of a table we setup at a speaker’s event not too long ago. At this event, speakers and vendors were allowed to setup a table to display their products and sell their services. Let’s examine this table to see what you might include on yours …

Trade Show Table Layout Sample

  1. Flyers for your site, product information, etc.
  2. Display case for your book covers. Show ’em off!
  3. Product samples people can look at and buy.
  4. Other products/services you might sell.
  5. Newspaper press release in plastic display case.
  6. Display case for your book covers. Show ’em off!
  7. Flyers for your web site, affiliate program, etc.
  8. Vinyl banner displaying your web site address.
  9. Books on display for people to see and buy!
  10. Audio products on display for people to buy!
  11. Books on display for people to see and buy!
  12. Prospect list signup clipboard with pens.
  13. Postcard display case promoting products, etc.
  14. Table curtain, in case you’re not provided one.

You might also want to bring an easel to display poster size illustrations of book covers (front/back) and other signs that might look nice on an easel either in front or in the back of your table.

4. Here’s Your Checklist For Setting Up Your Table/Booth

Don’t wait ’til the last minute to make a list for setting up your table/booth at the next expo, use this one! Below, you’ll find a list items you need to stock, order, pack, etc., when it comes to preparing to setup your table/booth at your next convention, trade show, workshop, expo, etc. Remember to bring these items:

  1. Affiliate Applications
  2. Books/CD’s/DVD’s You Will Recommend
  3. Bowl for People’s Business Cards
  4. Business Cards
  5. Calculator
  6. Calendar / Meeting Planner
  7. Camera (Digital or Throw-Away Kind)
  8. Cash, Cash Box (with lock, recommended)
  9. Cell Phone and Wall Charger
  10. Chairs (Small, 1-3, etc.)
  11. Computer / Laptop / Computer Speakers
  12. Display Holder: Business Card
  13. Display Holder: Flyers
  14. Display Holder: Postcards
  15. Easels (Large and Table-Size; 1-3 of Each)
  16. Flyers: Web Site, Product, Affiliate Program
  17. Food and Water Bottles for the Whole Day!
  18. Paper Clips
  19. Pens (Box of Black Pens)
  20. Posters (1-3) of your Products, Books, etc.
  21. Power Extension Cord (10-20 feet)
  22. Power Strip (2-3)
  23. Press Release Copies, Newspaper Articles, etc.
  24. Pricing Cards for Products (Free, $20, 30, etc.)
  25. Product Order Forms
  26. Product: Books, CD’s, etc.
  27. Prospect List Form (Name/eMail)
  28. Rope, in case you need to hold something down!
  29. Sales Receipt Book
  30. Samples: CD’s, Book Excerpts Flyers, etc.
  31. Scissors, Box Cutter Knife, etc.
  32. Scotch Tape, Duck Tape, etc.
  33. Stapler
  34. String: Kite String or Fishing String
  35. Table Cloth
  36. Tacks, Small Nails and a Small Hammer
  37. Tape Measure, Ruler, etc.
  38. Vinyl Banner(s)
  39. ____________ ?
  40. ____________ ?
  41. ____________ ?

Pack all this in a very large suitcase (or two), with wheels and a handle. You can simply drag your supplies (packed in these suitcases) to your table. Then, make just a few trips to the car for the larger items, like posters and banners, etc.

5. Marketing Tips For You & Your Table/Booth

Do you have an assistant working with you at the table? Great, have them stand in the middle of the aisle handing out flyers to your table. These flyers should have your table number or booth location on them, in addition to the other intended sales material.

For you, stand out front of your table and interact with the people that come to your table. This isn’t a pop stand where you’re selling candy bars and popcorn. Interact with people, get out in front of your table and interact.

You might also bring a laptop with a video presentation on it. You could have speakers and/or headphones plugged into your laptop so visitors can listen to your presentation.

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