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Bart Smith is the author of several books, professional marketer and self-publishing consultant, a personal coach, and a dynamite, motivational speaker. A self-starting, life-affirming, renaissance man, Bart is an entrepreneur at heart, who also bakes the world's best chocolate chip cookies at He shares his insights, skills, training and knowledge here, on his training website,, and helps people make money online with his online marketing shopping cart software, Tutorial30 Videos Video Tutorials

If you want to learn how to publish and print your self-published book using like I do, then these video tutorials were made just for you. After watching these videos on using, you’ll definitely master the confidence to publish your own books and those for others if you choose.
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ZIP File Video Tutorials

Every now and then we have to work with zip files. Well, how DO you work with zip files? Well, these video tutorials will show you how. Enjoy!
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Teamviewer is my choice when it comes to the kind of software you need to view someone else’s computer, or let them see yours, so you can both share screens and take care of what it is you need to do on one another’s desktop. Check out my video tutorials on how to use this […] Video Tutorials13 Videos Video Tutorials is where I buy and manage all my personal domain names. You can too. I own the website so I get to set the prices (to buy domains) as low as possible, or “really cheap!” Here are a number of video tutorials to show you how to create an account, register your first domain, […]
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Sound Forge® Audio Studio Video Tutorials

Sound Forge® Audio Studio (by is a professional digital audio recording and editing software program that lets you record and edit audio right into your computer with a simple microphone to produce high-quality audio products you can sell for a profit! With Sound Forge® Audio Studio, you can record, edit and mix audio in a […]
Coaching Books And Client Coaching Forms By Bart Smith

Coaching Books & Coaching Client Forms

Whether you’re an aspiring life/personal/business coach, or you’ve been coaching for some time, my RICH COACH ♦ BROKE COACH books and coaching client forms are geared to teaching you “business and marketing” lessons on running a successful coaching practice like no other book on coaching ever will or can. What would you say most coaches lack in their coaching business? Knowledge about business, working with clients, marketing, pricing their coaching services, creating and naming their coaching packages, using coaching client forms, logs and agreements, and so much more. They may know how to coach, but so many don't know how to best run their coaching business. Having worked with coaches over...
Read & Listen To Rich Coach Broke Coach By Bart Smith

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach

What does every life, personal and business coach need more than anything else? They need business training, help establishing their fees and creating multiple streams of income, creating coaching packages, marketing ideas, working with clients one-on-one, and coaching client forms to run a successful coaching business. Well, this book goes into all that and more! Literally, this book is an MBA in running a successful coaching business.

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make

Have you ever seen a book written for coaches that specifically highlighted the business related mistakes, education/training mistakes, personal-related mistakes, coaching/client mistakes, marketing/promotion mistakes, website-related mistakes, communication mistakes, and money-making mistakes coaches could make in their coaching business practice? I’ve never seen one, so I wrote one. I wrote it while I was writing Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach. I specifically remember generating a huge list of different kinds of mistakes coaches make. It wasn’t until I had accumulated over 150 mistakes that I thought coaches should know about these. Well, here it is … 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make!
Networking & Motivation Books by Bart Smith

Networking & Motivation Books by Bart Smith

These three (3) networking books will virtually turn you into an overnight networking rock 'n' roll super star! At the same time, my motivation book will motivate you up and beyond anything you could ever imagine right into going after what you want in life or in business and getting things done on your own terms like I do. Look at MTC and all these books, for example. You can tell, I was one self-motivated human being to accomplish all this on my own. How about you? What do you want to accomplish? You can do it! I know you can! Besides, what you're going to learn inside MTC as it relates to how I designed these books, built websites for them, hooked up shopping cart and membership software...
Download Rich Coach “Coaching Client Forms Bundle”

“Rich Coach” Coaching Client Forms

Every coach (i.e., life, personal and/or business coach) needs their own set of customized coaching/client agreement forms, assessment forms, intake forms, feedback forms, call record forms/logs, and many others to help run a PROFESSIONAL and successful coaching business. Without the use of these forms, your coaching business is like a kite in the wind with clients and information and progress blowing all around and without any structure, organization or efficiency in client format. These forms come straight out of my book, Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach, ready for you to customize with your company name, contact information, etc. Just purchase, download, and customize.
Personal Development & Self-Help Books by Bart Smith

Business, Checklists, Cooking & Self-Help Books

As you can see, I like to write and about a number of different topics. I love that book, Doing Great Business In Tough Times, as it goes into so many key areas that can help you rise above the tough times in your business to better, more profitable ones. My Checklists book is the printer version of the 70+ checklists available online at this website. Then,you have my cookbook! Filled with all my favorite meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Whoa! Hey, who's hungry just looking at that cover? Then, you have the book that started it all ... B.S. THE BOOK! My fav' and love when it comes to avoiding and overcoming B.S. in our personal lives! A must-read for us all! What's so great about my sh...
Relationship Books by Bart Smith

Dating & Relationship Books by Bart Smith

I really like how these four (4) relationship books turned out. What a combination when you read their titles and learn what's inside each. Whether you're single and looking to find the one for you, or wanting to avoid over 250+ dating, sex, marriage and relationship regrets, or if you're a lady, learning how to watch out for your own life choices so you too can live a life of happiness and not one of regret. Then, you have Laws Of The Bedroom, for men and for the intent to bring about a higher level of love and devotion to the woman in their life. These four (4) books are all you need. Oh, I recorded these books as well for you to listen to as well. On a side note, the reason I share these...

Wishpond is a very popular sales and marketing funnel software solution you can subscribe to to build landing pages, run social contests, create email autoresponder campaigns, manage leads, and automate all your sales funnel campaigns.

My Checklists Book

Access to this page lets you read My Checklists book online like a real eBook; flipping through the pages as if you had the real book in your hands. Now, if you want to print my checklists, and you’re a member with access to My Checklists, then simply find the checklist you want to print and go for it!

My Networking Tactics

This is THE BOOK ON NETWORKING that you need to read and listen to in order to master the art of networking and working a room like I do. I define what networking really is about, how to prepare for a networking event, what to bring, what to do before/during/after the event, what to say at the event, questions to ask, how to make a killer impression and follow up with folks so they remember you and want to work with you and so much more.

3 Simple Networking Tactics

This is a quick-read book on networking. Perfect for those who want the secret sauce when it comes to Networking with others and doing it right, effectively and with the aim of growing their network quickly! If you love networking as much as I do or you’re not even the outgoing type and find networking a little challenging, well, not to worry! SIMPLY read this little book cover to cover and put into practice every little strategy I share so your networking efforts yield the maximum of results overnight for you and everyone you come in contact with!
Read+Listen To 51+ Networking Mistakes by Bart Smith & Noa Schecter

51+ Networking Mistakes

For those of us who love to network and those who may lean more towards the shy side or even nervous when you go to any networking event, it’s a “human factor” when we say we all don’t network as well as we could. From time to time, we’re bound to make a networking mistake and ask ourselves, “Did I say the right thing?”, “Whoops, that didn’t come out right …”, or “Oh, I forgot to bring/do/say this …” That’s our point, and that’s why we wrote this book. If you network with others offline, and who doesn’t, this book is a must-read before you go networking again!

Motivate Yourself To Succeed

Get pumped, get motivated, and what’s more, maintain that momentum from start to finish with Bart’s latest book called, Motivate Yourself To Succeed. This book was written for every one who has ever struggled to achieve genuine success in their personal life or business. I share a proven action plan and personal spot on tips for every step of the way. The process identifies TEN KEY COMPONENTS that can lead you from your idea (Vision) to fruition (Victory) and beyond!
John James Santangelo, NLP Trainer

John James Santangelo, NLP Trainer

Everyone talks about it, but what is NLP? How can NLP help your business? Why should you train to become an NLP Practitioner? This week, I’ll be interviewing John James Santangelo of on why you should consider this training opportunity. I’ve witnessed this training in person, and I will tell you, John is the best NLP trainer I’ve ever known. He’s overwhelmingly thorough in his training, which makes grasping this material so much better.
Read Listen To Doing Great Business In Tough Times

Doing Great Business In Tough Times

When business isn’t going that great, what should you do? TURN TO THIS BOOK! Whether the economy is going through a recession or you just feel like you are, tough times provide all of us with unique opportunities to get closer to our customers, clients, employees, partners, vendors, suppliers and our original mission and purpose as to why we started our business in the first place.
Trainer: AAA Corporate Services

Linda Gaynor of AAA Corporate Services, Inc.

Before you decide what type of business entity to choose for your business, where to incorporate and who you should choose as your resident agent, this week I interview Linda Gaynor, of AAA Corporate Services, Inc. I’ve been using them for 10+ years. Very kind and personal service, support and rates. Whenever I have a question or need help, their friendly staff is always there to take my call. I like that.
SquareUp Mobile Payments

Whether you’re just looking to take payments with your phone or take care of your entire business, with SquareUp, you can get paid instantly by your customers. Get paid instantly for your goods and services with SquareUp.
WordPress Classic Editor

Classic Editor WordPress Plugin

Classic Editor is a WordPress plugin that restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress editor and takes away the Gutenberg editor. The Classic Editor plugin also makes it possible to use page building plugins you might have also installed that depend on the previous editor. (Live Call Answering/Transferring)

With, their virtual receptionists can answer your phone calls and seamlessly connect callers to you wherever you are and when you’re available. When you’re not able to take calls, you’ll receive detailed messages delivered to you via eMail or text message.

With, you can get paid instantly by your customers. Checks, wire transfers, and paper currency are now a thing of the past. Get paid instantly for your goods and services with Square Cash. is the Web's very first price comparison site. What I like about this website is that you can look up the type of computer equipment, part or other hardware you need to buy and comparison shop based on price and availability.
Logitech Keyboard K120

Logitech Keyboard K120

Here is my favorite USB keyboard. Not so much where the brand or manufacture (Logitech Keyboard K120) is concerned, but rather its design, layout and key formation on the actual keyboard.

Kick your life into high gear. Browse the coaching packages available from expert coaches and start to transform your life. For a targeted route to success, try a course. Or search for digital products and services specifically formulated for your coaching success.

CoachLogix .com

Empowering executive coaches with cutting-edge technology, CoachLogix gives you all the tools you need to build and manage your coaching practice.
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Dictanote is a web based, rich-text editor with multi-language speech recognition for Chrome. It's like WordPad + Dragon fused together to form one program. lets you convert a video link such as YouTube to MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC and more formats. Works great if you have a live concert you found on YouTube that's NOT sold somewhere and you want to listen to it for personal use.

Not Too Old to be SOLD

Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin that lets you build dynamic, high-converting and extremely polished looking landing pages on your WordPress website for one affordable price.
Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL is a WordPress plugin that automatically detects your SSL settings and configures your entire website to run every page/post with the secure https:// making your whole site secure. This is a blessing because there are some pages and posts that don’t necessarily have a secure connection to your website. Well, this plugin takes care of that.


Sizer is a freeware utility that allows you to resize any window to an exact, predefined size.
WPProfitBuilder WordPress Plugin


WPProfitBuilder is a powerful, feature-packed WordPress plugin that is designed to help you build professional looking, converting lead pages (and other pages) for your WordPress website.

With a huge library of 550,000+ free photos and thousands more being added each day, chances are Unsplash has an image you need for your website, blog, or project.