My Checklists

“I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without my checklists.”

They help keep me organized, on track, even motivated, and help pull me through to the finish line each and every time no matter what project I’m working on. That goes for building small/large websites, writing/publishing books, conducting workshops/webinars/tele-seminars, launching new products, setting up affiliate programs, sending out eMail messages, setting up a shopping cart, adding products to the cart,
… the list (no pun) goes on!

My Checklists by Bart SmithSeriously, if there’s something I want to do, I just whip up a quick list of “what to do” steps in my head. Then, I’ll type it out in the computer, or for you “write here” in this book. I’ll even get very detailed with my lists so I don’t make any mistakes.

This way, I can add to ‘em, review ‘em, rearrange a list item or two, and as I progress through my checklist, I’ll mark “D“ next to those items that are “DONE!” That’s what I do. That helps me stay motivated when I see all those D’s in a column.

Because I use my own checklists so extensively, I don’t even worry about what comes next. I just refer to my checklist. I have checklists for almost everything I do. Honestly, there’s no way I could write all the books I have, or build the websites I have without checklists. I have to restate that one more time for the record. Checklists save me!

Knowing how important checklists are to my life, and the success of my businesses, making money, and getting things done FAST, I thought I would write a book containing my checklists. If you’d like to get that book, click here. Otherwise, all my checklists are available to you FOR FREE below. If my checklists can help me, perhaps they can help you too!

Bart Smith, MTC FounderTo your success,

Bart Smith
Bart Smith,


eMail Broadcast Checklist

No matter what eMail broadcasting system you have, this set of procedures serves as a great checklist for you to follow when it comes to sending out an eMail to your list if you've never done it before.
WordPress Plugin Checklist

WordPress Plugin Checklist

The following plugin checklist focuses only on those plugins I consider essential to running, managing and maintaining your WordPress website from an administrative perspective.