Always Keep Extra Computer Cords, Cable Extensions & Accessories On Hand


More cords? You have plenty, right?

Office BoxListen, it’s true, you might think you have all the cords, cables and adapters you need. Why have extra on hand? Well, for the simple fact that you never know when you’ll need them, a friend will need them, you’ll lose the ones you have (one by one), you’ll wear out the ones you own … Who knows, it’s just a fact of “computer life!”

I just know I’ve found it super beneficial over the years to keep a box (yes, just one “office box”) of cables, cords, adapters and electronic accessories on hand “just in case!” When you need a cord, cable, power strip, USB cord, you name it, you know where to go! Easy to assemble, these boxes are great for long-term archival storage. Sturdy white corrugated boxes hold all the cables, cords and accessories you need.

What kinds of cords, cables, accessories & adapters should you have just in case the need comes?

Here’s what I have, and recommend you get and keep on hand just in case at some point you need one of these items for use in your home/office:


Power Strips

You can never have too many of these around. I’d say, at least have 3-5 extra around. They’re handy, useful, convenient and you an always string a bunch together to form a daisy-chain of available power plugs. Also, if you can fine one or two with extra long cords (like extension cords), those are great to have around.



Multiple-Outlet In-Wall Adapter

Talk about a space saver and more! Here’s a 6-outlet; 3 transformer-spaced outlet adapter ideal for any home office, home theater, etc. Designed to plug into a regular wall outlet, here’s a great way to plug several power strips into one single wall outlet via a multi-outlet in-wall adapter.



Power Cord

Used to connect your computer printer, monitor, some printers and other devices to a standard wall outlet. It’s always a good idea to keep 3-5 of these cords around.


HDMI Computer Monitor Cables

HDMI Computer Monitor Cable

If your laptop (or computer) has a the option to connect a large monitor (or TV screen) using HDMI cables, you might want a pair on hand. 


RGB Monitor Cable

RGB Computer Monitor Cable

If you ever want to hook up a large monitor to your laptop, you’ll need a computer monitor cable.



USB Cords

They’re cheap and quite versatile. Keep 3-5 of these cords around. They’re great with printers, MP3 players, scanners, some cameras, and a host of other devices that plug into your computer. And, if you can find an USB extension cord (longer than 5 feet), that would also be great to have in your supply.

You never know when you want to hook up a printer, but you don’t have room for it within 5 feet of your desk, but you do 7 feet away. A 10-foot USB cable will certainly come in hand at that point.


Ethernet Cables

Ethernet Cords

This is the cord connecting your computer to a router, DSL modem or high-speed cable modem. They’re really cheap. Keep 3-5 of these cables around.

You never know when one will stop working (for some reason or the other) and you’ll need a replacement!

I also had two 50′ ethernet cables cut for me. Now, I can hook up routers and computers from up to 50′ away from the original Internet source. Very cool!




Yep, always a good idea to keep 1-3 of these around. They’re cheap and what happens one night when you’re working late and WHOOPS!

You just spilt your drink all over your keyboard! Yikes! If you have a replacement keyboard on hand, you won’t have to wait until morning to finish what you were working!

Plus, if you see a good deal on a keyboard you really like, buy a number of them (QTY: 2-3). I’m not kidding! You’ll be glad you did. And, don’t be so concerned about all the bells ‘n’ whistles on today’s latest keyboards.

Sometimes, a simple, conservative keyboard (without all the extras) goes a long way. Why? Because the more features, the more expensive it is. And, why spend the extra money when you’re only going to replace it the next time you spill your drink on it!



USB Optical/Laser Wheel Mouse

Same thing, it’s always a good idea to keep extra mice around.

And, if you have a laptop, it’s also a good idea to use a regular mouse with your laptop and not just that scratch pad “they call a mouse” in the middle of your laptop.


USB Laptop Mouse

Do you have a laptop? You might want to get a smaller, mini-mouse for your laptop. Sure, you could use a regular one, but if you like, this one is also an option.



4 Ports USB V2.0 Mini Hub

Sometimes you don’t have enough USB ports on your computer to support all the devices you want to plug into your computer (i.e., iPod, printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, speakers, digital camera, etc.). Well, not to worry. Get yourself a multi-port USB hub to do the job. Keep in mind, you might need to get a powered USB hub if you wish to plug more than one powered device (i.e., scanner, printer, etc.) into a single USB port in your computer.



USB Thumb Drives

Here’s a great tool for storing and transporting all types of files (i.e., audio, video, document, etc.) to and from different computers. A must-have for all of us. If you search online, you can find them for real cheap. Buy a variety of sizes (i.e., 500MB, 1GB, 8GB, etc.)



USB Memory Card Reader

With this handy compact USB device you can easily read and write to digital memory cards! Not only can you quickly and easily access data on your memory cards, but you can turn your card into a mobile flash storage device! Just insert card into the reader, connect reader to any available USB port and you are ready to transfer photos, music, video or any other files. With this handy compact USB device you can easily read and write to digital memory cards! Not only can you quickly and easily access data on your memory cards, but you can turn your card into a mobile flash storage device! Compatible with Sony, SanDisk, Toshiba, Lexar …



External Hard Drive

It’s always nice to have an external hard drive (or 2 or 3) laying around when you need to back up your files and folders, in addition to maybe just using it as your hard drive. That way, it’s extremely portable and you can access your files on any computer, no matter where you are. Look for 1GB external hard drive son sale at Costco and other name brand stores.


Where can you find (and buy) these items for sale?

Check out these locations when you want to buy any of the items mentioned above.

icon-storeOnline Stores … Naturally! Whatever you need, first perform a search for it online, and see if you can find some price comparisons of the same product for sale. Then, take the plunge and buy what you need at the lowest price.

icon-storeComputer Stores … Of course! The obvious choice when you need computer parts, adapters, cables, cords and other accessories. Stores like Fry’s, etc.

icon-storeOffice Supply Stores … When you need something specific, stores like Office Depot, Staples, etc.

icon-storeElectronic Supply Stores
… Absolutely! They too are a great resource for finding specific items, cables, accessories, adapters, you name it! Stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry’s Electronics, etc.

icon-storeDepartment Stores … Yep, they too have their own computer sections, small as they might be, they have them. There, you’ll always find a nice variety of cables, cords, adapters and accessories. Stores like Wal-Mart, KMart, Target and the like.

icon-storeDrug Stores … Believe it or not, they have their own variety of cables, cords and accessories for computers. And, why not? Computers are very popular today! Again, then next time you’re at your local drug store, check out their electronics section. Look and around and see what you see. Pick up a few items for future’s sake. You’ll be glad you did.

icon-store$1 Stores … Yep, you’d be surprised how “high-tech” these discount stores are! The next time you see one driving by, stop inside and check out their cable/cord/electronics section. Wow, what a variety! I’ve seen everything from USB cords (for $1), power strips (for $3), audio plugs and adapters (for $1), and lots more.

icon-storeSwap Meets … Yep, I remember walking along the rows of my local swap meet and then seeing a space filled with computer parts, cords, cables and accessories. So, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for such vendors when perusing your local swap meet.

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