Do You Have An eMail List

Do you have a LIST? Are you set up to build one?

I’ll make this one quick! Do you have a list of prospects, buyers, affiliates or anyone who can help you make money? If not, then the saying is true, “Your money is in your list.” So, no list, no money!

5 REASONS you need to have an eMail list …

  • You can gauge how you’re succeeding in your business. Ten clients on your list shows how much you’re NOT doing compared to having a list of 10,000. Those 10 should be a motivating factor to kick yourself in the rear to get going building your list.
  • When sales are slow, you can eMail your list an offer to bring in some quick cash. The larger your list grows, the larger the amount of money can be earned when you eMail your list.
  • You can promote other people’s products more easily when you have more than 500 people on your list.
  • You can get better feedback from a larger group of people versus those 10 who are on your list.
  • Justify the expense of software tools like shopping carts and eMail marketing systems. Without a list, without making money, your spending more money on those services than making it. So, go build your list with prospects and customers.

Those are some pretty good reasons, eh?

5 WAYS to BUILD or GROW your eMail list …

Granted, I just gave you a few ideas above, but those were some of the benefits of writing a book this size. Now, here are some specific marketing and sales activities you could embark on to make money with a mini-book:

  • Random visitors that visit your website can join your list. This can be from traffic you generate from outbound marketing activities of all types. BUT, you have to have an opt-in form on your website linked to an eMail contact management service, such as,,, etc. 
  • Advertise what you do/offer and get people to opt-in to a FREE training via webinar or pre-recorded video training or some other giveaway.
  • Get interviewed and invite people to join your list on air. In exchange, you’ll give them FREE  excerpts of your book, training, or anything else you have to give them for FREE.
  • Sell something. When you train people who belong to other people’s lists, when they buy what you offer, they join your list as customers. You can email them later.
  • Train groups of people belonging to other people. Seek out newsletter publishers, website owners, complementary product owners, etc. These people have subscribers, customers, fans, and followers of their own. Train these groups and get them to buy from you or simply opt-in. You’ll grow your list this way too.

While there can be other ways you could try, I suggest you focus on these five (above) for more immediate results.

5 WAYS to MAKE MONEY from an eMail list …

While I touched on some of these above, I’ll list 5 right here so you can go after these now:

  1. Upsell and downsell to your list more expensive products as they go through your shopping cart or lower priced offers if they try to back out of the current existing offer in their shopping cart.
  2. Sell your own products/services to the list you’re building.
  3. Sell other people’s products/services to your list you’re building via affiliate marketing and invite guest experts to provide FREE trainings to your list who also offer something to sell on the backend.
  4. Sell ad space in eMails that you send out to your list.
  5. Come up with NEW products/services and replay old promotions to sell to the same list.

Whatever you do or want to write about, it can go in one of these books! Just look at the possibilities above!

WHAT do you need to BUILD an eMail list?

What you need to get started are five (5) things:

  • Free Offer … This can be a report, book excerpt, videos, audio, etc.; something of greater value to exchange for someone’s eMail and first name.
  • Listing-Building Software … This is a MUST. I’m talking about,,, etc.
  • Opt-In Form on your website. Typically, your eMail list-building software can help generate this for you and link it to a list you name inside that online account.
  • Autoresponder links to your opt-in form to send out your FREE offer. Again, your eMail list-building software should be able to provide this.
  • Marketing/promotions, ads and training to build your list. Create your ads, plan your webinar and other types training and GET OUT THERE! Do something DAILY with other groups or just you being out there generating buzz should help build your list in no time. 

That’s it! In a nutshell, that’s what you need to know to build your list. 

7 VIDEO TUTORIALS showing you different STEPS of building your list …

When you want to build an eMail list, here are some of the basic steps you need to take.

Sign up for an eMail list-building software service (Show them different pricing and then show MailerLite)

Add a Group/List to your eMail list-building account … (MailerLite)

Add your contacts to your eMail list-building account if you have any … (MailerLite)

Create an autoresponder to your eMail list-building account so you can automatically send them what you want when they opt-in. Just set it up first. You can customize it later. (MailerLite)

Build your opt-in form and link it to your autoresponder so you can place it on your website to start collecting names/eMail addresses. (MailerLite)

Add this opt-in form to your website so you can start collecting names/eMail addresses from visitors to your website.

Add a separate opt-in form to a web page on your website to promote something (you’re advertising) to collect names/eMail addresses from those interested in learning more about your special offer.

In a nutshell, that’s how it’s done. Sure, there’s more I could go into, but not much. Once you have the basics down, when other opportunities come up, you’ll know better how to handle them knowing these basics.


Let me know if you need any help getting set up to build a list. Time/availability pending, I’ll do what I can to help.


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