Do You Have NEW/RECENT PHOTOS OF YOURSELF For Your Media Room & Other Purposes?

Do you have New/Recent Photos of Yourself for your website, media room and other purposes?

Here are some quick questions to answer:

  • Do you have photos of yourself, what kind and how many (various poses/situations)?
  • When were those pictures taken? Six months ago? Six YEARS ago?
  • Are you happy with the photos you have?
  • Do you think you need new ones?

Good questions, eh? We should all revisit our photos every 3-6 months. Not that we have to replace the ones that are up there, but perhaps to add a few new ones to add some variety to the ones that are already up there.

What kind of photos should you have of yourself on your website?

Here are some suggestions:

  • High-resolution images (300 dpi) for use by the media or a printer when needed …
  • At least one headshot
  • Full body shot …
  • Half body shot …
  • Action shot …
  • Photos of you holding your book, product or other prop …
  • Photos with people (i.e., out networking, with customers, with testimonials, etc.) …

So, as you can see, there’s quite a variety of photos you could take. Which ones do you have and which ones might be missing that you should take and upload to your website?

Another great idea is to look at other people’s websites and see the photos they took of themselves, different situations, poses, action-shots, etc. Make note of them, what you like about them, and then take your own shots in those poses.

How do get photographed?

Well, that answer should be simple right? You stand in front of a camera and smile, right? Well, here are some ways to get photographed:

  • Take your own photos of yourself. I have and it worked out great. All you need is a tripod, camera with a remote control and you’re set. Conceal the remote in your hand and click away a dozen times as you take a dozen different poses. You save A LOT of money and you often times get what you want in a few hours of taking dozens of photos. Plus, I like to take pictures at odd times during the day and maybe at night when I have more free time. It doesn’t always work well when you have to hire someone and they prefer not to work  after 9:00 PM at night.
  • Have a friend, relative or family member take your picture. I know a friend who has her 15 year old daughter take her pictures. Who would ever know? I didn’t and thought she had a professional take them. The daughter did a great job. So, don’t think you have to hire a professional to take your pictures.
  • Hire a professional to take your picture. If you have the money and you want someone with a certain expertise to take your photos, go for it. I paid a photograph once to take a series of photos. It was ngood to work with someone who knew what they were doing and could give suggestions and watch out for certain things that came up during the photo shoot.

What else should you know about taking pictures of yourself?

Check out the PHOTOGRAPHY CHECKLIST I created for when it comes to taking pictures for use in a business, on a website, in a book, … you name it! Print this checklist out and check off each item you feel is important for you to address and/or work on. Even I will refer to the checklist just before I take new pics. In fact, at the time of this writing, I was in the process of taking new pictures for MTC and I used this exact list. I always find it helpful and it ensures I don’t miss any steps. You will too when you see it!

Photography Checklist

So, what did you think? Was that a good checklist or what?

Need help?

Let me know if you’d like my help talking to you about your photos or if (available/possible) taking your photos. I’ve done that for clients. I’d go over to their house or they’d come to me, I’d set up my portable photo studio and lights and we’d start taking pictures. When we were done, they’d have dozens of pictures to choose from per pose, situation, etc. Then, I’d transfer all the photos to their computer for their use any way they wanted. So, let me know if I can help you in this area.


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