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Calling All Guest Expert Trainers …

Are you a business owner/expert in your field of expertise or offer a product or service to business owners? Do you teach a specific skill, technique or system that helps your clients/customers perform better in their business, save time and/or make money? I know, that’s a pretty loaded question, but you get the idea here. If so, I’m interested in interviewing you about what you do. Please read how to get interviewed below. I look forward to receiving your interview topic submission. Questions? Just contact my office.


1. Read my Interview Requirements below. Then, apply to be interviewed as a guest expert trainer by filling in the form on this page.

2. Your application to be interviewed will be reviewed for relevance and purpose in relation to this website.

3. If your interview topic is a match, you will then be notified as to when and how we will conduct the interview.


Here’s what I’m looking for when it comes to the kind of experts I want to interview at MTC. Does this criteria model what you have to offer?

1. Interview topic should be related to helping business owners start/run a business more effectively, make/save money, etc. If you’re not sure, submit your idea for evaluation.

2. Do you have a website, blog, video channel, store front, social media page, show, or? that I can check you out?

3. Do you have ready-to-go interview questions for me to ask you? Do you have a web page that lists them? If so, provide URL. If not, we’ll discuss.

4. Do you have a product, service and/or special offer to upsell at the end of the interview? I don’t mind if you do!

5. Do you have an affiliate program/link I will be given to make money when I refer my members and listeners to your product, service and/or offer you mention in the interview?

Depending on the type of interview topic you submit, there may be other criteria I’m looking for. So, suggest your interview topic and let’s see what we can do together!

Best regards,


Bart Smith, Founder