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Rich Coach ♦ Broke CoachRICH COACH ♦ BROKE COACH was written with the specific intent to cover topics not covered in the vast majority of books written about coaching or starting your own coaching business.

Most coaching books on the market today never go beyond “find your niche,” “know your purpose,” “be present,” “find your ideal client”, and my favorite, “get a website.” Really? That’s all they have to say? They write in terms of “do this”, but not “how to” do what they recommend. No wonder most coaches are broke.

Where can they turn to for the “how-to” instruction they’re not getting? When they need real business, marketing and money-making advice, all they get are generalities and the same ol’ talk all the other books on coaching have to offer.

RICH COACH ♦ BROKE COACH provides you with invaluable and useful information as it relates to getting started as a coach, roadblocks for becoming a coach, what you need to launch a successful coaching business, what goals should you set for yourself as a coach, essential tips on running the business, getting certified (yes/no/maybe?), how to write a successful business plan to ensure your coaching business is successful, setting fees, creating and naming coaching packages, charging clients and collecting payments, finding clients and closing them, working with clients, recommended coaching tools and online resources, how to make even more money as a coach, shrewd marketing tactics for coaches, and so much more!

Anyone applying the suggestions, ideas, tactics and techniques found inside RICH COACH ♦ BROKE COACH is absolutely in store for a major improvement in running a more efficient and profitable coaching business.

RICH COACH ♦ BROKE COACH is packed with all the above, and so much more! Holding this book in your hands, and acting on what you’re about to read is your hedge against going broke as a coach.

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