How Do You Promote Your Radio Show And Find Listeners?

Radio Show Part #6: How Do You Promote Your Radio Show & Find Listeners?


There are several ways to promote your radio show. Here are my favorite, top ten ways:

On Your Website / Blog … Post your radio show prominently all over your website and/or blog! Make it highly visible on the home page. Make a page on your website dedicated to your radio show. List topics, upcoming/past guests, time/date you broadcast, etc.

eMail Your Database … Yes, eMail your database every time you have a new radio show episode you just recorded.

Social Networking Sites … Post your radio show on your social networking pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Create a Facebook Business/Fan page dedicated to your radio show too.

Friends & Affiliate Sites … Post your radio show on your friends’ and affiliates’ websites! Ask them to help you promote your radio show. In exchange, you might make a quick announcement about something they have to sell/offer.

eMail Other Databases … Ask your associates, clients and affiliates to eMail their databases as well. Again, mention their names on your show, or have banners for their sites on yours.

eZine Announcements … Announce every new radio show episode inside your online eZine. Mention the topic(s) covered and upcoming guests.

In-Person … Mention your radio show over the telephone and face-to-face in-person with others you come in contact with. Make sure everyone you meet, hears about your radio show.

Free Publicity … Write press releases about the guests you’ll have on your show and take advantage of other publicity YOU receive in the media. “Make sure you tune into my radio show. Go to for details!” Never miss an opportunity to promote your own radio show on the radio, on TV or in print whenever you can!

Video-Sharing Sites … if you video record your radio show, promote those (radio show) video recordings online among hundreds of video sharing websites.

Postcard Mailing … Send a postcard out to people promoting your radio show! “Don’t miss this week’s show …”

It goes without saying, you should create a variety of banners to advertise your radio show on your website and others’ who might allow you to place your banner ads.

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