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Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart Smith Even though RICH COACH BROKE COACH contains six key chapters related to running a successful coaching business, RICH COACH BROKE COACH™ isn’t written like a regular book where you have to start at the beginning and read to the end to understand some kind of plot or learn something meaningful in a chronological order. Who has time to write such a book let alone read one like that, and I’ve read plenty? In today’s competitive coaching market and pressure for time to compete in that environment, I wrote a book to give you a wealth of information that you might need to know in bite-size nuggets for quick reference and easy consumption.

While RICH COACH BROKE COACH goes beyond what all other coaching books have to offer. It is written so you can cherry pick and select sections of the book that pertain to your personal wants and needs as a potential Rich Coach. Start where you think you might need the most help. Then, move on to other areas of the book that pique your interest.

What’s more, I prefer to work with lists. Give me the information I need in quick bulleted format and I’m off to the races. Who needs long-winded paragraphs about information you probably already know a lot about. I don’t. I’d like to assume you don’t either.

So, jump in so you too can begin using a few of the Rich Coach suggestions. Put together your own customized coaching business plan where you can prioritize each activity in stages. (i.e., “I’ll complete 1-3 items first and then focus on the next items I’ve identified for my business. At this point, I should have an idea of a practical plan to work with.”)

Also, throughout RICH COACH BROKE COACH™ , you’ll find homework assignments to help you take actionable steps toward putting what you learn into place. When starting homework assignments, exercise flexibility with time and focus. But, don’t forget to do them. They’re designed to actually assist you in taking the necessary action to succeed in your coaching business. Do the assignments you know you can get done immediately, while you take the extra time needed to work on others.

Further, plan to implement what you read inside RICH COACH BROKE COACH™ over a predetermined period of time, such as a week, a month, 90 days, 6 months, even a year, and then assess how you’re coaching business is doing at the end of that time period.

I say this because there are some suggestions inside the book that will require longer periods of time to put in place or act on versus others. Make a list of those activities and actions that you can implement in the short-run and list others for the long-run.

Then, automate what you learn so you can stay focused on serving your clients or writing that new book or articles, creating a podcast show, recording/publishing video, acquiring media attention, recording audio files, selling new products, enlisting the help of affiliates and much more.

Whatever amount of time you need to invest in your new/ongoing coaching business, a few months or a year, will be a rewarding payoff.

Everything in life takes time and requires that consistent action get done. Don’t pressure yourself to get it all done at once. Execute specific tasks for good results and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful “Rich Coach!”

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