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To schedule a potential interview with Bart, use this Interview Request Form to send your contact and other show related information to Bart’s office. Your interview request will be responded to promptly. You can also call (323) 475-8774 PST and do the same thing. Your choice.


Listen to past interviews and get an idea of what topic you’d like to interview Bart on. Perhaps several book interviews are desired depending on your show format, how much content you need, time you have, etc.


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Bart Smith

Bart Smith, MTC Founder


How can you interview Bart Smith? There are a number of ways, such as:

  • Telephone: Bart can call you or you can call him at a given date/time.
  • Live In-Person: Do you wish to have Bart present in your studio, for example?
  • Skype: This is a good option for an interview too.
  • Q&A Article Format: You supply the questions, Bart answers, then you post the article to your website/blog or article column (EXAMPLE).

Whatever format you have, Bart can accommodate. Contact Bart’s office to discuss ideas.


Choose which book(s) or website to interview Bart about for your podcast show, website, blog, TV/radio talk show. Then, click on its link or cover to go to that page, which contains interview information about that book, such as printable interview questions, downloadable artwork, suggested opening statements, Bart’s bio and much more. Everything here is designed to make your interview with Bart a successful one from start to finish!

Interview Bart about, that teaches people about business, marketing, networking, making money online/offline, starting a coaching business, speaking, computers, and so much more. This is a great interview to start with, next to all the books below you can interview Bart about … So, take your pick and get ready for a great interview all around!

Rich Coach Broke Coach by Bart Smith

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make-by-bart-smith

Motivate Yourself To Succeed by Bart Smith

Doing Great Businss In Tough Times by Bart Smith

My Checklists Book by Bart Smith

51+ Networking Mistakes by Bart Smith & Noa Schecter

My Networking Tactics by Bart Smith

3 Simple Networking Tactics by Bart Smith

How To Be A TV Guest by Bart Smith (Front Cover)

Bitcoin & Other Currencies By Bart Smith

Who's Hungry? by Bart Smith

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Find The One For Me by Bart Smith

Laws Of The Bedroom by Bart Smith

251+ Dating, Sex & Relationship Regrets by Bart Smith

Watch Out Ladies by Bart Smith

Rich Coach Coaching Client Forms

Bart Smith, Author


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