John James Santangelo, NLP Trainer

John James Santangelo, NLP Trainer

Everyone talks about it, but what is NLP? How can NLP help your business? Why should you train to become an NLP Practitioner? This week, I’ll be interviewing John James Santangelo of on why you should consider this training opportunity. I’ve witnessed this training in person, and I will tell you, John is the best NLP trainer I’ve ever known. He’s overwhelmingly thorough in his training, which makes grasping this material so much better.
Trainer: AAA Corporate Services

Linda Gaynor of AAA Corporate Services, Inc.

Before you decide what type of business entity to choose for your business, where to incorporate and who you should choose as your resident agent, this week I interview Linda Gaynor, of AAA Corporate Services, Inc. I’ve been using them for 10+ years. Very kind and personal service, support and rates. Whenever I have a question or need help, their friendly staff is always there to take my call. I like that.