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How do you make money as a coach? Great question. Here’s the answer in short … it comes from four main sources. Let’s review the Rich Coach “Money Pie” to see where the bulk of your income will come from as a “Rich Coach!”

  1. Product Sales – Books, CD’s, workbooks, eBooks, home-study courses, manuals, DVD’s, membership sites, eCourses, etc.
  2. Group Coaching – Classes, seminars, boot camps, workshops, tele-seminars, mastermind groups, webinars, retreats, coaching clubs, etc.
  3. 1-On-1 Coaching – Telephone coaching, in-person coaching, eMail support coaching, etc.
  4. Affiliate Sales – Other people’s products, seminars, services, etc., that you promote and get paid a commission.
    Now, why is it important to consider that sequence of income-generating sources? For these reasons:

(1) PRODUCT SALES … Before you score one client, how about scoring one product sale to bring in some cash flow into the business? If you don’t have any product to sell, and you rely solely on coaching income, then you’re (a) leaving money on the table, because you haven’t turned your knowledge into another form for sale, and (b) you’re putting all the pressure to make money on your coaching services. What happens if you’re sick, or want to take a day off? When you stop coaching, your income stops. So? Don’t let that happen. Take your current knowledge base and create some product(s) out of that. (i.e., books, eBooks, audio recordings, video recordings, membership website, online eCourse, home study course, etc.)Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart Smith (FRONT Cover)

(2) GROUP COACHING … With the sale of all your products, you have a large pool of warm prospects to go after to sell, not your expensive one-on-one coaching services, but a more affordable group coaching package(s). Scoop those people up, and save yourself a lot of time, by coaching many at a reduced rate.

(3) 1-ON-1 COACHING … For individual clients who want hand-holding or personal guidance from you, one-on-one, they can pay your premium (higher) fee since you possibly/potentially make more money from coaching people in larger groups.

(4) AFFILIATE SALES … With all these people in your database, wouldn’t it be wise step to start recommending complementary products and services to them? You know them and they trust you. You can’t do it all so why not profit from your list through recommendations and affiliate yourself with the creators of other products or service providers? Don’t leave money on the table.

As you can see, knowing “where” your money comes from is vital to your coaching income’s bottom line. Look at all the money you could be letting go of, when in reality it’s yours for the taking! You just have to think this way and act in this direction!

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