Learn How To Create A Press Room

What is a Press Room?

A Press Room is a prominent section of your website that provides members of the news media or anyone else interested in interviewing you with information about you, your book/product/company, photographs, press releases, interview questions, your press kit, and other vital items needed to help them “do their job!”


Why do you need a Press Room?

Getting free publicity and using the media to get the word out about what it is you do, is one of the most underused methods of marketing you could spend time doing.

Remember this quote when dealing with the media … “Help them do their job!” When I first heard that expression, I never forgot it, and neither should you. What does it mean? “Help them to do their job?” It means, don’t make members of the media and other people strain trying to get information about you so they can conduct that interview with you or write about you for their paper.

The purpose of a Press Room is to post any and all items in there that members of the media might go looking for to help them do their job! The easier you make it for them to find interview questions, your biography, pictures of you, press releases, write-ups and articles, the easier it will be for them to say, “When can we do the interview!”

What sections make up a great Press Room?

A great Press Room must have some, if not all, of the following sections so the media can pick and choose what they need to help them help you.

  1. About (You,Your Website, Business or Product/Service) … Here’s a section that either tells a little bit about you, or a lot, or links to your About Us page on your website. When members of the media come to your Press Room and want more information about you and your company, product, etc., they’ll look for this section and quickly gain an understanding “about” who you are, your company, etc.
  2. Articles, Stories & Write-Ups … Do you write articles? You don’t have to list them in this section, but you might link to the article section on your website from within your Press Room. Articles give members of the media ideas for their own shows. If you wrote an article that inspires them to interview you, make sure they know where to find them on your site. Link to your articles section within your Press Room.
  3. Awards & Recognitions … Have you received any awards or recognition for what you do? Make sure you post a section within your Press Room that highlights these accomplishments.
  4. Biography Information … Who are you? Make it easy for members of the media to learn about you. Post your bio in your Press Room, or at least link to it. Also, make your bio available via PDF so they can print it from your website and read it on air or make note for a TV introduction if you’re ever asked to be interviewed in that fashion.
  5. Highlights & Special Announcements … Do you often make announcements to your list of clients, prospects and affiliates about new products, services, etc.? Post these announcements inside your Press Room for the media to see. Remember, members of the media are hungry for information about you, what’s going on in your world, etc. So, be sure to create a section in your Press Room that lists any new announcements you might make.
  6. FactsNFigures … Are there any particular facts and figures you might want potential members of the media or other visitors to your website to know about your company, your earnings, stock market performances, etc.? Then post those “facts ‘n’ figures” under a section called Facts & Figures or Fact Sheets or something similar.
  7. Images / Photo Gallery … This is a must-have section to include in your Press Room. When members of the media want to interview you, or other people want to do a review of your products/services, send them to your Press Room where they can download web-ready or high resolution images of you, your products, book covers … you name it. Typically, you should provide a 72 dpi (for web use) and a 300 dpi (for print use) quality image for every image you provide inside your Press Room’s image gallery area.
  8. Interview (Your Name) … Another must-have section of your Press Room, is the “Interview Your Name” section. Why not personalize this section if you can. When members of the media go looking through your Press Room and see a section title called “Interview Bart Smith”, immediately, they might just be inclined to pick up the phone and call you. At the minimum, it motivates them to … “interview you!” Inside this section, you can list ways to contact you, in addition to a list of questions they can ask you about what it is you do, your book, company, etc. Again, a must-have section for your Press Room.
  9. Interview Questions & Talking Points … Yet another must-have section to be included in your Press Room. Make it easy on members from the media and other people to interview you. Come up with a list of questions or “talking points”, and make those questions available on your website. You can either list the questions on their own page, and/or provide a download link to a PDF allowing someone to download and print the questions on their computer for easy reference when they interview you.
  10. Investor Relations … Are you looking for investment capital to fund your growing business? Mention it inside your Press Room. Let people know you’re looking for investors with x-amount of capital to invest in x-projects. You don’t have to go into specifics here, but sometimes a simple statement mentioning you’re looking for investors will suffice. You might also list certain documents and references to stock market numbers that might help encourage a prospective investor pick up the phone and call you for more information.
  11. Latest News … What’s new? What’s the latest development happening in your business? Did you come up with a new product? Did you attend (or will attend) a seminar or other networking event? Tell folks about the latest and greatest happenings in your world in your Press Room.
  12. Media Contact Information … This section is a must-have area of your website that gives members of the media and others information as to who they should contact to discuss matters relating to your website, publicity, public relations, the media, interviews and anything else mentioned in your Press Room. If you have a separate phone number for your media contact, encourage customers, affiliates and prospects not to call that number. Tell them, it’s for “MEDIA ONLY”.
  13. Networking & Sightings … Will you be attending a networking event, seminar, workshop or other type of event soon? Then, list it inside your Press Room under a section called, “Sites & Appearances”. This section serves a couple purposes: (1) It lets people know where you’ll be so they can attend the same event with hopes of meeting you. (2) When you attend these events, you’re going to take pictures right? Of course you will! Take those pictures and post them also inside your Press Room. When you do, and people look through them, if they’re from the media, you can bet they’re saying to themselves, “Wow, this person is really active, out there and a great people person. I need to call them and have them as a guest on my show. I bet they’d make a great guest!”
  14. News & Media Coverage (“In The News”) … Are you being talked about in the media? GREAT! Link to those website that talk about you, grab their corporate logo and post all of them in your Press Room. Sign up for Google Alerts, which will send you email updates whenever your personal name, product, company name is ever mentioned on the Web.
  15. Newsletter Sign-up … If you have a online newsletter or ezine, why not make it easy for members of the media and others to subscribe to it. This is a great way for them to join your list and get to know what you’re all about. If you need the ability to do this, signup for MyMarketingCart.com, which has eMail broadcasting, eZine delivery and the ability to create opt-in boxes to collect the name and eMail from people wanting to subscribe to your online newsletter. You can also list past issues of your eZine in your Press Room too. Remember, members of the media and others like them are always looking for information and material to report on. Reading your eZine articles might initiate an idea for them to pick up the phone and call you!
  16. Podcasting Shows … Do you have your own online radio or podcast show? No? Why not! Yes, good for you! If you do have your own radio show online, why not post a link to those recordings and/or how to listen to future podcast shows. If you don’t know what a podcast show is, check out my tutorial inside MyTrainingCenter.com called, Create Your Own Podcast Show.
  17. Press Kit … This is the online version of a regular press kit you would normally send out through the physical mail to someone who requests it. Members of the media who are interested in interviewing you or having you on their show like to get to know you better by requesting a press kit. Depending on the kind of industry you’re in, you might have any one of the following items included in your press kit: press release about you or your book or product, a photo of yourself, a copy of you book, a list of interview questions, a DVD of you being interviewed or speaking, two business cards and anything else you think would be of interest to the media. Now, fast forward to today! With the Internet, you have the ability to place many of these items online! Who needs to mail anything anymore. Video can be watched online, interview questions downloaded, images copied and saved to one’s computer for their use, etc. So, build a section of your Press Room with your press kit in it.
  18. Press Releases … Press releases are newsworthy, one-page announcements about you, your book, a new joint venture, or other news event written by you (or someone you hire) for distribution by the media. Press releases are not advertisements. Rather, they are written to “inform”. Depending on how busy you are with what you do, you should be posting at least one new press release to your Press Room once a week.
  19. Product Information, Reviews or Synopsis … Again, make it easy for people to find information about what you do. If you sell products or provide services, provide quick links to these pages within your Press Room. When someone’s skimming your Press Room and discover you offer x-products and services, they just might click on their respective link(s). Doing so might encourage them to pick up the phone and call you to talk about them.
  20. TV/Radio Interviews (Previously Recorded) … Were you on TV or the radio? Were you able to record any of those shows? If so, place them in your Press room for people to listen to. If a potential interviewer hears you being interviewed on other stations, what do you think their confidence level will be when they decide to call you for an interview? Pretty high, eh? You bet!
  21. Rave Reviews … What do others say about what you do? Provide a quick link within your Press Room to your testimonial or rave reviews page. When potential interviewers want to interview you and see all your testimonials, they’ll think, “Wow, if these people liked this person’s x-product/y-service, there’s a good chance my audience will to. Let’s see, where’s their phone number?”
  22. Reports (Annual Report, Financial Report, etc.) … Do you have financial information you need to share with people to help them make a decision to work or invest with you? Then, upload those documents to your website and mention them in your Press Room.
  23. Social Networking Profiles … Do you have a Facebook fan page or group? LinkedIn page? Twitter account? Instagram? Pinterest? List all the social networking sites you’re linked on from within your Press Room. People who want to learn more about you, would also like to check out your social networking pages and connect with you there.
  24. Speaking & Seminar Coverage … Do you conduct tele-seminars, seminars or other speaking events? Provide a link within your Press Room to your speaking calendar. People skimming through your Press Room might see that you speak and might want to try to attend one (or more) of your speaking events, if possible. Others might want to hire you and here’s a great place for them to find out such information, inside your Press Room.
  25. Upcoming Events … Are you speaking soon? Going to an event? Putting on an event? Tell people about it inside your Press Room. Again, this is the area of your website that represents you and what you’re doing NOW! If you let people know where you’ll be, they might be encouraged to attend with hopes of meeting you. Getting photographs you can place in your Press Room photo gallery with those who support and respect what you do really says volumes about you as a person.
  26. Video Presentations & Coverage … Do you have videos on your website, YouTube.com or other video sharing websites? Where you seen on television? Can you find that video on the Internet and link to it from within your Press Room? This is another great place for you to showcase all the video work you’ve been doing. Create a section in your your Press Room where you either showcase the few videos you have or link to a web page where you keep all of your videos.

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