Learn How To Record Audio Books

Learn How To Create Audio Books For Sale & Huge Profits By Recording Your Own Book In Audio Format

Did you know audio typically has a higher profit margin than your book in print? So, why not learn how to record your book in audio format so you can sell it as an audio book from your website or audio book selling websites like ACX, Audible.com or through several audio book stores online using a service like AuthorsRepublic.com to store and distribute your audio book? Well, first, you need to learn the steps needed to actually record an audio book. In a nutshell, here they are:

  1. Get the needed audio recording software to record your audio book.
  2. Get the needed audio recording equipment to record your audio book.
  3. Optionally, you might get some audio mixing software too. This is if you want to learn how to mix in music, sound effects or music loops into your spoken audio book recording.
  4. Preferably, the book you’ll be recording should be in PDF format, which you’ll read from your computer screen. By quietly moving the mouse to scroll down the page, you’ll be able to record nicely without the sound of you flipping real pages in a book in front of you. For sure, your microphone will pick up on you flipping real pages. Not good.
  5. Review and practice every one of my audio recording tips and techniques for recording quality audio. Remember to implement each one of my recording tips to ensure a quality recorded product in the end.
  6. Choose what you will record. Yes, I know, simple as it sounds, but what will you record? A book, eBook, a number of articles, a presentation outline of some kind? No matter what you choose to record, be sure it can be read well on the computer. If you happen to have print-outs of your book, in single sheets to flip over when done reading, that’s okay. I like to read from a PDF on my monitor screen.
  7. Have a pen/paper or other means to take notes as you read your book. YOU WILL FIND ERRORS. Make note of them so you can update your book in the software program you wrote it in. (i.e., Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, etc.)
  8. Record each section and chapter of your book as individual audio files and save them in sequence and as WAV files as you finish each one. When I say “sequence” I mean saving them in order, like this:
    0a – Copyright Statement.wav
    0b – Dedication.wav
    0c – Acknowledgements.wav
    0d – Table Of Contents.wav
    0e – Introduction.wav
    01 – Chapter 1.wav
    02 – Chapter 2.wav
    03 – Chapter 3.wav
    04 – Chapter 4.wav
    05 – Chapter 5.wav
    06 – Chapter 6.wav
    07 – Chapter 7.wav
    08 – Chapter 8.wav
    09 – Chapter 9.wav
    10 – Chapter 10.wav
    11 – Conclusion.wav
  9. Edit each audio recorded file as you record them. That is, don’t move on to record a new chapter or section unless the current recording you’re on is 100% free of any errors. Listen to it over again. Should you re-record certain parts? Do it, then. Should you record the whole thing? Do it, then. You don’t want to race through recording your book, only to have to go all the way back to the beginning and edit those earlier recorded sections. Instead, keep what you recorded fresh in your mind (as you record) if you have to record a word or sentence over again because you made a few mistakes. Again, record, edit and save in WAV format. When done, you’ll SAVE-AS/EXPORT each finished (and edited) WAV file into a 128 KBPS MP3 audio file.
  10. Once you have your audio files all recorded, edited, mixed (optionally), and they’ve each been saved to high quality (128 KBPS) MP3 audio files , you can then choose what you want to do with them, as in, where will you sell them? Your website and/or ACX, Audible.com or through several audio book stores online using a service like AuthorsRepublic.com. It’s all up to you.

Basically, in a nutshell, that’s how you record an audio book, which you can sell online and offline for passive income. What I’ve done is create an audio library of audio books for sale on MyTrainingCenter.com and BartSmith.info. Then, I use membership software to sell access to those protected audio book files. SHABAM! PASSIVE DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY PROFITS!!!

While you could sell your audio on those 3rd party platforms, such as ACX and Audible, just be careful about how much money they take from you (profit/royalty wise) and control of your audio. While there’s not much to worry about, per se, I like to know who’s buying access to my audio. I want those customer list. Those 3rd party companies won’t ever give them to you. Not good. Keep that in mind as you do all this.

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