Learn How To Create Audio Libraries For Sale On Your Website

Learn How To Create & Sell Access To Online Audio Libraries From Your Website For Pure Profit

What is an audio library?

An audio library is typically an online archive or collection of audio recordings, which you would upload to your website so customers can listen to and/or buy the audio at your website. In order for customers to listen to your audio library files online, you can either make them available for free (to listen to) or charge them a membership fee to access the audio they want to listen to.

You can also give your customers the option to either (a) listen to your audio files on your website only without having the option of being able to download the audio they’re listening to their computer, or (b) you can give them the option to download the same audio files contained within your audio library to their computer.

One things for sure, be sure your audio library collection can be listened to well on the phone. With so many people on their phones, listening to music and watching videos, this is a very important medium to remember to serve well.

What kind of audio is used to create an audio library?

When it comes to creating an audio library on your website, you can use all kinds of audio files you record or audio others have given you permission to use and sell from your website. These are the types of audios you can include in your audio library:

  • Audio books you record into your computer (i.e., books you’ve written and personally recorded).
  • Audio reports, eBooks and articles you wrote, but then recorded with your voice.
  • Audio interviews you record with other experts in your field or complimentary fields of expertise.
  • Tele-Seminar and other tele-training calls you have recorded.
  • Seminar, workshop, class and other live training event recordings.
  • Product training calls that teach people how to use your products.
  • Online radio shows, and other previously recorded podcast shows that you’ve done.

These are only a few of the types that you can file in your audio library. Certainly, there are more. Let your imagination run wild with ideas to record and profit from.You’l

How do you make money with an audio library?

There are two best ways to make money with an audio library:


You could charge a flat rate, subscription fee on a monthly basis (or a one-time lifetime fee) and give customers complete access to ALL the audio files you have available for sale on your website inside your audio library.

As you add new audio files, the price can either stay or adjust it. Certainly, the VALUE of your audio library will go up, increasing the potential for future sales.
Depending on the quality and integrity of the information you offer via your audio library, you could charge a monthly rate to customers for use of your audio library versus charging a fee per file.


You could sell individual or partial access to individual audio recording files inside your audio library based upon the subject matter of those audio recordings.

Here’s how. You may have a variety of books you wrote on different topics. Instead of having one online audio library that houses all your audio recorded libraries, create different websites and sell each audio recording as a separate product within the same shopping cart that you use to sell them. This actually helps you make more money, because you’re collecting money from the sale of several different (audio library) products.

How do you create an audio library on your website?

To create your own audio library for sale from your website, here’s what you need:

  1. Audio to upload to your website to sell. This might consist of one book (for now) or more that you recorded.
  2. Choose what membership software you’ll use to sell and protect your audio content behind a membership wall. This is assuming you’re going to do this from your website so you can retain all the control, leads and the money. Members will have to purchase access, then login to listen to any audio you upload into your audio library.
  3. With your membership software chosen, start building the following pages on your website to be able to sell, store and serve your audio libraries to paying members:
    1. Sales Page(s) to sell the audio you have to offer members inside once they pay and login to listen.
    2. Registration Page so paid members can create their accounts so they can then? LOG IN!
    3. Member Login + Forgot Password Pages. This usually comes with your membership software when you install it.
    4. Member Home Page to welcome and help navigate your members to where they need to go to listen to your audio.
    5. Audio Library Page(s) per audio book or product you want to protect via membership. These pages will house the audio via players and/or playlists so your members can listen to what you have for sale on the front end.
    6. Come Back Soon Page for when members log out, they can are redirected to a page that encourages them to “come back soon” and listen to more of your audio content.
  4. Once everything is in place, conduct a test-purchase to test everything:
    1. Create a 100% off coupon so you can go through the buying process of testing the member sign-up/purchase/login sequence without you having to pay with real money. Just apply the discount every time you want to test this sequence.
    2. Were you redirected to registration page after making your (fake, 100% off) purchase? If so, great! If no, troubleshoot for the source of the problem.
    3. If you did login upon registration, can you easily navigate to where the audio library(ies) are based on the member home page?

In a nutshell, if you follow all these steps you’re sure to be on your way to selling access to your own audio library of audio content from your website for pure profit!

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