Organizing Audio Files On Your Computer

Learn How To Organize Your Audio Files On Your Computer So You Can Find Them When You Need Them

With all the audio recording you’re about to embark on, and all the on-going MP3 files you’ll be ripping from stereo-playing CD’s, it’s absolutely vital that you learn how to organize the audio files on your computer before you have to ask yourself, “Let’s see now, where did I save that audio file?”

What kind of audio files do you need to organize?

For starters, let’s identify two major groups of audio files you’ll be organizing from here to the end of time:

PERSONAL AUDIO FILES — These audio files include your personal stereo CD collection of MP3s that you ripped to you computer and any other audio files that are not “business-related” or “client-related.” These audio files might include personal self-help, how-to, inspirational — anything related to you “personally” or that you might listen to in your free time. You’ll want to file these audio files separately from any potential “business-related” audio files.

PROFESSIONAL AUDIO FILES — These audio files include any and all audio files that relate to your business or those audio files that you create for your clientele. Maybe you’re in the business of creating audio files for others or helping others with their audio files. Well, all of these audio files, including your own (for your own web site, audio book, etc.), fall under the category of Professional Audio Files and should be filed separately from your Personal Audio Files.

What kind of “file folder system” should you use to help file and organize all of your new audio files?

When it comes to filing and organizing audio files on your computer, the best way to ensure that you know where your audio files are is to implement a logical “file folder system.” It should make sense (to you, especially) and provide quick and easy access to all of your audio files with just a few mouse clicks!

Following is a “file folder system” has proven to me to be one of the best ways to help organize and file ALL of your audio files. Having a strong filing system will save you time and frustration when it comes to locating any number of files; hundreds; thousands. Seriously!

Find the drives on your computer where you’ll store your audio …

Select the hard drive in your computer in which you will create the folders to organize all the audio files you want to save, rip, store, edit, manage and delete. How do you decide? Answer these questions:

(a) Are you using a laptop? You can create these folders on your C:// drive unless your hard disk is partitioned into more than one “virtual” drive (i.e., C://, D://, etc.); then, you may choose which drive you’d like.

(b) Are you using a PC? Then, you would create these folders on the drive where you store all your other document files. For example, the D:// drive or E:// drive. Every computer is different, so use your best judgment or ask someone you know for help.

Create the following “MAIN FOLDERS” on your computer’s hard drive…

  • !Audio Recordings — This is where you will file all your PROFESSIONAL Audio Files. The next time you start recording your own “audio recordings” for business or fun, file those audio recordings in this folder. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Also, you’ll notice the “!” in front of the words Audio Recordings. Whenever you place an “!” in front of the name of a folder, it shoots that folder right to the top of the list! And, since you’ll be in and out of this folder a lot, why not make it first in your list of folders! In other words, you will not find it under the A’s (for Audio).
  • !MP3s — This is where you will file all your PERSONAL Audio Files. When you start ripping your personal CD collection to MP3 format (for easy listening on your computer, iPod or MP3 portable player), you’ll want to file the newly ripped MP3s in your !MP3s folder. Again, because this is an important folder, you might also place an “!” in the front of the name so it also shoots right to the top of the list of other folders for quick and easy access.

Create the following “SUB-FOLDERS” within your “MAIN FOLDERS” on your computer …

!Audio Recordings — Within this folder, create the following sub-folders:

  • Audio Books — All audio book recordings you create for your books go in here.
  • Client Work — All audio work you create/edit/manage for clients go in this folder.
  • Music Loops — All the music loops and sound effects you accumulate go in this folder.
  • Seminar Recordings — All the seminar recordings you accumulate/rip/edit go in here.
  • Tele-Seminar Recordings — All tele-seminar recordings accumulate/rip/edit go in here.
  • Web Site Audio — All the audio you create for your web site(s) goes in this folder.

Can you think of any more? Don’t stop here! You should also create sub-folders within the suggested sub-folders above for even more audio file organization. For instance, you could create sub-folders within the Audio Books folder that will represent each and every book you write and record. As for Client Work, every client you do work for should have their own folder! I think you get the picture by now.Let’s move on to the !MP3s folder.

!MP3s — In this folder, you might create the following sub-folders:

  • Alternative
  • Audio Books
  • Classical
  • Classic Rock
  • Country Music
  • Electronic/Dance
  • Jazz, Funk, Blues & Reggae
  • Hard Rock
  • Holiday Music
  • Latin Guitar, Pop, Jazz, etc.
  • Meditation & Instrumental
  • Oldies
  • Opera, Orchestra, etc.
  • Pop Rock
  • Soft Rock
  • Soundtracks (Movie & TV)
  • World Music

Can you think of any other genres of music you should create folders for? Look at your own music collection. What do you have on the shelf? Customize the sub-folders within the !MP3s folder to serve your organizational needs. Do you need a list of genres for inspiration? Click Here …

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