Learn How To Write & Submit Press Releases

What is a Press Release?

A press release is an article or communication you write to send to newspaper editors, magazines, newsletter publishers, journalists and reporters in specific niche industries about your company, products, services, website which is of interest to their readers at large!

Your press release should tie in with a current event or news item helping to make the press release article relevant to the audience. If the editor of that publication thinks their readers would be interested in what you have to say in your press release, the editor will be glad to print your press release in their publication for FREE or reach out to you for an interview or both!

What are the BENEFITS to sending out Press Releases?

For starters, FREE ADVERTISING and CREDENTIAL-BUILDING benefits in the same effort! When you publish a press release, not only are you getting FREE EXPOSURE for your company, product or service, you’re also adding CREDIBILITY to your name and company because the publisher of that press release must have thought highly enough about your article to print it for the benefit of their die-hard, loyal readership absolutely FREE!

How is a Press Release MORE POWERFUL than Advertising?

You be the judge! What’s not to like about submitting press releases to promote every new product, service or company announcement? Here’s what you get:

  • CREDIBILITY! When people read your press release, they’re not reading an advertisement, they’re reading an article personally approved and published by the editor of a respected newspaper, newsletter or magazine. Press Releases carry TEN TIMES THE VALUE of any advertisement any day of the week! Besides, who reads ads in a newspaper or a magazine anyway?
  • EXPOSURE! Press Releases get first class exposure next to that of ordinary, paid advertisements. If your Press Release is “newsworthy” enough it might get picked up by a dozen other newspapers, newsletters or magazines for FREE! It might even make the FRONT PAGE … for FREE!
  • FREE! Go ahead, say it OUT LOUD! It’s a beautiful word = FREE!!! Note, while some services are free, you do get a little more “bang for your buck” when you pay a professional service to distribute your press release for you. Sometimes, for as little as $20 per press release, you can actually achieve high rankings on the search engines with your online release.

Press releases are some of the best forms of FREE ADVERTISING because [1] they’re FREE, [2] the EXPOSURE is generous — more than you could ever ask for) and [3] the CREDIBILITY associated with a press release is 100% genuine and real all unto itself!

Think about the cost of having to pay for the same amount of advertising space and exposure. And, what would you get? Just another ad – next to nothing. Who wants to read ads when you can read the articles! Press Releases are worth their weight in gold and then some!

So, with millions of die-hard readers across the world, thousands upon thousands of periodicals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters online and off, and an unlimited list of newspapers and publication mediums on and offline to submit your Press Release to, why not add Press Releases to your list of online and offline marketing efforts.

Reach thousands, millions via FREE PUBLICITY and CREDIBILITY-BUILDING marketing mediums when you send out Press Releases about your company, product or service.

Quick tips on WRITING a Press Release?

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when writing your press release:

  • Make sure your press release is “newsworthy!” How can you relate what you have to say to something either in the news, or again, newsworthy? It cannot be an advertisement or solicitation for your product/service.
  • Include your contact information at the top of the press release, such as contact name, address, telephone and fax numbers, eMail and website address.
  • Come up with a headline for your press release that really makes the readers/interviewers want to continue reading and CALL YOU for an interview, or check out your product, service or website!
  • Lead the first paragraph with your location and date: LOS ANGELES, CA — September 19, 2019).
  • Use the first paragraphs to announce your news — who, what, when, where and why); then use the subsequent paragraphs to back up/support that announcement with quotes, statistics, etc.
  • Keep paragraphs short and to the point. Two or three sentences is plenty of text per paragraph.
  • Double space between paragraphs and don’t indent your paragraphs. Leave that stuff for books and school essays.
  • “Just the facts!” Keep your press release to one page and focus on the facts.
  • Keep printed press releases to one page; keep e-releases “above the fold” — 500 words or less is usually sufficient).
  • At the bottom of your release, be sure to include a general statement about your company/organization.
  • End your press release with the following notation … “###” … This helps indicate the end of your press release.

Now, that you have some idea on what goes into writing a press release, let’s actually write one!

Here’s how to WRITE your Press Release?

First, let’s look at the overall layout of a typical press release so you know what to write and where to place such information. Then, let’s look at a real press release so you can get a feel for how you can write yours. Also, I’ve prepared for you 3 press release templates, which you can refer to when starting to write your own press release.


Granted, this press release was one that included several of my books in one release all relating to a single topic (i.e., relationships). Still, take from this press release some ideas for your own. Spruce yours up too. Don’t just be plain about it.

Sample Press Release

You can also search online for specific press releases that specifically cater to a particular industry. For example, you can just imagine each industry might have different guidelines for writing press releases that really catch their eye. What industry are you targeting? Research press releases written for that specific industry for unique layout and writing-style ideas. While there are similarities among them all, every press release has something unique to offer a particular industry. When you’re ready to write your own press release, your can download my press release templates below to help get you started.

Download My FREE Press Release Templates!

This is a Microsoft Word document, which you can use to draft your own press release. Simply download it to your computer and start editing it. Be sure to proof your press releases before sending it out, naturally.


Need help WRITING your Press Release?

If you’re finding it hard to write your own press release, not to worry. There are hundreds of press release writing services out there today who can help you. But, to be honest with you, if you give it a try first, then try just a little more, I think you’ll find you can do quite well. It may take time, but try.

Read sample press releases and keep writing and making adjustments here and there. Write something, anything, then let it sit. Come back to it later to see if you can reword something a certain way to make it sound more appealing and newsworthy. If all else fails, and you really can’t write your own press release, again, there are those online who can help you. Sure, you still might hire a press writing service, but your initially taking the time to write your own will help the service you use to write it that much better.

Need help DISTRIBUTING your Press Release?

After you have proofed your press release for any spelling errors, typos, grammar mistakes, flow, the correct contact information, etc., it’s time to send it out to the world through a reliable press release distribution service. While there are free press release distribution services you could use, actually, paying for this service is well worth it. Mostly, because the services you pay for have better relationships with the media outlets receiving your press release. A good thing.

Do note, there are never any guarantees that media outlets will use your press release. There are many factors that do play a role in what each outlet consider to be “newsworthy.” Some of those factors may include timeliness of your release, relevance to current topics being covered today, and whether or not the individual media outlet feels your story is of any interest to the publication’s audience.

How do you TRACK your Press Release?

So, you distributed your press release. Now what? Did it get picked up or fall into a press release black hole? This is where a good press release tracking service comes in handy. Check out these press release tracking services to help you monitor the amount of coverage you are actually getting every time you send out a press release.

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