My "50 States Sales Goal" To Aim For When Making Money Online

50-states-sales-goalOne SALE per STATE per DAY!

That’s all you want, right? Have you ever thought about making sales goals for the products you sell? Do you have any products to sell?

Why not, it truly is the fast path to wealth. How else can you duplicate yourself and knowledge for sale AND get paid when you’re not present?

In the form of products! (i.e., and get Goals help set the pace, provide motivation and keep us focused on the bottom line: INCOME!

When setting sales goals, they should be …

  • Realistic
  • Attainable
  • Time-Measured

The more specific you can make your goals the better. What are your reasons for wanting such goals?

  • Write Them Down
  • Make Them Stick
  • Revisit Them … Often!

When you set goals, THINK BIG! Then break the BIG PICTURE down into TINY, LITTLE, ATTAINABLE PICTURES and GOALS. For instance, 50 SALES PER DAY … Yikes, that sounds like a lot of sales to make happen! But then, it isn’t really when you look at it the way I do!

What if you could do it?

What if you could generate a MINIMUM of 1 SALE per STATE per DAY for your information product, report, audio series, workbook, etc. Imagine that for a moment … ONE SALE PER DAY PER STATE? Yeah, what if you could do it?

What if you had more than one product?

Then, suppose you had a number of DIFFERENT PRODUCTS with DIFFERENT PRICING. You have to wonder how the math ($$$) might add up, right? So, I created the following chart to depict just that.

My “50 States Sales Goal” To Aim For When Making Money Online

And, how do we accomplish such BIG SALES GOALS? By setting SMALLER GOALS to get us there!

Take the time in steps to advertise and infiltrate your own state, then neighboring states, states next to them, on up until you’ve crossed the entire country!

Utilize EVERY MARKETING TACTIC mentioned here at MTC and THEN SOME!

Note, for this example illustrated herein, I chose the U.S. and her 50 glorious states to make my point. But, for that matter, there’s no reason why anyone couldn’t set similar goals if they lived in any other country.

A final note. Since this is the Internet we’re talking about, the whole world is our marketplace. Why couldn’t any international business person in any country look to sell any lawful information product, report, tape, etc. here in the US and our 50 States? They can! And, you can in their country! Think BIG! Unleash your limitless imagination!

No matter how or where you set your goals, make them YOURS, make them REAL, make them STICK and above all … WORK THEM! Keep YOUR EYE on the PRIZE and NEVER LET GO!

Fifty State Income Projection Chart Formulas

Sales Per Day = 50 (one sale for each of the 50 States/USA) If your product’s price does not match any price for which income has been tabulated and/or you live outside the US, calculate a similar table which matches your circumstance using the simple formulas by substituting your product’s price and/or by substituting for 50 the number of provinces, major cities, or the like in your country. It will only take a few minutes of your time and is worth the effort.

  • Daily Income = 50 x Product Price
  • Weekly Income = 7 x Daily Income
  • Monthly Income = 365/12 (or 30.41666666…) x Daily Income
  • Yearly Income = 365 x Daily Income

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