My Personal Sales/Marketing "Principles" For Selling Online/Offline

When it comes to my personal sales and marketing principles and strategy for selling online/offline, well, here they are …
Allow me to explain …

  • It’s a numbers game out there. Always has been, always will be.
  • The more “qualified prospects” you get your message to, the more “leads” you’ll generate to sell to.
  • If you wanted to make $1,000,000 selling your new book, ask yourself, “How many books would you have to sell to make $1,000,000?”
  • Well, let’s do the math … $1,000,000 (in sales) ÷ $20 (per book) = 50,000 BOOK SALES!
  • Well, in order to sell 50,000 books, you’re going to have to reach at least 5,000,000 people to be able to capture a minimum of 1% sales return on all your marketing efforts. Right? You bet!
  • So, how will you reach 5,000,000 people with your message? By using a variety of marketing tactics that work, are FREE and generate almost instant results when you put them into action!
  • For a list of marketing tactics you can use to market your business, web site, new book, consulting service, etc., check out my reports on MARKETINGVIDEO MARKETING, and BOOK MARKETING & PROMOTION here at MTC.


  • Once you expose your message to large groups of “qualified prospects,” you’re bound to get a certain number of “leads” or people interested in “learning more” about what you have to sell.
  • Well, just don’t sell them up front, no that’d be asking for the sale too fast!
  • Instead, court them, educate them, let them sample what you’ve got … Hook them!
  • Be ready to “earn their trust!” Just because you have the greatest product in the world, doesn’t mean people are going to buy from you the minute you flash your ad up somewhere or build a web site.
  • Before people become customers, they first want to get to know you. They need to trust you, before they can buy from you.
  • So, how do you get people to trust you? Simple! Give them something for FREE that might relate to what you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling a book, give away free sample chapters or excerpts from your book! Give away a sample audio recording you made reading your book!
  • By giving these “qualified leads” something to sample, they’re more likely to buy from you.
  • Why? Because after they try, they begin to trust!
  • When people trust you, and you show you actually provide the solutions to the problems they’re looking to solve, they’re ready to buy!


  • Once these leads “trust you” they’re ready to buy from you!
  • Be ready to accept all forms of payment from your customers: Credit cards, PayPal payments, check, cash, etc.
  • Later, you can make even more money selling new products and services to these very same customers who have come to trust and like you. So, have fun with that!

Try » Trust » Buy
How do you influence customers to trust you? Simple. Let them learn (about you) or “try” something about your product or service for FREE! Give away free information about that which you have to sell!

  1. Before customers will BUY … they must TRUST!
  2. Before customers will TRUST … they must TRY!
  3. So, let customers TRY, so they will TRUST!
  4. As soon as they TRUST, they will BUY!”

If you “trust” this process, the process will take care of you! You’ll develop goodwill in the community and in the marketplace, customers who really want what you have and in the end, sales!

Give Away Tips & Sell Details!
Another principle that goes along with this is “give away tips, sell details.” One of the most powerful marketing tactics at your disposal (24/7) is the power of giving away free information to your target market of prospects.
GIVE AWAY FREE INFORMATION, Free Reports, Free eBooks, Free Consulting, Free Classes, Free Newsletters, Free eZines, Free Anything with your name, web address and telephone number on it across your entire target market!
BUILD BRAND AWARENESS, credibility and a name for yourself (via this free marketing tactic) by allowing those people who receive your free information to give it away to their friends, family and close associates (also) for free!
Let your free marketing materials do the SELLING and TELLING for you, while you tend to and service those clients who called you after receiving your free information.
Be sure to COLLECT PEOPLE’S NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS in exchange for your free information for permission marketing and follow-up income soon and forever!
When giving away free information, don’t give away the store! But, just enough free information to whet their appetite! “give away tips, sell details.” Hook customers! Draw them in and sell them the remainder of what they seek, need or want.

My Personal “3-Prong Marketing Approach”
In addition to the above marketing principles, I also have a three-prong approach to marketing my own products, services, books, web sites and businesses. I believe wholeheartedly in these marketing strategies and I highly recommend you start too. They go something like this:
Grassroots movement, word of mouth marketing, testimonials, fan base … You don’t need to pay for marketing; your product/service sells itself and spreads easily among a sea of prospects who turn into customers who turn into raving fans!
When you hit the airwaves and the mainstream, armed with your underground revolution and army of affiliates, fans and testimonials, you explode on to the market like a nuclear bomb. Your competition? Annihilated. Your products and services are literally second to none.
Always leave your customers wanting more. Never leave them fully satisfied. (You want them coming back for more). Always leave your competition second guessing what your next move is. Always unpredictable, spontaneous, entertaining, always providing more value than expected – every time.
Keep these in mind when you write your business plan and when preparing your marketing materials.

The #1 Marketing Tactic, In My Opinion …
RELATIONSHIP MARKETING, because you never know who will be your next customer or refer you one! People are your business, people are your market, people are the lifeblood of your company, career, income and lifestyle! They say the average person knows (on average) about 250 people throughout their lifetime. Well, treat that one person GREAT, and who knows, perhaps those 250 people can be yours too with just a simple referral. See how easy that works?
Without people, we wouldn’t have customers to buy what we have for sale; or products to make to sell to them, or stores and web sites to build to sell what we have to those who want to buy it. Treat people like gold, they hold the keys to your success!!!

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