My "Projected Income Chart" For Setting Sales & Income Goals

What is the “Projected Income” Chart?

It’s always nice to know how much you might make (per day, per week, per month, per year) IF you were to sell “x number” of pieces of product per day at a particular price. So, I created the following Projected Income Chart Per “Product Price” to determine just those figures.

To use this chart, simply find the table corresponding to the price of your product and observe the table entry representing the calculated income for the number of sales per day over the time period of interest.

For example, the calculated income generated by the sale of a $29.95 product sold at the rate of 5 per day is $149.75 per day, $1,048.25 per week, $4,554.90 per month, and $54,658.75 per year.

If your product’s price does not match any price for which income has been tabulated, see the simple formulas following the table and calculate a table for your product’s price. It will only take a few minutes of your time and is worth the effort.

In addition to estimating what income one would see if a certain number of units of product were sold per day, the chart displays the awesome power of multiplication and, in doing so, can provide tremendous motivation to stay on task and to remain firm in your commitment to succeed in your marketing endeavors. Look at the chart several times a week. And each time you do, feel the energy swelling up within you. “I can do it!”

Let’s see the “Projected Income” Chart in action!

To see how much money you could possibly make if you sold “X-UNITS” of a certain product at “X-PRICE”, just find those figures in the charge below. I love looking over this chart to DREAM BIG about selling my books over the radio, TV, online and offline at live events and through other means!

Bart Smith's Projected Income Chart

How do we accomplish such SALES GOALS?

Utilize EVERY MARKETING TACTIC found on this website … and then some!

Projected Income Chart Formulas:

  • Sales/Day = 1, 3, 5, 15, 30, 50, 100, … (or whatever rate you select)
  • Daily Income = Sales/Day x Product Price
  • Weekly Income = 7 x Daily Income
  • Monthly Income = 365/12 (or 30.41666666 …) x Daily Income
  • Yearly Income = 365 x Daily Income

Income Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of any kind about income. Your success is entirely dependent upon your own individual sales efforts. Need I say, “Duh!” Not really.

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