Writer’s Block? Not After You Read This Report!

You know, there are times when you try and you try, but you just can’t seem to put a single word down on paper. Well, here are seven sure-fire ways to help you get out of the “writer’s block” rut. Here’s how to break through “writer’s block” whenever it happens!

Keep the pen rolling anyway!

It doesn’t matter if you write JUNK, NOTHING, NONSENSE, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH. See? You just keep writing. Because the magic comes when you go back to the start and read what you just wrote! “Oh, that would sound better if I added this word and took out this word. There ya go. Ah, yes. I can see it coming together now …”

Take a break!

Walk outside. Step away from your “writer’s rut” so you can think clearly, refresh yourself and regroup. You can’t write at your best when you’re tired, burnt out, etc. Rest up. Take a 15 minute nap if you need to. Lay down and rest your eyes, and get the blood flowing back to your brain.


It’s important to realize that the mind can’t just go on and on and on. So, break it up with a little exercise. Work out, sweat, get your body working in another direction entirely. You’ll be surprised how refreshing your work out will be in the end, not to mention, all the great ideas you go will you were working out. (Oh, bring a note pad with you to your workout, if possible. You WILL get ideas there and you’ll want to write them down. Then, return to your workout with ease, because you know, you wrote down that great idea.

Read more material!

If YOU run out of words to write about, no worries, start READING. Reading new material will definitely add more thoughts, ideas, facts, experiences, events, names, numbers, dates, figures, statistics, truths, realities, etc. to your mind to work with in your writing. The more you read, the better the writer you’ll become. The same goes for listening to lots of audio programs too. The more material you listen to, the more you’ll know, the more you can write about.

Collaborate with someone (part-time or full-time)!

Two minds work better than one. Got a friend or associate in the business that could work with you on that writing piece that’s stumping you? I know when I need a little help, I have a couple of friends who I can call to say, “Hey, how would you say _______?” And, many times, just a few words out of their mouth will start your mind rolling with ideas! Because, they offer a different perspective.

Interview others (who might help) with your writing!

This also goes for attending classes, lectures, seminars and workshops. Or, just sitting around socializing with others about topics that relate to your writing interests. It’s all about (1) getting the what’s inside you “out” and/or (2) getting information “into” you so you can do something with it, like write! Either way … work it!

Muster up more material!

Just as it was said earlier, you need to fill your “writing mind” with more “information” for you to be able to build your writing castle with! So, buy/read more books; attend more seminars, classes and lectures; meet and talk to more and more people; remember to take breaks to refresh, regroup and revitalize your creative writing energies!

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