Learn To Use My "Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach" Coaching Client Forms, Logs, Contracts & Agreements In Your Coaching/Consulting Business

Learn How To Use My Coaching Client Forms, Logs, Contracts & Agreements In Your Coaching Business
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Every coach (i.e., life, personal and/or business coach) needs their own set of customized coaching/client agreement forms, assessment forms, intake forms, feedback forms, call record forms/logs, and many others to help run a PROFESSIONAL and successful coaching business.

BART SMITH   Last updated 7/2019

Coaching Client Forms, Logs, Contracts & AgreementsIf you run a coaching or consulting business and don’t use specific coaching client forms, contracts, agreements, logs and other essential documents, then you are not running your coaching business as efficiently as you could be. Without the use of these forms, your coaching business is like a kite in the wind with clients and information and progress blowing all around and without any structure, organization or efficiency in client format.
All of the following coaching client forms, worksheets and agreements are contained within this COMPLETE COACHING & AGREEMENT FORMS BUNDLE which I’ve put together for you so you don’t have to waste your time creating them. What’s more, where would you even start when it comes to creating such forms? That’s what my coaching client form students love my downloadable coaching forms.
These forms come straight out of my book, Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach, ready for you to customize with your company name, contact information, etc. Just purchase, download, and customize.
What You Will Get & Learn
By enrolling in this specific course:
What coaching client forms you should be using in your coaching business.
Why and how you can use such forms in your coaching business.
How to download my coaching client forms to your computer.
How to customize my coaching client forms for your use.
How to send your customized coaching client forms to clients.
How to post/upload your coaching client forms to your website.
… and much more!
Course Description
This purchase contains 14 downloadable coaching client forms/logs (below) that teach you how to download, customize and use my coaching client forms. Each form is in its own Microsoft Word document, along with one Excel spreadsheet file. All our downloadable after purchase. Peruse the following list of coaching forms. It’s very complete and the perfect set of forms to launch any coaching business successfully.

Featured Review
5 Stars
Ann Dillard, KIP Consulting Services, LLC, Decatur, GA“I knew I needed coaching forms and agreements when I started my coaching business. The problem was, who was going to write them, would I cover everything, and did I even want to spend the time doing it? Drafting contracts and agreements can be a very daunting task for anyone who isn’t familiar with drafting contracts. So, I went looking online and that’s when I found Bart’s coaching forms. I couldn’t find anyone who had as many contracts for sale, in a bundle and with such detail as Bart did. I’m so glad I bought them. Customizing them was a cinch, and actually a lot of fun.” — Ann Dillard, KIP Consulting Services, LLC, Decatur, GA

Course Reviews
5 Stars
Alicia C., Real Estate Trainer & Investor, Dallas, TX“I really want to thank Bart for creating these forms. They gave me so many ideas on how to better structure and organize my coaching and consulting business when it comes to how I work with my clients. Customizing them was easy since they’re in Microsoft Word. Just download, customize and print. Easy. Thanks, Bart!” — Alicia C., Real Estate Trainer & Investor, Dallas, TX

5 Stars
Angela Hook, ForeverEvolving.org, Lansing, MI“I think we can all relate to where we reach that point in developing our coaching business when we need contracts, forms and agreements to work with our clients. Well, knowing how much work and expertise is involved creating contracts from scratch, I knew I’d be better off going online and finding a resource to save me that time/energy. Who popped up in my search results over and over? Bart Smith and his Coaching Client Forms bundle. I looked things over and for the price, wow, I couldn’t say now. In the time I ordered my forms, downloaded them and started to customize them … I had more fund doing all that than I would have if I had to create them from the beginning. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Bart makes it so easy. He’s taken all the guess work out of what forms to have, use and because he’s provided so much, you can easily scale back and use only the forms you need. Great work and thank you, Bart.” — Angela Hook, ForeverEvolving.org, Lansing, MI
5 Stars
Angela H., LeadershipElevateHer.com, Waxhaw, NC“Talk about time-saving, Bart’s coaching client forms are exactly what I needed to add that extra touch of organization and professionalism to my current coaching business. I looked online and found Bart’s forms to be the most detailed and extremely affordable. For the amount of time, work and know-how Bart must have put into creating these forms (line-by-line, word-by-word), compared to the time I saved drafting them from scratch myself? Wow, thank you, Bart. Fine work and I appreciate what you’ve done for me and my coaching business greatly.” — Angela H., LeadershipElevateHer.com, Waxhaw, NC

Course Video: How To Use My “Rich Coach” Coaching Client Forms, Logs, Contracts & Agreements


Purchase Includes

  14 Coaching Client Form Lessons
  14 Video Tutorials
  90 Minutes (Learning Duration)
  14 Downloadable Resources
  13 MS Word Downloadable Files
  1 MS Excel Downloadable File
  Available On PC/MAC/Phone
  Lifetime Access (24/7)

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