Podcasting Part #7: Why Should YOU Learn To Podcast

WHO Should Start Podcasting?



Even though podcasting remains a “how-to” mystery for most folks, more and more people are leveraging it as a powerful new means of communication, marketing and monetization. Even big companies like FOX, BCC, ABC, and others, are not only expanding their audience with podcasting, but they are able to offer their content to more people through more options (i.e., podcasting) …

So, who should start podcasting?

Authors, consultants, speakers and trainers! … You should start podcasting!

Entertainers, comedians and musicians! … They should start podcasting!

Talk show hosts of all kinds! … They should (and have) started to podcast!

If you have a product, service or seminar you’d like others to learn about! … Start podcasting!

Need more business, brand name exposure, more clients/prospects? … Start podcasting!

Yes, people watch TV and listen to the radio, but think about all the hours people spend at their computer all day and all night and weekends. Then, think about all the people driving on the freeways who listen to talk radio. Then, think about all of those people listening to your content, delivered directly to their PC, iPod, MP3 player, cell phone or other portable audio player via podcasting!

Podcasting is giving people more control over what they want to listen to from music, educational training programs, entertainment to talk show-style programs, you name it. Add to that the freedom to take their podcasts with them any where they go, night and day, this powerful medium should not be overlooked.


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