Why Should YOU Learn To Podcast

Why Should YOU Learn To Podcast?



Podcasting can be a great hobby to get into, especially if you have something to say, ideas, thoughts or music to share. Podcasting can also be an additional marketing tactic for you and your business. Here are all the reasons you might consider launching your own podcast, especially if you’re in business!

Having your own podcast can be a great marketing and communication tool for you and your business! Oh, I think I just mentioned that. Podcasting can help increase your business and reach your target market online for low cost, yet with high yielding results. What’s more, you can improve your corporate brand/image too!

Increase your online visibility to your target market. Imagine, thousands of people “interested” in your topic of expertise, tuning into your podcast. It can’t get any easier than that, when it comes to reaching your target market online!

Podcasting may be more powerful than text and writing articles. With podcasting, you get a much improved level of perceived value from your target market and increased potential results for your marketing message because your prospects can HEAR you, hear your sincerity, your heart come through over the microphone, etc.

Increase your online visibility with the search engines. Do a simple search for “bart smith podcasts” and see what comes up on the home page of Google.com. Yep! All that appeared on the engines within 72 hours of my publishing my first podcast. Wow! Having a podcast can get you listed in numerous directories online and increase your online search results.

Podcasting help increase the “mind share” of your target audience. Imagine, listeners to your podcast listening to your podcast while exercising, walking, doing other tasks online at work or at home.

Podcasting is another way to “get the word out” about your message, expertise, opinions, etc., and yet with the added personal touch of your voice!

Increase the brand awareness and visibility for your product, company and/or service by releasing several podcasts about your topic of expertise. Extend your brand’s reach further using this new media format.

Inform your listeners, fans, clients and prospects with the latest industry news and insights related to your field of expertise/interest/hobby through podcasting!

Increase loyalty, customer satisfaction and profits with the use of podcasting.

Keep customers, clients, prospects and affiliates informed, updated and aware of information that relates to them.

Keep the “public” up to date and informed with what you know! Podcast it, then submit press releases announcing your podcast and that it’s now available to listen to!

You can also use podcasts to release product development news and the latest product announcements and seminar announcements!

Reach more markets and an audience that was not so reachable before with other media formats. Podcasting allows you to start and run your own radio show online! Invite guests, sponsor ads, interview experts, you name it!

Folks between the ages of 15 and 25 prefer to listen to music and audio broadcasts on their mobile devices rather than traditional broadcast radio.

You can also bring your message to a whole new mobile market (i.e., cell phones and tablets). How many millions of people have cell phones today? How many of them would you like to make your material available to? Millions? Better get poddin’!

Wow, that’s sum list, right? You know what to do now, … START PODCASTING!


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