How Can You Make Money With Podcasting?

How Can You Make Money With Podcasting?


There are several ways to make money with podcasting. Here are some of the more popular ways:

Promote Your Products

In between “segments” of your podcast, stop and take a moment to tell people about your products and what you have to offer. Did you write a book? Record an audio program? Create a home-study course? Don’t have any products? Check out the special report on 101 Product Ideas here at Or, if you want to get started creating products faster, learn how to interview an expert (in any field of expertise), which you could then turn around and create a product out of or an interesting podcast show!

Promote Your Consulting Services

Are you a consultant? Do you provide services to others? Then mention them in your podcast. When people hear what you do, they’re more likely to call you for help!

Promote Your Affiliate Relationships

Become an affiliate for other people’s products and promote them through your podcast. Also, have others sign up for your affiliate program and mention your products in their podcast. Hey, why not interview each other and promote each other’s products on the same call!

Promote Your Seminars, Webinars & Tele-Seminars

That’s right! Perhaps you have a regular webinar / tele-seminar series you host to promote your live in-person seminars and workshops. Mention your tele-seminars or live seminars in your podcast. You could even provide a “sample audio” clip from one of your tele-seminars or live seminars so people could hear in advance what you sound like on the call or live in person. This goes the same for speaking. If you’re a professional speaker, (a) mention you’re a speaker and would like to be booked for speaking, and (b) provide a sample clip or two or three of you speaking at different events and don’t forget to add all that applause!

Sell “Advertising Slots”

Promote other people’s products on your own podcasts. You could sell advertising “air time” on your podcast, or link to potential affiliates through a domain name you own (which forwards to your affiliate link) and make money that way.

Sell “Sponsorships”

Where blatant commercialism isn’t always welcome, why not have someone (or a company) “sponsor” the free content. Find a sponsor (a.k.a., someone interested in advertising their name on your “free” podcast) who will pay you money to do so!

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