Thank You Page Checklist For Website Product Purchases


When a customer buys a product from you, be sure you send that person to a thank you page. A typical thank you page should have a few essential components. Check my checklist for items that you can add to your thank you page so they’re inspired to buy more or take another action while they’re still at your site.

1. ____ Post a message at the top of the page in a large font that reads, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE!”

2. ____ A small, sub header should read, “INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ORDER” or” WHAT TO DO NEXT!”

3. ____ Create the message, “Check your eMail for an eMail receipt for your purchase. Use it for questions about the order we will be shipping you.” You can tweak this for your needs.

4. ____ Link to support pages, FAQ pages, video tutorials, infographics, guides, tutorials and instruction pages for customers with questions.

5. ____ State when customers can expect their order to be shipped. Typically, 2-4 weeks, but you may be able to provide a delivery date.

6. ____ Provide easy instructions to download a product if it’s a digital product.

7. ____ Give instructions on how to access their new membership, if it’s a membership website purchase.

8. ____ Provide opportunities to sign-up for your newsletter and disclose discounts for products or special announcements.

9. ____ Giveaways make it easy for viewers to contact you for questions or concerns.

10. ____ Post comments and testimonials from satisfied customers on the thank you page in written, audio or video form. Include photographs with testimonials. This inspires new customers to buy from you.

11. ____ Post an audio recording of you personally thanking customers showing appreciation for sales and support. Add audio from happy customers.

12. ____ Post other products on your thank you page. These products should be your top sellers. Use upgrades and add-ons to enhance their buying experience. Remind them of other products they could buy next time?

13. ____ Post discount coupons on your thank you page to encourage more sales.

14. ____ Offer a promotion for a product you want to move quickly like a fire sale. “Act now and take advantage of this steep discount for 24 hours only! CLICK HERE to buy yours.”

15. ____ Post a video of you thanking them personally, and/or anything else related to their order. Why not! Show a video of you making the product or packing their order. Make it personal, fun and creative. Be creative!!

16. ____ Mention your affiliate program to encourage prospects to join. While they can’t use discounts off of purchases, they might know others they can recommend to buy from you. Make it simple for new affiliates to sign up and ensure your program is worth their time and effort.

17. ____ Ask customers/prospects to follow you on social media. Ask them to like your Facebook page, and post either on your Facebook page or a tweet on Twitter that a customer just bought from you, etc. Ask them to take a “selfie” picture when they post their comment.

18. ____ Ask them to share your site via social media sharing icons. You can also offer a discount to them if they share your site.

20. ____ Ask them to leave a comment about their shopping experience. Here’s your chance to learn how to improve your customers’ shopping experiences on your website.

21. ____ Survey your customers and/or ask them to take a poll. Ask why they bought your product/service. You might be able to weave their comments into your sales copy for those products (with their permission).

22. ____ Ask customers to tell you more about themselves. How will they use the product they bought? If it’s a repeat customer, why do they keep coming back? What’s their experience with the product?

23. ____ Link to other parts of your site that might keep them there longer, such as your blog, video tutorial pages, and others of interest.

24. ____ Ask them to participate on your site via podcasts, forums, blog article postings, etc.

25. ____ Encourage customers to create an account with you AFTER they make a purchase. Asking them to create an account BEFORE they make a purchase can sometimes cause cart abandonment.

26. ____ Include forms and other items in the sidebar on the thank you page so customers don’t necessarily have to navigate elsewhere … unless you want them to.

These items can also be added to your 404 (not found) error message pages.

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