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Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart Smith Having defined the word “rich,” allow me to share with you my definition of what makes a rich coach! With rich coach characteristics, one can’t truly become “rich” or “affluent” without following some of the protocol recommended here. A rich coach must have a visual strategy and provide a structure that continually enhances your abilities to respond effectively to various situations so your business becomes a rich success!


This is a BIG ONE! A “rich coach” is someone who does not rely on other people’s content (or success) to make their own. Rather, rich coaches have taken adequate time to develop their own “original content,” within a profitable niche, to help their clients get the specific results they aspire to

This (original) content, developed within a profitable niche, is translated, not only into “coaching services,” but often in print via books, eBooks, workbooks, audio recorded products, seminars, workshops, webinars, tele-seminars, home study courses, classes, and more. Content is KING! So, the more (original) content you can create, the more successful you’ll be at becoming a “rich coach!”


A rich coach is armed with the essential coaching skills and tools to keep their clients on track and reaching their targeted goals. You’ll learn many of these essential coaching skills inside this book.


A rich coach is continually learning and building his/her knowledge base of resources. Rich coaches know that in order to increase the probability of their clients achieving the results they seek, a rich coach must have the information and the resources (in addition to content and skills) to help their clients reach attainable goals.


A rich coach is also extremely efficient in his/her own business and can serve as a model for clients. For example, a rich coach does not waste time giving away free sessions, nor do they focus just building a one-on-one coaching practice. Oh, no! Rich coaches have a bigger and broader range of view …


A rich coach is also a visionary, living a life the way he/she sees fit, creating a precise business model that best serves the clients and a business that yields the kind of financial return associated with those coaches that have built coaching empires by offering practical and profitable products and services and not just the typical one-on-one coaching business so many “broke coaches” fall victim to.


What’s more, a rich coach is mission-driven to help others, make a difference in the world they live in and perhaps leave a mark on society and all they come in contact with. Finding, securing and developing die-hard passion for what you do, makes a possibility of becoming a rich coach extremely achievable.


A rich coach knows how to market coaching services and to find committed coaching clients without the laborious and tedious process of giving away billable hours via free sessions. Moreover, marketing is the name of the game when it comes to making or breaking your coaching business. Rich coaches are masters at marketing and self-promotion.


Rich coaches are Internet savvy! They have a customized web site and eMail address where clients and potential clients can learn more about their products/services. They also know how powerful audio and video can be for promoting their coaching services and selling books and tickets online for seminars and workshops.

Rich coaches also have a shopping cart (to sell products online from their web site) and they utilize online marketing tools like autoresponders, opt-in boxes, ad-trackers and may even boast an affiliate program on their site so they can benefit from the sales and promotional efforts of others that are spreading the word about their coaching products/services worldwide. Rich coaches also have their own eZine (or online newsletter) to stay in contact with their client base plus prospective client.


A rich coach is usually an author of at least one book or ready to publish book! Why? Rich coaches know that writing books can bring about high levels of instant credibility, exposure to their expertise and above all, passive income not to mention radio stations and TV show hosts that feed on authors.

Authors are regarded as today’s leading experts. Coaches who write books are seen as instantaneous experts worthy of high levels of recognition and exposure that could generate any number of potential new clients! [Rich Coach Tip: BECOME AN AUTHOR! NO EXCUSES!]


A rich coach doesn’t rely on coaching clients, especially one-on-one, alone to generate their income. The rich coach sets time aside to create a variety of products (both physical and digital) in the form of books, eBooks, audio products and home study courses, because they know selling products is one sure-fire way a rich coach actually gets rich … from coaching!


A rich coach is also a speaker, because he/she knows that public speaking can expose coaching services to large groups of people at one time. A coach can usually count on 2–25 people following a presentation to approach you with questions such as, “Do you coach privately? What are your fees?”

Rich coaches also know that speaking generates product sales, and registration sales to seminars, classes and/or workshops that they might be promoting. In addition, speaking begets more speaking opportunities. Speaking is worth the time and energy and rich coaches know it!


A rich coach doesn’t rely on one-on-one coaching or even selling products to build income. Rich coaches know that to increase their hourly rate (or coaching package fee) they must offer their services to GROUPS of people. This can be done visually via seminars, by telephone via tele-seminars, over the Internet via webinars or through eMail in the form of eClasses.

Either way, teaching and coaching large groups of people can be convenient whatever the venue and financially lucrative. Coaching many people at one time can generate a worthwhile income. And, that’s what rich coaches do.

My Networking Tactics by Bart SmithNETWORKING SKILLS

A rich coach also knows how to network with others to find new coaching clients, sell products and develop affiliates and use joint venture (JV) relationships to make even more money from the business!


A rich coach has a non-stop flow of clients through current/past client referrals, networking, speaking engagements, book sales that have potential for making great clients and leads. Without a steady stream of clients, you won’t get rich as a coach!


With all the money rich coaches can make by selling their time, selling products and group coaching (i.e., seminars, workshops and classes), they can invest their money in other opportunities to make even more money and build a secure future!

Investment opportunities might include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, futures, day trading, other business, JV opportunities … you name it. Once you’ve worked hard for the money, let that money work hard for you. That’s also what rich coaches do!


A rich coach with marketing mastery, Internet know-how, speaker and author status, successful products and sales and superior networking skills will take all that he/she has learned and will often cultivate what we like to call a “celebrity-like” status among peers, colleagues, clients, prospects and others in their niche in their communities.

Highly successful coaches invariably may think of themselves as quasi-celebrities wherever they go. In this way, they can unfortunately see themselves operating on a different playing field in the same way BROKE COACHES perceive themselves, which can potentially be a very bad thing when abused.

Answer this question. Who gets paid more to do a given job? Answer: (1) A regular coach or (2) a celebrity-like/minded coach. You guessed it! The celebrity-like/minded coach! When we refer to the term “celebrity” in this instance, we’re talking about someone who isn’t arrogant or self-centered; rather someone who is simply well-known, well-respected and who has a high-profile status visible by congregations of people. That’s the precise kind of celebrity we have in mind for you when we address celebrity status.


A rich coach has a life and is not working 9:00-5:00. He/she doesn’t work 60 hours per week or weekends. Most coaches work when they choose to, can support their responsibilities and lifestyle, and always find time for family, friends and takes care of oneself. That’s balance and that’s how rich coaches live … inspired and energized every day!


Rich coaches strive to live life to the fullest with mindfulness and compassion. Where they live, how they live and with whom they live represents their lifestyle. Ideal coaches will practice what they preach and will challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone.

Coaches typically have high personal standards, ambition and are relentless about working on themselves. These are just a few more of the essential qualities that will make a good coach become a prosperous one. Look for more details.

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