Rent A Private Mail Box (Not A P.O. Box)


1. What are the benefits to getting a private Mail Box?

If you’re going to run your own business (and specifically, from home) it would be very wise to rent a mail box from a local mail box rental store when it comes to receiving your personal AND BUSINESS mail.

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I can confidently suggest that you stop receiving your mail at your personal home/apartment/condo address for your business and for yourself; for numerous reasons, as you’re about to learn in this special report.

Yes, do consider renting a mail box to receive ALL your mail, especially, if you’re going to be doing business. This goes for receiving all your utility bills, holiday cards, personal letters, magazines AND PACKAGES!

2. What are the benefits to getting a private Mail Box?

For starters, if you move a lot, you only have to give out one mailing address (i.e., your “mail box” address). If you’re young and just starting out, this fact (about moving a lot) is oh, so true! Or, do you have roommates (besides a husband/wife/family arrangement)? Want your mail safe and private? Get a mailbox!

Now, is this a must? Do you have to rent a private mail box to run your own business? Absolutely, not. It is NOT required (to run your business). BUT, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do.

What if you rented office space (a real office suite) inside an office building; can’t you just have your business (and even personal) mail delivered there? You could, but keep in mind, it’s LESS EXPENSIVE to rent a mail box than it is to “maintain the rent” in an office building.

Besides, what if you decide to move out of that building at some point in time? Then, what? You’d have to change your mailing address wouldn’t you? Plus, do you want strangers showing up at your office when you least expect it? I don’t think so … Read on!

3. More reasons to get a private Mail Box?

Having a private mail box, means you also avoid tons and tons of junk mail circulars sent to you by all the local retail and grocery stores and classified magazines and “Resident” letters and all that B.S. No matter where I’ve lived in my life, I’ve always told the mail carrier, “Don’t bother putting mail in my (home) mail box. Because, I won’t check it. I have specifically made contact with and instructed only those people and companies I want to mail stuff to me … to mail it to my private mail box address!” This even goes for IRS correspondence, DMV registration, etc. Everybody else (who mails junk to your home) can have their junk mail returned.

Another great reason to rent a mail box, is to keep your business life “public” and your personal life “private!” That is, do you want all your clients knowing where you live? Do you want all these new vendors, strangers and other folks who will come in and out of your business life know where you live? Probably not. So, what are you going to do? … Rent a mail box!

It goes without saying, your mailing address will look professional on letterhead, business cards, web sites, etc. Would you rather have “Suite 354” or “Apartment #108?” Which looks better?

Further, you maintain a level of privacy like no other when you rent a private mail box. Since you wouldn’t be getting mail at your home address, no one would really know where you live unless you told them. Nice!

And, another benefit is that you avoid increasing the risk of people stealing your mail right out of your mail box (if your mail box is on the street). Ever heard of personal I.D. theft? Then, rent a personal mail box.

4. How much is a Mail Box and what size should you get?

Depending on the SIZE and the LENGTH OF TIME you rent a mail box, the mail box store will typically charge you anywhere between $15 a month on up to $80 a month for your mail box; again depending on the size of the mail box you rent and if you decide to make monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual payments. The more you pay up front, the less (in monthly fees) you’ll probably pay. Do remember, each store is different; so be sure to compare rates, location and payment plans before making your final decision.


SMALL MAIL … the small box is perfect for personal/business letters, utility bills, postcards, etc. If you don’t anticipate receiving tons of mail, this might be your best option. At the very least, you’ll maintain your privacy with a small mail box.

MEDIUM MAIL BOX  … this size box would be great to hold personal/business letters, magazines, utility bills, postcards, etc. If you anticipate receiving a number of magazines, client correspondence, etc., this might be a nice option for you.

LARGE MAIL BOX … this box will hold a lot of mail including personal/business letters, large envelope mailers, small boxes, magazines, utility bills, postcards, etc. The beauty about having a large mail box is that the mail box store can often place all your mail, magazines, small boxes, etc., in your mail box so you don’t have to wait until they’re open the next day to collect the “overflow” that usually occurs with smaller boxes.

Certainly, inquire at the local mail store what their rates are, but you get the idea.

5. What’s wrong with renting a P.O. Box at the Post Office?

The major difference (and drawback) to renting a P.O. Box you rent from the Post Office instead of a regular “mail box” that you rent from a mail box rental store, is that the Post Office will NOT sign for any 2ND DAY / GROUND / OVERNIGHT packages addressed to you (that require a signature) and get delivered from companies like FEDERAL EXPRESS, UPS, DHL, AIRBORNE EXPRESS, etc.

This is very critical to your business. You need to be able to receive packages at your mail box, for which might require a signature. And, it should be well noted that these companies WILL NOT DELIVER to a P.O. Box, either. So, why would you get one? Because it’s cheaper than renting a regular “mail box”? That excuse isn’t good enough!

Why then, do Post Offices rent P.O. Boxes to begin with? Simply because, they have the space, and they can earn a little extra money during the year to help pay the landlord! Even the government has to pay for the land they do business on. Hey, if that isn’t a good enough reason, then, I don’t know.

6. More reasons to rent a Mail Box at a mail box rental store!

If you need any more reasons to rent a mail box for your business, and even your personal mail, here they are:

Mail box rental stores offer a variety of shipping and mailing services that Post Offices don’t offer. Some mail box rental stores can fold, stuff, seal and mail your packages for you if you pay them! A very convenient service when you’re in a hurry!

More often than not, you might experience longer lines at the Post Office than you would at your local mail box store. Why’s that? Because everyone in town (who doesn’t have a private mail box) goes to the Post Office to mail packages and to buy stamps.

Renting a mail box is also a tax deduction. Why? Because you use it for your business! Can you get personal mail there? No one’s stopping you …
And, my favorite, mail box rental store owners tend to provide their mail box customers better customer service, than if you were just a customer at the Post Office.

So, all in all, there are just so many reasons to rent a mail box to receive your personal AND BUSINESS correspondence from vendors, utility companies, clients, friends and family alike! Try it! I’ve used mail boxes for almost all of my life; and, I see no reason to do otherwise!

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