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Website Hosting

Need a couple recommendations for website hosting? Well, consider these first …

  • SiteGround — If you have a WordPress website (or other type of website) that needs hosting, my first recommendation is SiteGround. Founded in 2004, they service more than 1,700,000 websites worldwide. They provide affordable hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Great pick, service and hosting for your money!
  • BlueHost — If you have one website (or a few) you can easily host multiple websites on one BlueHost hosting account. Their shared hosting package is perfect for one website, and then if you want to add on websites later, you can for NO CHARGE.

  • — If you’re looking for a fast, reliable VPS web hosting provider, is my choice and recommendation. With, you get more speed, RAM, storage, cores, more everything, and? you pay less (for what you get) than what you might find elsewhere online where VPS hosting services are concerned. While they only offer support via support ticket, they are fast and friendly! I’ve been online for 20+ years. I’ve found my new VPS home.

Domain Name Registration

  • — I register all my domain names here for $9.97 per year per domain. makes it super easy to register one or more domains (bulk registration), transfer domains, redirect (or forward) domains to another website, create eMails for your domains too.

  • — Who owns a certain domain? Find out here.
  • — Really, my favorite way to search for domains in bulk. I just like how they let you compile a list of domains on the left, while you see which ones are available or not on the right. Click the “BULK” tab to perform this bulk search function. Rearrange the order (on the left) so you keep those not available below those that are. Just a great way to see if your ideas

While you can register your domains anywhere, I register mine at Namely, because it’s my domain name registration company, and the rates are great. If you would like to move your domains to, contact me, and I’ll help you. This is especially a great idea if you have domains registered at numerous companies. Get them under one (domain registration) roof like I have. You’ll be glad you did.

Installing WordPress

  • Download WordPress — If you’re installing WordPress manually, and you need the latest version, you can download at

You can learn a lot when it comes to installing WordPress on virtually anywhere by watching my WordPress Video Tutorials

WordPress Themes

  • — A great place to find the perfect theme for your website.
  • Directory Themes — If you want to build a directory website.
  • Video Themes — If you want to build a predominately video-based website.

Want More Themes? Check out these websites that also sell premium WordPress themes.

WordPress Plugins

  • My Recommended Plugins Checklist — Here’s the list of WordPress plugins I recommend you install with every WordPress website you build.
  • — A great place to start when trying to find the perfect theme for your website.

Click here for my huge collection of WordPress plugins.

Audio Recording, Editing & Mixing Software & Equipment

  • MICROPHONE: Audio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone — Here’s the exact USB desktop microphone I used to record all the audio and video (audio) you hear on, as well as all of my books. Since it’s a USB mic, I can plug it into virtually any computer or laptop and start recording.
  • RECORDING/EDITING AUDIO: Sound Forge® Audio Studio — I’ve been using Sound Forge “Audio Studio” (avg. cost $59) for over 15 years. I wouldn’t use anything else. If you watch my video tutorials on this software and compare them to Audacity, you’ll learn why.
  • MIXING AUDIO TRACKS: Audacity — For mixing, I’ll use Audacity, because it has multiple tracks, whereas Sound Forge “Audio Studio” does not.

Book Printing, Publishing & Distribution

  • (Kindle) is where I print and distribute all my print books. I used to work with other printers, but KDP, who recently merged with, has what I need to print and distribute my books and eBooks within the same account. What I like about using KDP is that I can upload any number of manuscript revisions (without a charge) and order proofs of my books for the wholesale cost based on page count. This usually runs about $2.15-$5.15 per book proof. Not bad! Whereas, with some other printers, they want to charge you $30 (on avg.) per proof you order. OUCH! No thanks. What’s more KDP has some of the highest profit/royalties when you distribute through Amazon and third party book distributors. If you want to print your book and sell an eBook, KDP is the way to go.
Check out my video tutorials on using Kindle if you plan on using them like I do to print your book and publish your eBooks as well.

Digital Product Distribution & Built-In Affiliate Networks

  • Clickbank — Here’s a popular shopping cart solution for those selling only digital products and memberships. They have a built-in affiliate network to help you promote your products. There is a fee per product you want to promote through their network, so check their website for the latest fee rate.
  • — You can start selling your digital products, memberships and other products for free. Get help marketing your products with their affiliate marketing place.
  • E-Junkie — Another digital product shopping cart solution, with a built-in affiliate network.

eBooks Publishing / Distribution

  • Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s marketplace for self-publishers to upload their eBooks in Kindle format for sale through the Amazon store. You can upload a Microsoft Word document of your eBook for publication in Kindle.
  • — SmashWords distributes to a number of eBook retailers, except Amazon Kindle. They take 20% off the top from all your sales, leaving you with 80% profit. That’s better than Kindle, that gives you 70%. There is no other fee to publish your eBook through SmashWords. You can upload a Microsoft Word document or an ePub file of your eBook. Smashwords provides free ISBN#, at the time of this writing. Smahswords also offers library distribution, author “self” interviews, pre-orders, gifting and even discount coupons.
  • — For a fee per eBook, BookBaby can distribute your eBook to a number of different eBook retailers, including Kindle. Check their website for other fees, such as for an ISBN#, which must be assigned to every eBook you publish.

eMail Marketing / Autoresponder Services

  • – On a budget? Just need an opt-in form for your website to grow your list of names/eMails? Then, MailerLite might just be what you need. While it doesn’t integrate with many systems (i.e., shopping cart, membership plugins, etc.), it’s still a great (and very inexpensive) way to grow a huge list without breaking the bank. Great web form builders and autoresponders included.
  • — GetResponse is my first pick for eMail list building, opt-in form creation and so much more. With GetResponse, you can build a list of 1,000 subscribers for just $15 a month. Not bad. You can send out eZine/newsletters and create landing pages. GetResponse also integrates with a number of 3rd party marketing tools and WordPress plugins.
  • — Aweber helps you build an eMail list, create opt-in forms for your website(s), send out eZine/newsletters, and create landing pagest as well. Aweber is about $5-10 more per month than GetResponse for about the same service. Aweber also integrates with 99.9% of everything you’ll never need when it comes to 3rd party marketing tools, plugins and other systems.

Other services include MadMimi, Sendy, MailPoet, and

Fulfillment Services For Authors, Speakers, etc.

  • — If you only have CDs or DVDs to be fulfilled, TrepStar is the company to check out. Simply upload your audio and/or video files along with your artwork (via PDF), and TrepStar can print and mail your orders on an individual bases.
  • — (SFS) Need fulfillment for your books, audios, binders and other products? SFS is a great reasons for information publishers to help them fulfill their orders.
  • Fulfillment By — (FBA) Depending on the type of products you sell or want to sell, Amazon might be able to help eliminate your fulfillment hassles and help you streamline the fulfillment process.

Images & Photos

  • — Great deal for the price. Unlimited images for just $9.97/month. Wow, hurry while the price stays at that great rate.
  • — Another great place to find high-quality, hi-resolution images for your blog, book covers or marketing materials.

Click here for more Free Icons websites, Free Stock Photography websites, low-cost/premium Stock Photography websites.

Landing Pages

  • Thrive Landing Pages — Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin that lets you build dynamic, high-converting and extremely polished looking landing pages on your WordPress website for one affordable price.
  • LeadPages — This is a monthly subscription service that creates great landing pages for your use in building an email list or doing promotions via webinar, etc.
  • — Another great single, one-time purchase piece of software that plugs right into your WordPress website. Lots of great features loaded into it to build all kinds of great landing pages.

Click here for more WordPress landing page plugins.

Legal Stuff

  • AutoWebLaw — Automatically generate the legal forms and the disclaimers you need for your website with this software. Protect yourself with over 70 professional legal documents. Internet marketing attorneys created this software for your protection. Get it!
  • LegalZoom — You can incorporate or create an LLC online here.
  • — For personal and business tax preparation needs. Simply create your online account (and/or download the software to your computer), answer some basic questions, enter your dollar figures, and then the software generates what you owe in taxes and prints the forms for you to just sign and mail.

Membership Software

  • SubHub — If you want everything set up for you, plug ‘n’ play style, with setting up your own membership website, then SubHub has what you’re looking for. Their cloud hosted membership platform has all the bells and whistles you need to start and run your own successful membership website. Just add content, hook up your payment processor to take payments and you’re off and running. Done!
  • Simple Membership Plugin — Simple Membership Plugin is a FREE WordPress membership plugin that gives your WordPress website membership/subscription functionality. Protect member content using content protection easily, hook it up to PayPal, hook up an affiliate program, and eMail broadcasting/autoresponder service and you’re off to the races.
  • MemberMouse — MM is an easy to use, yet extremely powerful and feature-rich, WordPress membership plugin that allows you to sell products, subscriptions and memberships, setup a password protected member’s area, offer 1-click upsells and downsells, manage customers, automate customer service, track critical retention metrics and more. For $20 a month, you can run the most sophisticated membership website on your WordPress site. Check their website for pricing, which is based on the number of subscribers you have.
  • MemberPress — MemberPress is an easy to use WordPress Membership plugin that installs simply on your site and helps you instantly start charging for access.
  • Memberium + InfusionSoft — Memberium is a plug-in for WordPress to verify member access with Infusionsoft.
  • iMember360 + InfusionSoft — iMember360 lets you unleash the power of WordPress and create an Infusionsoft™ driven membership website instantly!
  • — CustomerHub is a third-party hosted platform for running your membership website.
  • — PaidMembershipsPro is a customizable WordPress membership plugin that integrates with Stripe,, or PayPal® for recurring payments, and offers flexible content control, themed registration, checkout, and much more.
  • Ultimate Member — The easiest way to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles with WordPress.

Click here for more WordPress membership plugins.

Need Help? Try Outsourcing Your Projects!

  • — What do you need done? Find it on Fiverr and pay as low as $5 for whatever you need done.
  • — Get more done with freelancers at; formerly,
  • — Need help? Find amazing freelancers online, or sign-up to make your freelancing services available to others.
  • — Get a design you’ll love — guaranteed. Let their community of 950,000+ designers create dozens of designs for you.
  • (Live Call Answering/Transferring) — Need someone to answer/transfer or return your calls for you? Then, just might be the service you’re looking for.
  • — Need help? Want to hire a Virtual Assistant? Here’s the #1 provider of dedicated, experienced, general virtual assistants.
  • — Tap into over 5,000 certified transcribers if you need transcription services. The best human-generated captions and transcriptions. As low as $1 per minute of audio or video.

Password Protection / Automatic Form Filling

  • RoboForm — RoboForm remembers your passwords so you don’t have to! Their bookmark-style logins automatically log you in to your favorite websites with just one click. Roboform will also fill in those long online forms for you with all your personal data and information, including name, address, telephone number, credit card information, etc. Talk about saving time filling in forms.


  • — Libsyn is your one stop solution for everything you need to start podcasting, get your podcast in iTunes and even turn your show into an App.
  • SoundCloud — Upload your MP3 files here and then take the feed url and submit it to iTunes and other podcasting websites. Bam! Done! Your podcast is up and running!
  • Simple Podcast Press — Simple Podcast Press is a WordPress plugin you can use to publish your podcast shows right on your WordPress website and display them professionally with a whole bunch of extra features that can help you grow your eMail list and much more.

Postage (Paying/Printing Online)

  • Check Postage Rates Online (USPS) — I don’t know about you, but I ship a lot. When I do, I often need to check the price of postage so I know if I can print it on my computer and how much will it be. I can also find out which size box (o envelope) is best for me to ship what it is I’m shipping to the intended recipient.
  • Click ‘n’ Ship (USPS) — I don’t like to wait in lines, and I know you don’t either. Have you heard of Click ‘n’ Ship? If you haven’t you should! It’s a free service, that actually saves you money on postage by paying for it and printing it online. Check out my special report on Click ‘n’ Ship to learn more.
  • Order Free USPS Flat Rate & Region A, B & C Boxes — Do you ship product to customers that would require you to use the post office for postage/shipment? Depending on the method you use, did you know the USPS offers free boxes? Not only are these FREE BOXES, but there’s NO SHIPPING CHARGES for them to ship them to your office/home doorstep.

Social Media

  • Hootsuite — Manage all your social profiles, promote your brand, generate quality leads, and increase website traffic — all in one place.
  • MeetEdgar — With Edgar in charge of the tedious busywork, you can finally break the never-ending cycle of writing and posting new updates, and spend more of your time on social sites interacting directly with your audience in real time.

Statistics, Tracking & Analysis

  • Google Analytics — Google Analytics gives you statistics for visitor traffic across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones. Be sure to sign up and link Google Analytics to each website you own.
  • WP SEO plugins — Check out these WordPress Google SEO plugins for your WordPress website.
  • — This is a free stat counter for your website. They have a StatCounter WordPress plugin that lets you view all kinds of stats right inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • — Over 810,000 websites depend on Clicky to monitor, analyze, and react to their traffic in real time.

Video (Screen Capture, Hosting & Player)

  • Camtasia Studio (Screen Capture/Export To MP4, WMV and MOV) — (PC/MAC Screen Capture) Records your screen movements (i.e., screen capture). You can also use this program to edit video. There are up to 8-tracks you can place audio, images, call-outs, and more on. Lastly, you can import many forms of audio, image and video media, and then publish your finished file into a variety of video formats (i.e., mov, mp4, wmv, flv, swf, etc.).
  • Handbrake (Shrink Video File Sizes) — This free software program will help you shrink the file size from a large video file to a smaller one. This is helpful when uploading video files to websites for distribution and embedding. Would you rather upload a large file that takes longer, or a smaller one, without losing quality? Handbrake can you help you …
  • Veeroll — Create video ads in minutes without any video editing. You can also setup highly effective Facebook and YouTube video ads in no time with zero video production or editing required!
  • Vimeo Plus (Hosting/Player) — If you have a lot of video to display on your website, and you want to control where it’s embedded (i.e., your site only), and you want to minimize any bandwidth usage from videos playing on your website hosting account, go with Vimeo Plus. Vimeo Plus is an affordable way to take control of how your videos appear on the Web. Using the advanced features and customizable tools of Vimeo Plus, your work is presented exactly how you want it to be.
  • Video File Converter (Free Online Tool) — If you have to convert a video file from one format to another, for example, MP4 to OGG or WEBM, then here’s the place to go.
  • (Player) — VPS is a video player that you can embed on your website with all kinds of built-in marketing tools, list-building tools, email and social lockers, etc. For a one-time fee (single purchase) you can embed mp4 videos, Vimeo and/or YouTube videos right on your website with all the marketing tools you’d ever want built right into your video player.
  • Wistia (Hosting/Player) – We use Wistia to add email opt-ins and other calls-to-action to video. It looks great on every device and has outstanding analytics.

Webinar Software

  • — Their all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to run your webinars. Live, Automated, Hybrid, Series or Summits, it’s all inside. Whether you’re just getting started or have been doing webinars for a while, our powerful platform helps your business and brand grow.
  • Webinar Jam Studio — WJS is the most advanced webinar marketing software available today.
  • — Easy Webinar integrates and uses the power of Google Hangouts to bring you dynamic live events streamed in HD quality.

Other Webinar Software programs you might also consider.

Website Development Tools

  • — is a free online browsing service that allows you to surf the web without revealing any personal information.
  • Favicon Generator — This favicon creator tool allows you to make favicons for free for personal or commercial use.
  • FTP Voyager or Filezilla — Both are great FTP programs for your use in uploading/downloading files from your computer to your web hosting account server.
  • Google Webmaster Tools — Google would like to help you maintain your website with their collection of excellent webmaster tools. Simply link your website to a GMail account, and start taking advantage of all kinds of statistic tracking tools, malware scanning tools, and more.
  • HTML Editor — Here’s a great online HTML editor if you need one when you need to create/edit html online for your quick needs.
  • — “Is It Down Right Now” monitors the status of your favorite web sites and checks whether they are down or not. Check a website status easily by using the below test tool. Just enter the url and a fresh site status test will be performed on the domain name in real time using our online website checker tool. For detailed information, check response time graph and user comments.
  • Look Up Someone’s IP Address — If you can find out the IP address of an Internet user, you can get an idea what part of the country or world they’re in by using our IP Lookup tool. Enter the IP address you’re curious about on this page, then click “Look Up IP Address.” In formation and location about this IP Address will be provided instantly.
  • What’ — When asked by your hosting provider or other company, you can give them your IP address by looking it up on this website.
  • — Discover who is hosting any website, the name servers they’re using, and more.

WordPress Website Protection

  • Security & Firewall Plugins For WordPress — Secure your website with any one (or more) of these WordPress plugins.
  • SiteLock — Real website security means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in. They have the technology to do it all: daily scanning, automatic malware removal, web app firewall, a global CDN for a blazingly fast website and their support team is here for you 24/7. Their dynamic Trust Seal shows visitors your website is safe, increasing conversions and ROI.
  • Sucuri — Protect your website from hackers, malware and blacklists with Sucuri’s services.
Affiliate Disclosure: Please do note that certain below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we might earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please do not spend any money on these products or services unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your business goals.