Sales & Selling Concepts You Should Know To Increase Sales!

When it comes to selling, really take in these important 25 sales and selling concepts. They’ll help you sharpen your selling knowledge and help increase your sales all at the same time.
Selling Concepts Galore 
Here they are. Incorporate them into your daily selling routine and sales mindset:

  1. The guy (or gal) with the easiest (or most popular) product to sell wins! If people want your product, you win! Sales come easy. So, create products that people want, so sales come easy. Survey them, ask them, perform market research to find out where people hurt, what do they want, what do they need, what do they consume on a regular, daily or occasional basis. Check out our special report on Why Do People Buy? inside It’s an eye-opener. That’s for sure!
  2. People buy for emotional satisfaction, and the more immediate the gratification, the faster they will buy. And they don’t care where they get their emotional satisfaction. It can even be from a nice salesperson, often with a higher price!
  3. People buy emotionally, with just enough logical justification so they won’t look stupid to themselves or to others. And they don’t care where they get their emotional satisfaction from, so the product really doesn’t matter much! The brain will always deliver whatever the heart desires! “I just bought this awesome sports car! Oh yeah, it also gets great gas mileage!”
  4. Most sales happen in the first five minutes or they don’t happen at all! By the end of the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th minute, the prospect has already made up their mind whether they really want to listen to the salesperson, (and they rarely do), or they already know the wonderful features about the product and want to buy it, (and they never do), and if neither of these are strong, they just mentally shut down, and for the next hour will be saying: “Uh-huh!”; “I see!”; “Okay!”; “Gee, that’s good!” and they can’t hear a darn word you’re saying. You know this is true because you do this to those who are boring you! People cannot buy in the logical state of mind; it is for thinking and weighing! As such, logical decisions are slow and indecisive whereas emotional decisions are fast and final!
  5. People never buy anything for what the product will do, but rather for the emotional spin coming with the product. People don’t join our opportunity for the neat features of the prepaid cards, they join because of the financial impact our company has on lives! So the product really doesn’t matter much! It is the emotion coming with it that sells! “Sell the sizzle not the steak!”
  6. Every price is too high until they become emotionally involved in it! Once they are emotionally involved, their concern changes to how can they finance it!
  7. Selling is a “Hurt & Rescue” business; if they’re not hurting, they won’t do anything about it! If they’re perfectly happy now, they don’t need you!
  8. The higher one’s formal education, the less likely they are to be successful in selling – because they are parked in their logical state of mind most of the time. Appeal to their emotions, and you got ’em!
  9. Selling is motivation, not persuasion. Persuasion is a form of pestering! Selling is motivation in the sense that you are motivating them to take action. To act on their emotions to better their life in some way, shape or form with your product!
  10. You are an intruder until you get the prospect excited or disturbed! Until then, you’re a stranger, someone potentially bothersome, etc. (Ring) “Oh, I’ll get it …. No, thanks, I don’t want any …” See what I mean? Instead, get your name out there first; get people to know you through indirect means so that when you do finally meet, it’s like they already know you.
  11. Women are now making men obsolete as salespeople! Men sell on the product level; women sell on the people/emotional level! That’s why they’re so great at selling. Guys, we could take a few cues from the ladies when it comes to selling.
  12. The longer the selling process, the less likely you are to close the sale! So keep it short and simple. Remember, the only tools you ever (really) need are your mouth (to verbally make the presentation), a business card or other object (to establish image and credibility; your book will do wonders in this example), and the application or order form (hey, let’s sign ’em up!). Close them at the peak or height of their emotion, not too soon, and not too long after. When people are ready to buy and open their wallet to give you their money, shut up! Make the close, place an order form in their hand (or application) and get them to start filling in their information. Too much talking can also kill the sale! Don’t (talk too much). Know when to shut up! (Someone wants to give you their money, don’t be rude!)
  13. A sales company or team is the quickest way to financial success! If you have products that you sell, or services and you have a web site, then you need to start an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a group of sales people who (voluntarily) sign up to sell your products for you. You don’t have to pay them to sign up, they just do. Why? Because they believe in your products and know people who want to buy them. When do you pay them? Only when a sale is made. How cool is that? So, having an affiliate program is one of the quickest ways to ensure your financial success. Start one today.
  14. People buy from people they like and trust, regardless of price. So, get to know your community. Be visible on the Internet. Network a lot with others, both online and offline. Make friends and be human.
  15. If they don’t like you, they won’t buy from you. They won’t even be listening to anything you have to say. So, again, be human, be honest, and don’t sell something to people they don’t really need. It will come back to haunt you.
  16. Benefits sell, not lower price. Price = Today, Benefits = Lifetime. When pricing your products, don’t get trapped into the mind set that, “Gee, people aren’t buying, I better lower the price.” No, instead, add value to what you’re selling. That’s always easier than dropping the price and not being able to afford your own mortgage because you’re not making that much money (since you lowered the prices). Add value, stress benefits, don’t drop your prices.
  17. When the product is personalized, price is less important. Personalizing products to a customer adds great value. Perhaps you can personalize a product to someone you’re selling it to in your presentation … “This would look good on you …” Some authors like to autograph books, not because they need practice signing their name, but because the book buyer wants their book to be customized! Some vendors toss in a 30-minute free consultation over the telephone. In this way, they can give the customer a personal tour of the product or other form of consultation helping the customer better understand how they can use the product (or service) they just bought. What can you do to customize your products and services to add greater value when your customers buy from you?
  18. Never reveal your price until you must, it may kill the sale on contact. The rule goes, he who talks money first, loses. So, keep talking about your product, the benefits, what the customer wants. Never bring up price in the beginning, in the middle or at the end. Instead, bring it up only when they pop the question? Oh, and then don’t even bring it up … Keep probing, but not for long, with questions like, “And, what do you like most about this product/service …” This way, you compound the benefits in the customer’s mind just one more time before they hear the price … Remember, every price is too high until they become emotionally involved in it! Once they are emotionally involved, their concern changes to how can they finance it! I like to bring up price only after I have found out every single reason why the customer wants to buy what I have for sale. Then, when I toss out the price to them, and they comment about the price, I just replay all the benefits they just affirmed they loved about the product or service right back at them. Then, they’re surrounded by the benefits and don’t even see the price. If they leave me without buying, then they’re still surrounded by those benefits, hence, haunting them in their minds like, “Yeah, that was a good deal, I think I’ll call him back … Yeah, I liked him, he was kind, patient, not too pushy … Yeah, I’m going to buy that book, product, those services, etc.”
  19. Scarcity creates value, become as unique and marketable as you possibly can. This cannot be understated. Be as original as you can be. Don’t copy someone else’s gimmick, style, presentation, etc. Be who YOU are and STAND OUT from the crowd. The more original you are, the more people will gravitate to you, in a sense, because you’re unique, you’re not like the others … And, trust me when I say, after awhile, all the others become quite boring. So, don’t be boring, be exceptionally different, unique and on your own when it comes to who you are and what you have to sell.
  20. Recruit, recruit, recruit has always been the road to wealth! Again, this is your affiliate program calling. If you have a product to sell, stop doing all the selling. Start finding other people with huge lists to help you promote and sell what you have to sell. You can find people on the Internet, in person networking and even from your own customers. Contact people who have bought from you in the past and ask if they’d like to make some extra money selling what you sold them. Why not! They know your product. They love your product (hopefully). They (probably) need to make money. All that makes them the perfect sales person to sell and represent your product. Encourage them to sign up to become an affiliate at your web site. Remember, we use to track and run our affiliate program, and so should you. It really does it all, it tracks sales automatically so you don’t have to, it prints reports and it manages marketing ads and banners for your affiliates. How cool!
  21. Great companies are built by great salespeople; not great managers! Although management are essential to any successful business. No sales = no income for the business, and the business goes under. So, treat your sales people with the utmost respect. Don’t cut their commissions, just because they’re making more than the president. You need them. Without them, you’re out of business. What happens if you cut their salaries? They leave to start their own business, where their income has no ceiling! The minute you cap the earning potential of a salesperson, you just created competition for yourself; for one day, they will leave you. But, that won’t happen to you. Because you love your affiliates, sales people and those who sell for you. You reward them every time they make a sale. You pay on time, and you never miss a pay period.
  22. The world’s highest paid people have always been commissioned salespeople! That’s right. Why? Because the more they sell, the more they earn. And, with money as their motivation, there’s no doubt, they’re going to sell as much as possible! Think about entertainers for a minute, they might be singers, musicians, etc., but did you know they too work on commission? Sure, selling your own product is like working on commission. You only make money when you sell what it is you have … When entertainers perform live, all year long, in front of thousands of raving fans, they earn big bucks. They sold seats to their concert. Then, you have products they produce and sell, like CD’s, t-shirts, programs, pins, belt buckles and other fan merchandise. If you want to be the highest paid salesperson in your company, sell the most you can to the most amount of people possible.
  23. The greatest success has been in building empires of great salespeople! Imagine you have a product or service to sell and you have an army of affiliates out there selling for you. Hmm, let’s see, let’s do some math here … 1,000 affiliates, who make 1 sale per month at $100 per purchase = $100,000 in gross revenue. Now, you know you’ll have to pay commissions out of that $100,000, but that’s okay, that’s still a lot of money. And, the best part? You didn’t have to lift a finger. I think you can grow your company on $100,000 a month gross income … Can’t you? Check out and start your own affiliate program today. Then, after you’ve signed up for, come back to and learn how you too can build and promote your affiliate program to help gain those 1,000 affiliates to help sell for you. It’s being done right now by others, why can’t you have 1,000 affiliates selling for you too! The greatest success has always been in building empires of great salespeople. Start building your empire today.
  24. Recruiting great sales people is the road to wealth when selling any product. This means, finding people who are motived to sell for you; people who are driven to spread the word about your products and services; people who are qualified to promote you (i.e., they have a huge list of qualified prospects), and the like. Don’t just seek to have anyone and everyone sign up to be an affiliate for you, in addition to that, look for people who can really produce a great number of sales for you.
  25. A great selling secret: to double your income, double your salespeople! If you ever feel you’re not making enough money, find more people to help you sell. It’s pretty simple. You could also add more product or services to that which you’re already selling, but the truth is, more products won’t always help increase sales. No. instead, you need MORE EYEBALLS! More qualified prospects. The only way to get that is to market and advertise more, but that can be expensive. So, what do you do? You find and hire more salespeople. And, when you increase the number of affiliates who sell for you, then you know you’re increasing the odds of you making more sales … oh, that means more income for you! Double your income, by doubling the number of salespeople who sell for you.

Whew, that’s a lot to know when it comes to sales and selling concepts you should know about, right? Well, feel free to listen to this audio presentation on sales and selling concepts over and over again until it’s one with your sales and selling psyche. Trust me, you want to. I have and I feel I’m that much more ahead of the game because of it … Go for it, become the super seller you know you can be!

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