Conduct Virtual Book Tours

Sell More Books With "Virtual Book Tours" From Home/Office Using Your Telephone

What is a virtual book tour?

A Virtual Book Tour is a book marketing strategy that takes place over the telephone, instead of traveling to a brick ‘n’ mortar bookstore or other physical location across town or anywhere else in the world.

With Virtual Book Tours you can forget about hitting the road, driving from town to town or even flying around the world to conduct your book tour. With virtual book tours, simply stay at home (or at the office) and conduct the same book tour over the telephone to groups of people interested in learning more about you and your book!

What happens during a virtual book tours?

During a Virtual Book Tour, you simply give the same “show ‘n’ tell” presentation you would normally give at a bookstore or other physical location; just in this instance, it’s over the telephone. What do you talk about on a virtual book tour tele-call? Talk about your book, why you wrote it, what problems does it solve, the benefits of buying your book, how to buy your book, etc.

While conducting your Virtual Book Tour on the telephone, you can make special offers encouraging folks to buy your book and other products and services you might also have for sale in combination with buying your book. You just don’t have to sell your book alone. For example, “If you act sometime during the call today, if you purchase my coaching services, you’ll get the book for FREE.” Or, “You can also get the audio version of the book for $___, and when you do that, you get the book for FREE!”

Selling over the telephone during a Virtual Book Tour always provides you with opportunity to upsell other, higher priced products and services to your virtual book tour audience ever time.

Why should you start doing virtual book tours?

For all of these reasons, and more, you too should start doing virtual book tours for every book you write!

Reduce Rejection … Have you ever tried calling a bookstore to ask them about letting you host a book signing event at their store only to hear, “Sorry, we don’t do book signings for authors that aren’t in our database.” Or, “Unless we’ve heard about you, we don’t usually do book signings for unknown authors …”

Yeah, you can image their response, right? Well, with virtual book tours, there are dozens (if not hundreds, even thousands) of people who would love to host a virtual book tour with their [database] list of prospects, clients and affiliates. Why? Because there’s the potential you can help them make money! How? Keep reading …

You Gain Affiliates … We can’t be in all places at all times. What do I mean by that? I mean, your book can’t be making money sitting on your shelf or in storage boxes in your garage. If you want to get your book promoted, you have to have help and that help costs money. Not much, but it costs. That’s where the world of “affiliate marketing” comes in. People who own a list of prospects, clients and even affiliates are always interested in educating them and selling something to them to make money. Simply approach these “list owners”, and offer to give them a percentage of every sale generated by them sharing your virtual book tour event with their list.

Global Exposure … Where are these affiliates? They’re all over the world! They’re in your backyard, across the country, in your own state or province … they’re everywhere! That being said, their list of prospects, clients and affiliates live everywhere I just mentioned. All over the world!

Build Your List … One of the major perks that comes with conducting virtual book tours is that you get to grow your list of prospects from 0 to 500 in less than 30 days! Think about it. If you don’t have a list to sell to, but you just wrote a book, guess what? Conduct one virtual book tour each week for 30 days and you just might increase your database from 0 to 100, maybe 500 people within 30 days! How’s that? If each list owner (who promotes your virtual book tour) has a list of 2,500 people, essentially you’re reaching 10,000 people that month! Well, suppose 125 people from each list signed up to listen in to your virtual book tour … That looks like you just increased your own list to 500 prospects to sell your book, products and services too!

You Make Money … In the end, you save money, while making it! Not true when you travel to bookstores and other physical locations where there might be certain guidelines and rules to follow about “selling from the stage”. Can you imagine the bookstore manager tell you, “Now, you can talk about your book, but you can’t sell anything else, besides the book.” Great, there goes your gas money.

Website Content … Don’t forget to record your virtual book tour. Why? Because you can give that audio recording to your affiliates to place on their web site for additional and original content. Imagine, for ever virtual book tour you give, give a recorded copy of that call to your affiliate to post on their web site. As new prospects sign up on their list, they’ll be exposed to your virtual book tour call that took place days, weeks, even months ago … After listening to it, guess what? Sales happen! At least you hope so. Either way, they won’t happen unless you reproduce your virtual book tour in “content form” for your web site and those of your affiliates.

Save Money … This one’s a no-brainer. If you don’t have to travel anywhere to conduct a virtual book tour, but to stay at home or the office, you save money on gas, new attire, various travel expenses, shipping books, etc. Stay home (or at the office), save money and start promoting your book via virtual book tours.
How do you conduct a virtual book tour?

To conduct your own virtual book tours, here’s what to do:

4.1 ___ Write the book and get it printed. Also, it would be wise to secure the services of a fulfillment company so you’re not stuck mailing out all those book orders and other products you might sell on your virtual book tour tele-calls.

4.2 ___ Prepare your fill-in-the-blank handouts for the virtual book tour tele-call. This is the meat of the call and your presentation material. What do you want to talk about? What do you want people to know about your book? Often times, if you have a host, they will ask you questions about your book.

People love handouts, especially if they’re fill-in-the-blank. Those kind keep them listening to the call and eager to learn the answer to the next item on your list to cover when educating people about you book. Even if you don’t provide a handout, via download after registering for your virtual book tour tele-call, you’ll still need one to keep you on track during the book tour call.

4.3 ___ Get a (FREE) tele-seminar/conference call service to conduct your virtual book tour. Depending on who’s list you will be using to promote your book and virtual book tour, prepare to have about 10-1,000 people on the call. For that, you can use the same service I’ve used before. This same service will also record your virtual book tour. After you record your virtual book tours, you can put them up on your web site for list-building content.

4.4 ___ Get a shopping cart to sell your book from your website. You plan on making sales from your web site right? Then, you’ll need a shopping cart to collect those sales, naturally. I use for my shopping cart. It has all the shopping cart and Internet marketing tools you need to conduct the perfect virtual book tour.

4.5 ___ Setup your affiliate program to track affiliate sales. You can use a variety of systems to do this. All you need is a shopping cart tied to affiliate tracking software.

4.6 ___ Create a special coupon code to entice listeners to buy before the call ends. This is optional, but you might offer a special % or $-discount off the regular price people see at the web site “if you act now!” You can make the coupon last during the call only, by midnight that night, or whenever you’d like the coupon to expire … it will! Most shopping carts come with the feature to create special coupons because they tie into the shopping cart system tracking the orders that may come in from your virtual book tour promotional efforts.

4.7 ___ Create the Virtual Book Tour web page to promote your virtual book tour. This is typically a single page web page on your existing web site that promotes your virtual book tour to a potential list. The good news is you can use this same virtual book tour promotion page for different lists. Just change the time and date for each virtual tour you conduct; but for the most part, the sales copy will remain the same every time.

4.8 ___ Create an autoresponder for each virtual book tour call you wish to conduct. The autoresponder is designed to send out the call-in details people need who wish to register for your virtual book tour tele-call. Since each call will have a different day and time, and a different list owner, be sure to proof your autoresponder message before it goes out to make sure you’re not sending last week’s call information.

4.9 ___ Call upon Affiliates who can promote your Virtual Book Tour to their list. All you have to say to them is something along the following lines …

“Hi ___, I just wrote a book and would like to know if you’d be interested in promoting a virtual book tour for my book to your list over the telephone in tele-seminar format? Check out for all the details … Can you go to the site right now? Great! Look it over and let me know. I pay __% for every book sale generated from my doing a book tour with your list. Even after the call is over, if people buy my book later, you still get credit for the sale and paid a commission. I want you to get paid. Plus, I’ll be mentioning other products and services during the call, creating more opportunity for you to make money. Don’t worry, my main focus is in educating people about my book. The fact is, people always want more when they hear how they can solve their problems with the information I’m going to be providing. So again, let me know if you’re interested. Oh, you can check out a sample recording of a virtual book tour call I did last week to get an idea of what it will be like. Don’t give out this link, but go to … Also, would you like to interview me? I don’t like doing these all by my lonesome. It’s your list. You could interview me, and it would be a lot of fun that way … That’s it! Let me know okay? I’m trying to fill up my calendar next month – hence, I’m asking early so we can start promoting it to every one on your list.”

4.10 ___ Promote the Virtual Book Tour web page to an affiliate’s list 1-3 weeks before the virtual book tour tele-call is scheduled to take place. Customize your virtual tour web page with a picture of the person who’s list your promoting it to. Change the name and the photo for each affiliate whose list you promote to.

4.11 ___ Conduct the Virtual Book Tour tele-call. Get on the phone and start promoting your book. Be sure to check out my tele-seminar tutorial to learn how to make the most use of your time on one of these 45-minute tele-calls. For example, what do you do five minutes before the call is scheduled to take place? How about the first 15 minutes? The next 15 minutes? And, so forth …

4.12 ___ Pay your affiliate their affiliate commission for all the sales you made from promoting your book (and other products/services) to their list. Typically, affiliate commissions are paid the following month for any and all sales made in the previous month.

4.13 ___ Repeat these procedures with the next Virtual Book Tour when you’re ready to conduct your next one. And, I encourage you to do them … and often!

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